Candy Montgomery Today: The Story That Shocked the Nation in 1980 

Candy Montgomery Today: The Story That Shocked the Nation in 1980 

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January 8, 2024

Another crime movie on Hulu features Candy Montgomery, the axe killer who brutally murdered Betty Gore, an elementary school teacher. Betty was found murdered and mutilated by her neighbors Lester Gaylord and Richard Parker on June 13, 1980, making national headlines.

If you can’t get enough of this narrative, you may be wondering where Candy Montgomery is and if she’s in jail for murdering her close friend, Betty Gore. Despite Candy’s alleged misdeeds, Biel told E! News in 2022 that she could empathize. “I think I was able to empathize with these women as we started to get into it and understand who these characters are, just the pathology of what it was like to be a woman in the ’80s,”

she added. “I could see myself struggling with some of the same issues.” Her stresses included being a woman and attempting to do it all with a smile, family, career, and everything else. I sense it.”

He was wondering where Candy Montgomery is today. Read the blog, and you will get all the answers for sure.

Some Facts About Candy Montgomery

Name Candace Lynn Montgomery
DOB November 15, 1949
Nationality American
Accused Of Murdering her lover’s wife
Place Of Killing Wylie, Texas
Incident Happened June 13, 1980
No Of Times Strucked 41 times
Age When She Murdered 30 years

Who is Candy Montgomery?

Candy Montgomery

According to Texas Monthly’s “Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part I: Candy Montgomery’s Affair” and “Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part II: The Killing of Betty Gore“—the basis for HBO Max’s Love and Death—Candy was a “normal suburban housewife.” She and Pat Montgomery have a son and a daughter. Candy and her family came to Wylie in 1977 to live in her “dream house in the country.” To others, Candy and Pat’s life appeared ideal, but Candy found her marriage “very boring” and wanted more. Texas Monthly called the Methodist Church of Lucas the “center of [her] universe.” Candy started attending after moving in. She met Betty at church, and they became great friends.

They met as their careers took off.

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Candy Montgomery today—What Happened To Her?

Candy, née Candice Wheeler, was suspected of killing her close friend Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980, after an adulterous romance with Allan Gore. Candy, who lived near the Gores with her husband, Pat Montgomery, and their two children, met middle school teacher Betty at a United Methodist Church of Lucas service in Collin County, Texas, and became fast friends.

Texas Monthly said that Candy confessed to murder under hypnosis with psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason. She testified that she visited Betty to buy a bikini for Alisa, Betty’s daughter, who was residing with Candy and her husband. When Betty asks Candy about her romance with Allan at her house, Candy confesses but says it happened a “long time ago.” Candy said that Betty left the room and returned with an axe, threatening Candy never to see Allan again, which Candy consented to.

Candy apologized to Betty as she picked up Alisa’s bikini, which she said upset Betty and pushed her into a utility room. Candy said she and Betty fought for a long time, cutting her toe and head. She told Betty informed her she intended “to kill” her. Candy said she took Betty’s axe and used it on her in self-defense before her pal could assault her again. Candy attempted to leave the room in fear of killing Betty, but Betty stopped her by shoving her body against the door.

Where is Candy Montgomery today?

Candy Montgomery

Where is Candy Montgomery today? Candy and Pat went to Georgia following the 1980 trial, according to Texas Monthly. They divorced four years later. According to Entertainment Weekly, Candy returned to her maiden name, Candace Wheeler, and she works as a mental health counselor in Georgia with her daughter, Jenny. Bil told Entertainment Weekly in 2022 that she tried to contact Candy’s representative to see if “she was interested in having any conversation whatsoever.” “She was not interested,” Biel added. Biel spoke to Candy’s attorney, Robert Udashen, one of her two lawyers, who was a “huge resource of information” for her role. Biel expressed why she liked Candy and Betty’s defense. “For 90% of their lives, they lived these very normal, suburban lives, and then boom, this crazy thing happens,” she remarked. “She had to be beloved and likable and nice and kind and someone you can get behind, and then after this crazy thing happens, I still want you to be behind her weirdly,” she adds. Of Betty, Lynskey said, “I just felt like I knew her, and parts of me were parts of her.” She said, “You’re living in this feeling, and it can sometimes feel slightly repetitive, but that’s what depression feels like.”

What occurred the night Betty Gore was murdered?

On Friday, June 13, 1980, Allan was on a business trip and worried when Betty didn’t return his calls. Betty didn’t answer when he asked a neighbor to check on her. He contacted Candy, who was minding Alisa, and she said Betty was OK. After numerous additional tries to reach Betty, Allan became increasingly concerned. A neighbour visited the Gores’ house hours later and found their baby daughter in her cot and “oceans of blood” going to the utility room door.

The neighbor told Allan Betty was dead, likely shot. Allanneighborstated and contacted Candy again at 11:30 p.m. to tell her Betty had died and ask if she could watch Alisa. Pat held her as she cried after agreeing. The following day, police claimed that Betty was axe-murdered and found a bloody footprint in residence. After hearing this, Candy chopped up her rubber sandals with pruning shears, which prosecutors said was done to eliminate any suspicion based on the sole pattern.

Candy Montgomery committed what crimes?

Candy was Betty’s lone surviving witness and the primary suspect in her murder. After repeated police questions, her alibi appeared solid, but Allan confessed to having an affair with Candy, providing the police with deadly motivation. Candy rejected murder charges after her arrest. Their church supported her after she was freed on bond. Candy retained church lawyer Don Crowder. Don eventually hired a psychiatrist and clinical hypnotist, Dr. Fred Fason, to discover Candy’s nighttime recollections.

Fred stated multiple hypnosis sessions revealed Candy’s childhood trauma caused her mature wrath. He also remembered the night of Betty’s murder, which Candy described in her October 1980 trial, when she argued self-defense. She said Betty confronted Candy about her romance with Allan on Friday, June 13, 1980. Candy said Betty went into her utility room to get an axe and attacked her after she confessed. Candy stated she grabbed the axe and whacked Betty while they struggled. Texas Monthly reports that Candy beat Betty 41 times in anger before stopping “at the point of utter exhaustion.”


Was Candy Montgomery jailed?

Candy testified on Friday, and the jury heard closing arguments and decided the verdict on Wednesday. Candy was acquitted of murdering Betty.

Where Is Candy Montgomery today?

Candy has remained private since the trial, but Dallas Morning News says she and Pat moved to Georgia, where she became a licensed family counsellor. Candy and Pat reportedly divorced shortly after moving.

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