ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip Review

ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip Review

Written by Sophie Robertson, In General, Published On
September 3, 2023

The Asus Chromebook CM14 Flip comes with a brilliant design that can be enjoyed all your entertainment with streaming videos and many the things. It has a great performance like a breeze for the taskings and it never lets you down. It is features are the most unique and best laptop in the world.

ASUS Chromebook CM14 Specification

Processor MediaTek Kompanio 520 with a 2.05 GHz
Graphics ARM Mali-G52 MC2
Memory 4GB LPDDR4X maximum upto 4GB
Storage 32GeMMC/64GeMMC/128GeMMC
Keyboard and Touchpad Chiclet Keyboard with 1.5mm and key travel for the spill resistance keyboard
Camera 720p HD camera
Weight 1.45kg
Dimensions 32.46×22.67×1.83

Design and Display

design ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip

Coming to the display and design it has a head-turning which is sleeking all with a massive and very slim profile which is the most simple design and its Flip’s 1280 x 800 resolution display is the most stunning supermodel running now.


ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip performance

It is a bit creative and equipped with the Intel Core processor which makes a smooth to multitask with a speedup for the performance. The Chromebook has great storage or space in which you can reserve all your files, documents, photos, and videos without any worrying about space, and all its features the Asus Chromebook CM14 Filp makes you even happier or superizing for the performance wisely.

Keyboard and The Touchpad

ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is like all mixup which is simple and decent. It simply offers a decent and sufficient for travelling where the hands would never feel heavy. But it’s pretty cramped, and coming to this from my regular 15-inch laptop was a recipe for typos. But the touchpad is great! And that was a nice surprise for a Chromebook at this price. The actual size has been considered for the film It is smooth and feel satisfaction when start to click, so be responsible while using it It is cheap, and the best Chromebooks for more costlier when it comes to Windows.

Battery Life

ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip

Battery Life: When it comes to the battery life of the ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flip, it’s like having your own personal energy drink in the form of a laptop. With its impressive battery, you can go for hours without needing to charge. If you are watching your favourite series or working on projects and also any of the things to be done, you need not worry about the battery it will stay for a long day till 9 hours once you are charged and all day you may have conference meeting or can watch the web series also.


  • It has a well-built system
  • The OS is extremely super and simple
  • It has long-lasting battery life.


  • It has an average range of display
  • The processing power is limited itself.
  • The audio is not so loud


The Asus Chromebook CM14 Flip is a great device that has excellent performance and massive battery life which can last for the whole day once it is charged. It has a lot of features with a delightful twist and you enjoy it in both ways as a Tablet and Laptop anywhere anytime you can convert it. It is a remarkable laptop that can feel your satisfaction once you buy and all day which will keep you busy that with all the digital requirements with the ASUS Chroembook CM14.


Is the ASUS a good brand Chromebook?

It picked in the one of the best Chromebook of the year 2023 Asus Chromebook which long lasting and best performance which can buy which delightful design and simple for the outlooks it is best laptop you can evr buy for it.

Does the Asus Chromebook have a fingerprint sensor?

It has located near by keyboard and it is fingerprint sensor which should be used under the guidance to user guide given for it. It alos aks the password if in case you have kept password before login first you need to put password then carry to it.

Does a Chromebook have a stylish pen?

If it is touchscreen then the pne is available like laser pointer type or the glass type, if you are buying a chromebook then it is in-buit with a pen that click on the side button of the chromebook. The stylish pen will pop up.

Can a Chromebook run the Windows?

For starters, most of the time Chromebook systems are not made for Windows they have to be designed for the ChromeOS which can get a great battery life and is also affordable and manageable with a lot of security.

Does Chromebook is good for the drawing?

Yes, it is good to go for drawing but it should be more compatible with the stylus otherwise it won’t support the drawing experience. The drawing experience is the most comfortable with the stylus which is inbuilt.

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