Detail Guide On Bedpage and their Alternative Ad Sites

Detail Guide On Bedpage and their Alternative Ad Sites

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January 9, 2024

These days, if you are looking for particular assistance in your work or want to be a part of some activity, then the internet is a powerful tool where you can look for posts and afflictions that are in sync with your interests. Different websites are available around the browser that help individuals post ads for their assistance or join several interests to provide assistance and gain income. Bedpage is one such website that was created to provide a substitute for Backpage, which was also a classified ad website and was shut down due to sex trafficking allegations. Several other websites emerged in response, and Bedpage was one of them. This website is still booming with great precautions and providing ad information to its users. Some countries may not have access to this website because of the legal issues that can arise from it, but you can access it by using a VPN.

Bedpage serves as a platform for ads related to personal services, jobs, house hunting, business, and several other categories. Users should be clear that a fake authority can post some of the ads so that they may lead you toward a scam or a fake agenda. So, you should know them and have proper knowledge before investing in any business. Almost any individual can post ads or related stuff on Bedpage. Any specified individual interested in it can take up several ads related to adult or escort services. You can also post ads if you want to sell houses, clothes, or boats or give them for rent, or you can post them for any service of your choice. Bedpage is accessible and is still ongoing despite several allegations by different parties. According to their representatives, it is perfectly legal, and you can post any ad you choose. Several other websites, like Bedpage, provide the same informational purposes as Bedpage and have the same accessibility settings.

What is Bedpage?


Bedpage is a classified advertising website that allows users to include posts for various advertisements like job hunting, house hunting, car hunting, and personal services. It will enable almost all individuals to post ads related to their needs or allow individuals to connect with those who have uploaded ads and can get a job through their ads. It is legal and fully functioning because some individuals thought this website was seized due to scam alerts, but it is booming daily. You have to be vigilant before connecting yourself with any business community because some scammers can make you lose a good amount of your income. As a website, it is safe because your information will not get publicised, and it is legal as well, so you can post about anything you want.

How can you sign up for Bedpage?

Bedpage doesn’t require a registration or sign-up to let its users use the website. It just wants you to get started with simple steps.

  • In your browser, open the website by simply writing that in the search engine and opening the first website generated as a result of your search.


  • Open the homepage and select the country where you want to place your advertisement or connect with the desired ad information.


  • You must select your accurate state, or Bedpage can also automatically locate your area if you allow that command.


  • Just click on your state and go to ads, then choose your category and view the advertisement you choose.

You don’t need to register yourself if you are looking for a job or something that piques your interest, but if you want to post an ad, you have to fill in the required information and register. To sign up for ad placement, you can follow these steps, which are

  • Go to the Bedpage website.
  • Click on the sign-up option on the homepage.
  • Add your mail address by clicking on the sign up with google option.
  • Fill in other information like name, date of birth, country, city, zip code, and phone number.
  • After this, you can confirm the details; you are done.

An additional setting is available where three lines are on the top-left, allowing you to access the language list. There, you can select the language you are comfortable with, along with English, and access all the details in that language.

What are the ad posting criteria on Bedpage?

Bedpage allows almost every individual to post ads about their required services, and other users can avail of the opportunity and connect with the person to help with the chance. It is not free and requires you to give the ad posting amount. Bedpage has several small sites that have the same purpose as Bedpage but require your approval to post the ad.

You can first select the site where you want to place the ad, like ebackpage, ibackpage, or any other. The payment differs accordingly. You need to pay $5.00 to to post your ad. $20.00 will be required by to post your ad, and $2.5 will be paid by to post your desired ad. You can opt for any of the sites and gain clients rapidly. If you think this is just a big scam, then fear not because this works, and people get their requirements fulfilled rapidly.

After registering to pay the ad placement amount, you must add credits to your account. Bitcoins, the new digital currency, is the only payment method allowed, and you can only post ads in this currency.

Are there any alternative sites like that of Bedpage?

Dozens of websites have emerged since the crackdown on Backpage. Bedpage was the one that emerged victorious and shared trustingly similar features like that of Backpage, but now there are so many websites that provide more advanced features, and you can gain access to thousands of clients. Some of the most well-known sites are

Classified Ads

Classified Ads is a free, easily accessible ad placement site where users can access any ads for free. It provides a whole range of listings where you can look for your desired ads and connect with the preferred seller of your choice.

