Five Best Movies About Teaching

Five Best Movies About Teaching

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February 2, 2022

The genre of teacher films is incredibly encouraging! The majority of these films are variations on the following scenario: A teacher has faith in many kids who have little faith in themselves. The pupils begin to think they have worth due to their fierce love and support. In most cases, the instructor is also changed due to the procedure. Anyone who observes can learn something new. Sure, teacher films might be a little cheesy at times, but at least they focus on the good!

Teaching is an important talent and a noble profession for developing a child. Few teachers know how to teach a student. Any person with high academic records cannot teach a student naturally. Many of them are neglected though they are due to whom the students shine in their future. This beautiful profession has been portrayed in numerous films with various important concepts. One gets to know the real meaning of teaching, how you should respect your teachers, how they direct you towards a successful career, and lots more.

Five Best Movies About Teaching

Experts from the best assignment writing services jolted out the top five films about our respected teachers that you must watch. Let’s get started!

  • The sound of Music:

In the movie world, this is one of the oldest musical-drama films directed by Robert Wise in 1965, USA. The story revolves around Maria, the governess of seven children of a widowed naval captain. The children were very notorious, yet they were kept in strict discipline at home. These motherless children slowly started loving their teacher, and governess Maria and Maria’s motherly affection changed their life completely. The way she handled them and gave the real lesson of their life is worth praising. In this film, the story has given a nice lesson that a good teacher can help the kids be disciplined and change their lives with proper care and love.

  • 3 idiots:

3 idiots is a more sort of student-based film which shows how the students are getting stressed with the rising competition and how they often choose a wrong career due to society’s taunts. However, this also shows the roles of a teacher in changing a student’s life. Also, studying does not mean that you have to mug up everything to get a secured future. A student should understand what he is learning from their teacher. Also, this film shows the real meaning of the teacher.

Often teachers make mistakes as they are always in a hurry to complete the syllabus. This competition of getting good marks and becoming an established person makes the students deviate from their goals. So, Amir Khan has presented a dialogue in this film while conversing with the professor “I am making you learn how to teach.” Rajkumar Hirani directed the film in the year 2009, and it is a great film where one will find the real meaning of teachers and the intelligence of a student. The film has been taken from Chetan Bhagat’s “Five Point Someone.”

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  • Chalk n Duster:

Another film gives a tribute to all the teachers and shows how the private education system has been commercialized with various political affairs. The actors of the film Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, and several talented casts have forwarded an important message to society. In this film, you can see how the modern-day education system neglects the real educators of society. However, they have the real capability of educating a person in the real sense.

The film’s story revolves around the teachers of a school where two teachers were insulted and turned down from their job as the new principal of the school had a desire to earn huge profit by changing the school’s infrastructure. Later, the teachers prove their competency by participating in a quiz reality show and winning it. The money they earned from winning was planned to utilize to make a new school where there would be no politics.

  • Hichki:

This film was released in 2018, portraying that teachers’ capability lies within their intellect and not within their problems. The lead character of this film is Rani Mukherjee, who acted as a teacher having an uncommon nervous system disorder. This disorder is known as “Tourette’s syndrome,” where the concerned person loses control of their body movements or unwanted sounds created by them. Here, the teacher could not get any job as a teacher though she has the capability and qualification of being a good teacher. The film, at last, shows how despite her inability to speak normally, she changed the future of fourteen undisciplined slum students and directed them towards a bright future.

  • Pathshala:

It is a very old movie released in 2010 and directed by Milind Ukey. The film has a somewhat similar concept to the movie Chalk n Duster. Shaheed Kapoor as Rahul plays the character of a teacher who joined a school. Everything was good until the higher authority decided to acquire high profit from the school and take it to an international level. In this process, the happy children of the school were pressured to take part in various activities with which they will get high TRP in media. In conclusion, with the help of the teachers and their effort, they were able to bring the school back by protesting against the management decisions.

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