How Many Family Visa Types Are Available In Dubai?

How Many Family Visa Types Are Available In Dubai?

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September 17, 2022

To immigrate to the UAE, you need to have a family visa in Dubai. If you have a spouse, child, or other dependents, you can apply for this type of visa if you are a resident. There are different types of visas available in Dubai as per requirements. Different categories for family visas in Dubai are available. However, there are requirements to get a visa, including passing a medical fitness test. It is important to note that the UAE does not recognize same-sex marriages or relationships. Hence, it is not possible to sponsor a spouse who is already in a relationship with a UAE citizen. Let us check the different types of family visas that are available:

Types of UAE Family Visa

UAE Family visa categories are divided into five different types. Here we go:


The foreign national resident must provide an authentic marriage certificate as proof of his wife’s relationship with him in order to sponsor her. However, a Muslim resident may typically be permitted to sponsor his two wives. If he complies with the requirements specified by the relevant GDRFA.


A resident can only sponsor the son until the age of 18. If the youngster is studying in the UAE or abroad after the age of 18, he can be sponsored only until the age of 21.


The daughter’s scenario is quite difficult. Just because a resident who is from abroad can only sponsor his daughter(s) if they are unmarried.


A resident may also sponsor his stepchildren, subject to GDRFA requirements such as a deposit for each child and a signed no-objection certificate from the biological mother or father. Their resident visas are valid for one year and can be applied for renewal of family visa in Dubai every year.


By submitting a deposit as a guarantee for each parent as required by the relevant immigration authority, an expatriate employee can sponsor parents for a year’s stay. Employees cannot sponsor just one parent; they must sponsor both the mother and the father. Additionally, he must demonstrate that he is their only source of assistance and that they have no one to look after them at home.

He must provide the relevant official documentation as proof that he has the right to sponsor only one of his parents if one of his parents has died away or if his parents are divorced.

The employed ex-pat resident must have a minimum annual salary of AED 20,000 in order to sponsor parents. They must also have a medical insurance plan for parents with the required minimum coverage for each, which must be renewed annually.

Required Documents for Spouse or Children

  • If you want a wife visa Dubai then you have to submit the following document list:
  • Either an internet form or a licensed typing application
  • Pictures of the wife and kids
  • A certificate of good health for the wife and any older children
  • A copy of the husband’s firm or employment contract
  • Copies of the children’s and wife’s passports
  • The employee’s monthly wage is stated on a salary certificate provided by the company
  • A certified copy of the marriage certificate, a registered lease, and the most recent utility bill

Eligibility of Professionals for Family Visa

Regarding UAE Family visa, the Dubai government does not impose any restrictions on particular occupations. You are all invited to play a significant role in this Arab world if you meet the requirements and eligibility standards of certain employment.

The Dubai family visa is one of the most well-known visas in the world, and applying for one might be a little challenging, especially for workers. You must have a few necessary pieces of paperwork in order to enter this technologically advanced ground. Here are a few examples:

  • A work agreement and an entry permit.
  • Copies of the employee’s passports that are valid for six months.
  • A passport-size image of the worker, a medical examination report, an emirates id, and proof of insurance

Procedure and Validity for Family Visa Dubai

Following are the few steps for a family visa Dubai:

  • Visit a typing firm to obtain a typed application. Fee for each family member.
  • Send the application form, a copy of the entry visa, medical certification, and all other required documents to GDRFA to have the visa accepted.
  • If your partner is not in the UAE, you must wait as soon as he arrives and complete medical testing, visa stamping, and Emirates ID processes. This must be completed within 60 days after the date of submission.
  • After finalizing the process, you must change the status of the family member’s visa from time-limited to residency permit without leaving the UAE. You must pay a fee to change the status.
  • You can either mail your wife the original entrance permits or send a copy and deposit the original there at the immigration office of the airport where they will be arriving.
  • The residence permit is good for 3 years. After this time, you must apply for a renewal of your family visa in UAE. The procedure is similar to that of obtaining a new visa.
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