Few dental implants facts to consider before the treatment

Few dental implants facts to consider before the treatment

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December 25, 2023

Implants are medical devices meant for the dental restoration of your lost or missing teeth. An implant is surgically drilled into the jawbone. Unlike any other option, a missing tooth implant conveniently restores an individual’s ability to chew foods while improving their aesthetic appeal or appearance. Moreover, it provides consistent and reliable support for artificial teeth like crowns, dentures, and bridges.

A tooth or some teeth may be lost resulting from a trauma or injury. Even certain diseases (like gum disease) may damage your tooth or teeth. In the case of a missing tooth, it is normal for a person to experience certain complications in life. These complications range from changes in the proper chewing pattern of foods, which ultimately leads to discomfort, and rapid bone loss in and around the site of loss, to defective speech.

When a lost or missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant in London, it improves the individual’s health, aesthetic appeal, and overall quality of life to a great extent. What are the major components of a dental implant system? The system consists of a dental implant post or body, a dental implant abutment, and may also include a screw to secure the abutment. The implant post, or body, is surgically drilled and placed in the jawbone. It functions as the root of the lost tooth. The abutment usually remains fixed to the implant body with the help of the abutment fixation screws. Thus, there is a lot of support for the artificial tooth extending through the gums and inside the mouth.

There are a few things patients must consider

dental implants

Before opting for a modern lost tooth solution like Dental Implant Wimbledon, patients must consider a few facts and factors

  • First, you must discuss the matter with your dentist and learn about the advantages and risks involved with this procedure. Second, it is also important to analyze whether you are a suitable candidate or not.
  • The overall condition of your oral health is an important determinant in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Even the overall condition of your teeth and gums foretells how long the mouth will take to completely heal from the invasive surgery included in the procedure. It also indicates how long the implant post will stay in place.
  • Let your dentist recommend a suitable model and brand of dental implant device for your mouth.
  • A dentist well-known in London for offering affordable dental implants points out that smoking can affect the healing process following implant surgery. Moreover, it may even dampen the chances of the long-term success of your implant.
  • To heal completely from the surgical wound, it could take several months for a patient. During this intermediate time, you are likely to have a temporary abutment in place.

Once the implant procedure is over, you should:

  • Strictly follow the instructions related to oral hygiene provided by your dentist or implant provider.
  • To ensure the long-term success of your implant, it is crucial to clean the implant and the surrounding teeth regularly.
  • Attend regular visits with your dentist to assess the condition of your implant.
  • If the implant gets loose or turns out to be painful, then you must report the matter immediately to the dentist.

Benefits offered by dental implants

Now let us explore some of the major benefits that this modern tooth loss solution offers. But first, let us discuss something important.

Cheap dental implants undeniably improve one’s overall quality of life, along with oral health, to a significant extent. However, in some cases, certain complications may occur following the invasive surgical procedure. These may surface soon after the placement of an implant or at a much later stage, when you may not expect any complications at all. Some of these factors may even fail an implant. In the event of an implant failure, a patient may have to undergo another surgical procedure to either replace or fix the implant post.

The benefits of tooth implants include the following:

  • The system restores your natural chewing ability.
  • It also restores your aesthetic appeal and appearance.
  • It prevents the shrinking of the jawbone resulting from bone loss.
  • An implant system also preserves the health and condition of the nearby bones and tissues of the gums.
  • Moreover, it keeps the nearby teeth healthy and stable.
  • A dental implant near me improves the overall quality of a person’s life to a significant extent.

Risks associated with this cutting-edge tooth loss solution

dental implants

  • While placing an implant in the jawbone, the nearby natural teeth may get damaged.
  • The tissues near the site of implant surgery may get injured, for example, by sinus perforation.
  • The jawbone near the site of surgery may get injured or fractured.
  • Many patients report that they do not feel their teeth bite normally together after the surgery.
  • The screw that holds the abutment firmly in place may get loose. It may make patients feel the tooth is twisting in place or loose, points out a dentist who offers affordable dental implants in Wimbledon.
  • In addition to the factors mentioned above, one may even suffer from failure of the implant post or body. There could be a systematic infection, which is more common in patients suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. A local infection may develop in the bone and the gums that support an implant post. The surgical wound may take a long time to get completely healed. This is common among patients who are heavy smokers.
  • There could be untreated periodontal disease.
  • There could even be difficulty in cleaning the area around the implant. It is quite possible that it can lead to poor oral hygiene.
  • Accidental damage to the nerve during the surgery may leave a patient numb in the post-surgery phase.

You should inform your healthcare providers and imaging technicians about your dental implant every time you get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or an X-ray done. The best dental implant in Birmingham is known to interfere with these images or even distort them.

As far as the UK is concerned, dental implants are easily available privately. The treatment is undeniably expensive. However, reliable dental surgeries like Sw19 Confidental Dental Clinic and Wimbledon Dentist offer this treatment at a comparatively reasonable cost. The best affordable dental implants in Wimbledon, London, are sometimes available on the NHS. But that is only for patients whose faces and teeth are badly damaged or who cannot wear dentures.

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