It has a wide range of categories, but one thing that makes it different from other sites is that it doesn’t support posting adult escorting or services ads, which means that if you want to post ads in that category, then this website is not for you. Classified Ads is one of the 5,000 rapidly growing business companies in the US, and it has received the best company award in collaboration with Seattle Business Magazines for five years.

The interface is white, making it a simple yet broader site. It has a similar category list on the homepage where you can see almost every category of ads. You can follow the category or look for your preferred list. You have to create an account to access the information, which is free. It shares the buyer’s details with the seller when the deal is considered done, making it a reputable website with legal working efficiency. This is one of the best sites for your ad placement facilities.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an adult dating site that provides users with facilities related to affairs like people who are interested in extra-marital affairs, relationship facilities, and dating services.

Users looking for someone to elevate their love life experience can also use this site and get accustomed to the details. Even if you are single and looking for a perfect relationship, you can use this site to get a date.

The services of these sites became renowned in a short period and are available in so many countries around the globe. The basic idea is to satisfy the needs of individuals who haven’t found someone in their community or those who are interested in helping their desires by having an inconspicuous relationship with someone other than their partner.

One striking feature of this website is that it is free for women, but if a man wants to post ads, you must pay by adding credit to your account. This makes it a site worth visiting for some females. Also, the sign-up criteria are understandable; you have to add your mail address to post ads. So, if you are looking for a private affair, this site is a good choice for you.


credit-CGFGlobal also offers a wide range of advertisements except for adult ads, but this site is quite famous for its wide range of ad categories and simple interface. It is renowned all around the globe, but UK, US, and Canadian users use it for their services. You can post ads about jobs, houses, rental items, etc. Consider that so many ads can be posted for free, but several categories are paid, so you must pay the amount to post some ads.

It deals with many kinds of gigs, so this site can be a good choice if you are into that. There have been several incidents where individuals got scammed through this site, so you should ensure you are talking to a genuine user before investing any amount or work.

Free Ads time

Free Ads time is a free website for the placement of ads. One thing that made it a prominent site in the bulk of all others is worldwide exposure along with no registration scenario, which means you don’t necessarily have to sign up to create an ad; you can simply click on the state and choose the category of your choice, and that’s it. This will allow you to post ads without interruption and fear that your details are out there.

You can also see ads from other states for broad exposure. It doesn’t provide any personal services ads, meaning you cannot place ads for dating or other services. If you are looking for that, there is a better site.

Advertise Era

Advertise Era is a substitute for the Bedpage website, which provides the same resources and features as those mentioned in the list. This received wide popularity due to its vast number of categories and listings. You can include ads from different services, jobs, houses, and other places. The platform is expanding at a rapid rate, and you can publish your ads or demands without any interruption. The features will increase if you register, but you can also avail yourself of the opportunity without registering.

You can also view your previous ads, chats, and other stuff. The website is aesthetically appealing, but several third-party ads make it a hassle. If you want access to many ads, this site should be fine.

Should you use Bedpage and several other sites?

Yes, you should use them if you are new in town, looking for lodging ads, or want a job. The listings are accurate, and you can get detailed information quickly. Also, Bedpage offers almost every ad related to every category of your choice, and other sites like Craigslist and Ashley Madison further increase the opportunities, so you can post your ads in multiple places and look for various opportunities simultaneously. You can avail of several features if you need assistance; these are good sites for your needs. Before delving into the work, you must thoroughly examine the details and look for genuine ads.

Final thoughts

Bedpage provides well-rounded information about ad posting, and the categories are also available, allowing the individual to avail services or look for ads without hassle. It offers assistance in nearly any category you can think of, but it is not free. Several other sites provide the same benefits for free, and you can avail of these opportunities at any time. However, consider all the details before signing the deeds to avoid scams.


Q: Are the ad placement sites legal?

Yes, the sites are legal and provide opportunities to place sites regarding your needs.

Q: Is there any scams involved in these ad placement sites?

Yes, there have been some scams on these sites, and the users should pay attention to all the details and have some knowledge before delving further into the deals.

Q: What should you do if there are any scams?

If you have experienced a scam or think a scammer posted this ad, you should report it to authorities for ad blockage or further regulatory measures.

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