Bose Smart Ultra: A decent Soundbar for your immersive audio experience 

Bose Smart Ultra: A decent Soundbar for your immersive audio experience 

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December 30, 2023

The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar takes you on a journey of a top-notch audio system that allows the user to experience In-App control. It allows a sound effect of dialogues, instruments, and musical experience beyond words. With a built-in Alexa and multiple connections, it allows the expandability of smart features and creates a new banner of opportunities. One can opt for this kind of speaker if he wants some bass and jazz kind of music filled in his room.

Specifications of Bose Smart Ultra

Bose Smart Ultra

Specification  Details
Manufacturers Bose
Price $799
Weight 12.68lbs
Dimension 2.29’’H x 41.14’’W x 4.21’’D
Color Black/Arctic White
Microphone Built-in
Controls Remote control, In-App control, In-App Volume Control, Source Switching
Speaker type Soundbar
Product material Plastic, Metal
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth, Network
Bose App Bose Music App
Speakers 5.1.2
Power source Corded Electric
Control method Remote
Number of Batteries 1 Lithium-Ion battery is required
Controller type Button, Voice control
Bluetooth range 33’
Warranty 1 year

Design and Built Quality

Bose Smart Ultra

The Bose Smart Ultra comes in black and artic white color along with a sleek design. It has dimensions of 2.29 x 41.14 x 4.21. It has a glass top on it which gives it an elegant vibe. A metal grille along with the front side and flat black top gives it a clear reflective acrylic panel running throughout the design. The separate subwoofer, along with the multichannel system gives it an elegant and top-notch design with constructed cabinet.

The back of the soundbar holds all its connections in two recesses near the center. The right recess contains the power cable port and 3.5mm (about 0.14 in) for bass, data, infrared, and the AdaptiQ room calibration headset. The design of the soundbar will make a screen view evidently at 55 inches, but at 58mm (about 2.28 in), you can experience the whole view of the soundbar from afar.

Sound Quality

The soundbar has a 51.2 channel that allows nine drivers to have two upward-firing drivers for a maximum height. It’s primarily intended for use with TVs over eARC for spatial audio, and it has an optical audio input, limited to 5.1 channels.

It supports Dolby Atmos spatial audio and Apple AirPlay 2, Google Cast, and Spotify Connect Wi-Fi streaming. It also features built-in Bluetooth, but it doesn’t appear to support advanced codecs.

The Smart Ultra delivers impressive low-end for a speaker so flat and narrow. For its price, the soundbar allows you to experience immersive sound that will make your movies and TV shows sound good. The music allows you to experience great bass sounds.

Built-in Voice assistant

Bose Smart Ultra

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri are some of the voice assistants that allow you to help with several smart features. You can change the lighting, get information, and place timers and alarms respectively. These small chores can be done with Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar.

Connectivity options

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar allows the setup of the Bose Music App. This makes you connect the soundbar to your Wi-Fi network, pairing it with your Amazon account for Alexa and enabling Google Cast to work by default. It also lets you toggle features like AI Dialogue Mode as well as group the soundbar with other Bose Speakers on your network to directly pair it with Bose accessory satellites and subwoofers that will run the AdaptiQ room calibration.

Bar control

The bar on the Boss Smart Ultra Speaker has simple controls in the form of two touch-sensitive buttons on its top side. You can turn the microphone on and off, and you can use the ‘Action’ button to activate Alexa Voice Assistant. You can also use this button to turn off alarms and timers. The ‘Action’ button will not activate the voice assistant if the microphone is also off.

Pros and Cons of Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Pros  Cons
Strong EQ Expensive
Built-in voice assistant Alexa Unimpressive bass without woofer
Apple AirPlay and Google Cast Support
Large sound resonance
Audio transmission is detailed and clear
Clarity in audio
The product is visibly top-notch irrespective of the low cost

Should you buy the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar?

Yes, you should buy the product because it provides immersive sound quality at such a convenient price. The crispness and clearness make you use this product for your TV station and movies. The unique AU Dialogue feature allows the bar to adjust the sound of your audio. The design has a premium look to it and the top-notch b=packaging further adds to the beauty of this Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar. You can adjust the voice range along with the bar. The voice resonates making it shrill at some points.

Final Thoughts about the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

The Bose Ultra Soundbar has a perfect appearance along with a powerful sound quality. It features excellent conventions for its users. The glass top on the product further adds to its elegance making it a sleek product, but it can break with a fall. Other than that, the product has superior audio quality, top-notch speakers, and a good bass system. With powerful immersive sound, it can become a proper sound system for your house if you pair it with an extra speaker.


Q: How is the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar different from other Soundbars?

The main difference between this soundbar and others is the acoustic performance. This soundbar also includes AaptiQ audio calibration technology, which adjusts the sound of the soundbar to fit your room.

Q: Can source devices such as cable boxes, iPods, gaming systems, etc., be connected directly to the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar?

No, all sources must be connected to the TV and then a single connection via a cable must be made from the TV to the soundbar.

Q: Can the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar be mounted to the wall?

Yes, there is an option for that in which you are provided with the nails and everything and you can mount the soundbar to the wall.

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