5 Tips For Writing Amazingly Jargon-Free Product Copy

5 Tips For Writing Amazingly Jargon-Free Product Copy

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Published On
November 18, 2022

What is jargon?

Jargon means technical words or phrases used by certain professionals which require certain skills or knowledge to understand and are not easily understood by others.

It can be more difficult to convey a task if the profession is more technical. However, practically every profession has its unique terms.

Some examples of jargon are- 

  • In Hairdressing
  • Balayage
  • Lowlights
  • Asymmetrical cut
  • Lob
  • Ombre

We can understand some terms but we cannot understand all of them. Right?

Generally, we think negatively of the word because it is advised not to use jargon at any cost while writing. But this statement is not entirely true.

It usually depends on the audience you are dealing with. If you are writing for other businesses related to your field or for people who have knowledge related to the field, you need not dumb it down for them you can use jargon in that case. But if you are dealing with the general public, you need to keep it as simple as possible and not use jargon.

The fact that no one knows your company better is sometimes a curse.

You are an expert in your field. Without stopping for air, you can recite the features of your goods or the advantages of your services.

You naturally are the greatest person to write your website, plan your blog entries, or concoct some product launch communication because you live and breathe your business.

But it is sometimes difficult for you to explain simply without using technical terms.It also helps in your Jobs to be done.

Tips for writing amazingly jargon-free product copy

  • Take your audience into consideration

You should remember you are not writing to impress someone. You should remember who you are writing for. You should write thinking as if you are explaining the topic to someone. You should think that this is a person you have never met and this person doesn’t know a single thing about your topic or business.

The second point to remember is that we do not know the literacy level of the person reading your writing. The literacy level will vary from reader to reader. Some readers will be better readers than others while some will have only basic knowledge. So you need to write in such an easy and simple way that it is easily understood by all of the readers.

So, you should write in a simple and easy way.

  • Instead of writing a boring speech, write as though you were having a conversation

Whenever we read an article about something, we lose interest in the article which is going on and on like a speech. But we generally gain interest if the article contains some questions in between. It makes us feel like we are having a conversation.

Generally while writing, the writers get very formal and because of that, the reader loses interest.

You should add questions in between to make the reader interested. You could try to frame such sentences which give a personalized touch to your writing.

  • Write in paragraphs

The formatting of the article plays a crucial role. If the article is too cluttered, the reader loses interest. You should try to divide your content into small paragraphs or points. You should try to make the paragraph as small as you want. It could even contain 2-3 sentences.

When the article is divided into points, the reader first reads the heading, and if they get interested in the point and start reading the inner point.

Usage of headings, and subheadings, and marking them with bullet points and numbered lists is highly encouraged.

Also, correct usage of formatting styles is important like using H1, and H2 for the headings.

Having proper gaps between the sentences or paragraphs is essential.

  • Avoid using complicated words

You should avoid using technical or complicated words in your writing because the public reading your writing is highly diverse. Most of them will not be able to understand the meanings of the words used and would lose interest. Try to explain things as simply as possible.

The best way to avoid adding complicated words is to read over the article written and try to find the words which you think are a little bit complicated and search their simpler synonyms on the internet and replace those complicated words with simpler words. In this way, you could write an amazing article that is easily understood by everyone.

  • Write small sentences with little information

It is always recommended to write in small sentences. If you have many points to write, you need not write it all in a single sentence. Writing too much information in a single sentence using commas makes it complicated and it becomes difficult to understand. You should try to give the information in short easy sentences.

Long sentences, which are frequently filled with unnecessary detail, cause the reader to become weary and start skimming your words, speed reading you’re that, or moving on to the next section.

Also, it is easier to remember the point if it is explained properly with proper details and broken down into multiple sentences rather than in a sentence that is shortened.

So, try to provide information using short sentences rather than writing long and boring sentences.


To sum up, to write an amazing jargon-free product copy you need to keep in mind that you are writing for a diverse set of people. So, the main point for writing an amazing article is to remember the audience you are writing for.

Secondly, you must avoid using technical words which are not easily understood by everyone.

You must have realized by now that having a thorough understanding of your industry is a blessing. You have a mind stuffed with wonderful knowledge to impart to clients. You have countless options for material. This is a great asset.

It only becomes an issue when you struggle to effectively convey information. So always outline what you want to write, keep it conversational and straightforward, and keep in mind the useful web tools that might improve your writing.

These are tricks for writing an amazing jargon-free product copy. Hope you find this article helpful. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to write an amazing jargon-free product copy.

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