Clint Howard Net Worth

Clint Howard Net Worth

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July 27, 2023

American voice actor, musician, and film star Clint Howard Clint Howard has portrayed almost 200 distinct characters in films and television shows. Clint Howard has also provided his voice for animated film roles. You might know a little bit about Clint Howard, but how well-versed are you in his life and career? I mean, how old is he, for starters? Can you tell me about his stature and wealth? If Clint Howard is unfamiliar to you, we have included information on his personal life, work, net worth as of 2023, age, height, weight, and more on our detailed biography wiki. If you’re ready to move forward, I’ll share what I know.

Clint Howard Bio

Real Name Clinton Engle Howard
Gender Male
DOV 20 April 1959
Birth Place Burbank, California, United States
Nationality American
Maritial Status Divorced
Smoking NO
Drinking YES
Profession Character actor and comedian
Net Worth (2023) $5 million

The Beginnings


A.K.A. Clinton Howard, Clint Howard was born in Burbank, California, on April 20, 1959. Both Rance Howard and Clint’s mother, Jean Speegle Howard, had acting careers. Clint Howard’s older brother, Ron Howard, is also in the entertainment industry. There are several different European cultures represented in Clint’s ancestry. Elementary school was R.L. Stevenson for Clint Howard.

Age, Height, Weight, & Body Size

As of April 27, 2023, Clint Howard will have turned 64 years old. He was born on April 20, 1959. He stands at 1.69 meters but only weighs about 72 kilograms.

Profession, Honors, and Nomination


Ron Howard, Clint’s younger brother, was also an actor, and in the 1960s, he and Clint were both on screen. Clint Howard was a guest star on five episodes of his brother Ron’s show, “The Andy Griffith Show.” Clint Howard was a singer, so when he had to act, he often used his singing voice. Clint Howard was the voice of the elephant named Haithi Jr. in the 1967 Disney movie “The Jungle Book.” He also gave his voice to the role of Roo in three animated “Winnie the Pooh” movies.

Clint Howard played the Gentle Giant in “Ivan Tors,” a 1967 movie. From 1967 to 1969, Clint Howard played the main role in the TV show “Gen Ben.” Clint Howard’s most famous part is as Balok in the “Star Trek” episode “The Corbomite Maneuver,” which aired in 1966. Clint Howard was on Night Gallery in its first two years, from 1971 to 1972. Clint Howard has been in a number of Ron Howard-directed movies, from “Eat My Dust” in 1978 to “Apollo 13” in 1995. Clint Howard was a regular or guest star on many TV shows, such as Gunsmoke, Happy Days, Married with Children, Seinfeld, The Odd Couple, and many more.

Clint Howard has also had a lot of success with his songs. Clint Howard formed the Kempsters in 1981. They are a new-wave rock and roll band. Most of these people were his close friends and neighbors on Kemp Street. In 1982, Tony Rodriquez took over for “Spooner” Mike Bauer on the drums. A lot of times, the band played at West of Madame Wong. The Kempsters stopped making music in 1983. This band never made a record. On the other hand, Clint Howard has put out a CD called “No Brains At All.” This CD has four songs by the band that were taken at different times and places. The show at Madame Wong’s West on October 17, 1982, and seven tracks from that night are also included.

The MTV Movie Awards (1998) presented Clint Howard with the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award. Several actors at the award ceremony honored him by name, all using the name “Clint.” As a result, audiences thought the actors were referring to Clint Eastwood when they actually meant Clint Howard.

Net Worth in 2023

clint networth

Clint Howard will have a $5 million fortune in 2023. More than 200 different characters have been portrayed by Clint Howard in films and TV shows. Clint Howard’s Burbank, California, residence is valued at $500,000 as of the date of his most recent financial disclosure (2018). Sales of Clint Howard’s DVD “Mad Families as Gravy” netted him $10,460 the year before. They lived together in a Burbank house.

In addition, Clint Howard has two high-end vehicles of his own: a 2006 Honda Accord and a 2005 Chrysler 300. Clint’s brother, Ron Howard, is a Democrat, but he himself is a Republican. Clint Howard announced his support for Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican presidential candidacy on January 29th, 2016. Clint Howard plays 150 rounds of golf per year because he enjoys it so much.


How many years separate Clint Howard and his sibling, Ron Howard?

Both Clint and Ron followed similar professional paths. Clint Howard’s older brother, Ron, is five years older.

Is Clint Howard a multiple-award winner?

Clint has spent his entire life working in the film and television business. In 1998, MTV recognized Howard’s extraordinary career with the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award.t 

Did Clint have a privileged upbringing?

Clincame from humble beginnings. His family was never one to have a lot of money to spare, so they never vacationed in style.

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