6 Wonderful Tips for Getting Perfect Vacations in Paris

6 Wonderful Tips for Getting Perfect Vacations in Paris

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November 29, 2022


Oh, Paris! It is an incredible dream to be able to walk through Paris’ beautiful streets, visit its iconic landmarks, taste all the delicious food, and finally climb the Eiffel Tower. It’s exciting to plan a trip to Paris, knowing that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are many tips to help you make your trip to Paris a memorable, safe, and enjoyable one, regardless of whether you are making it your first visit, or if you have been there numerous times. However, in this article, we have compiled some of the most useful and wonderful tips to give yourself the perfect vacation in Paris.

6 Best Tips for Getting Perfect Vacations in Paris

Prepare your passports and join us in exploring a little bit different Paris from what you have seen on your friends’ Instagram news feeds. In the meanwhile, take your time to check out the latest updates on EU travel regulations and requirements on ETIAS website.

Always Say Hello and Good Bye in French

French people and especially Parisians are very big on their language and they appreciate travelers when they try to speak French (even some words) instead of English. Imagine this: You’re a server or salesperson and someone comes up to you asking for something. It’s always nice to be acknowledged as a human being.

This is a huge reason people think Parisians are rude. Do not approach someone to ask them questions if you don’t say “Bonjour” and “Bonsoir”. While some Parisians may not be rude, a simple “Bonjour/Bonsoir” can go a long distance. You would normally say “Bonjour”, before 5 p.m., and “Bonsoir,” after 5 p.m.

A simple “Bonne Journee”, (before 5 p.m.) or “Bonne Soiree”, is a great way to say “Good Day” or “Good Evening.”

Give Paris More Than a Weekend

If someone says they are going to Paris for three days, I think they don’t love it. It’s possible to have an amazing time, but only if you plan well and prioritize the things you want to see. Tourists tend to visit Paris for a very short time and go to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. They also see other tourist attractions and experience long lines and crowds.

You can choose what you want and take your time. Don’t rush through the sights. While I don’t recommend you skip these iconic landmarks, it is important to spend more time in Paris to truly experience the Parisian vibe.

Always Use Authorized Taxi Services (Especially from the Airport)

It is common to take a taxi with an official taxi driver. But you would be amazed at the number of tourists who are still tempted. You will likely be approached by someone offering private taxi services at Paris airports. This might sound appealing because it is easy (no need for you to look for the taxi stand) or faster (no waiting in line). Never accept such offers for your safety and comfort.

You might be lucky and end up paying more. Non-official cars don’t have meters. And you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that you could get into more dangerous or unpleasant situations. If you aren’t interested in taking public transport, and would like to know upfront how much it will cost you to get there, you can book a private transfer from Parisian Airports.

Don’t Stop for Morning Coffee or Lunch at Fancy Corner Cafes in the Center

France is known for its delicious food. You may dream of visiting Paris to sit on one the wicker chairs that face the street and order a cafe crème. It is true that there is nothing like sitting in a corner cafe and watching people or reading Sartre or Hemingway. If I may, let me remind everyone that smoking is still allowed on terraces. So, expect your order to include a side dish of secondhand smoke. These places are known for their poor coffee. If you just want to drink and enjoy the atmosphere, it’s better to order wine or beer. For quality coffee lovers, you should look for the newer shops in Paris that offer a real filter (long, dark coffee) or a cream with less soapy foam.

Ask for a traditional (tradi, if you want to be considered a local) bread at the bakery instead of a baguette. The former is white inside and can be made with any ingredient. However, it is less delicious. A tradi is made from flour, salt, water and yeast. It’s usually hand-made on the premises and therefore much more delicious. If you are lucky enough to grab one right out of the oven you can eat the whole thing on your way to your destination.

Don’t Expect Much from the Eiffel Tower

Nearly everyone dreams of scaling the Eiffel Tower. As you approach the tower, you may realize it isn’t very romantic. It’s surrounded by a lot of people and annoying vendors. It is very crowded and the lines can take forever, no matter what time you visit.

If you don’t book a meal on the Eiffel Tower, it is difficult to find romantic spots. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even though it may not be the most exquisite dining you have ever experienced.

You won’t enjoy the Eiffel Tower if your only interest is to stand among the crowds. You may find a peaceful spot with a view of the tower if you go up the steps behind the Croatian Embassy. It is worth the effort, especially when it starts to blink at night.

Enjoy Paris Like a Local

Tourists are more likely to visit Paris landmarks and famous attractions than locals. Paris is more than its main streets and landmarks. You can feel like a local by visiting the different sights of the city. You can see a lot more of Paris if you go to the places where people live. You can choose to wander in one of the less-known Paris districts, or just leave your map behind.

You can also get a glimpse of Paris’ daily life through other means. You can use public transport, visit local markets or wander around residential areas. This way you can get a more local perspective of Paris, instead of getting a touristy experience.


Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many famous places to visit and there’s never enough time. Paris is also known as the most romantic city in the world and a paradise for fashion and food lovers.

This is why we decided to bring you some tips and recommendations to get perfect vacations in Paris and explore that it’s more than just some fancy picture on your IG feed. We hope that these recommendations will help you to get the most out of your travel experience and make it one of the highlights of your life.

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