How Much Screen Time Is Safe For Kids?

How Much Screen Time Is Safe For Kids?

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February 28, 2022

We live in a century where the use of smart gadgets has become necessary. From kids to adults, we have seen them spending most of their time on their smartphones or computer screens. These electronic screens always win either any school work, social activity, or fun. While spending most of the time, we have ignored the harmful side effects that may cause trouble to your health and children’s growth.

How Much Screen Time Is Safe For Kids?


The excessive use of smartphones is the addiction found among kids. Such activity is considered damage to the brain in a growing child, the authorities have taken various actions against it.

Spending time on screen

According to the research, kids aged between 5 to 12 spend 6 to 8 hours daily looking at the screen, while teenagers are found spending 10 hours. If we talk about adults, they found the most of the time looking at the screen, whenever they get time, even for a 10 minutes usage of the screen is common.

There aren’t any strict rules for adults, but the massive screen time among kids can be destructive. It may interfere with the development of the child. The experts have given their recommendation on screen usage, which the parents must take care of, as their increased screen time is somehow due to their absence.

0-18 months

Strongly forbidden for the kids from 1 to 18 months. Born babies or those smaller than 18 months must not give any screen time. Such age is the early growth of the baby, where they learn to interact with the people around them. The experts have recommended such age to play, interact and learn from the environment. Well, during any video calls, the kid can use a screen.

18-24 months

At this, the parents can allow children’s interaction with the screens. But the important thing is to utilize the time under the supervision of the parent. Giving a device to use by their choice is inappropriate; such little age needs a parent’s concentration. You can spend time with your kid by giving them high-quality screen time, interacting with learning objectives. The screen time should be limited to the learning content, which helps in the development of the child’s brain.

2-5 years

According to the expert’s guidelines, Kids aged between 2 to 5 are allowed to spend an hour of screen time daily. You can allow your child to explore outside the education under parental supervision. There are fun educational content, poems, and game learning content available on the internet you can look for your child. It is mandatory to keep everything under your view and for weekdays one hour is enough, during the weekend you can allow them for two hours.

Older then 5

At this age, the kids’ screen time is strictly set up by the parents. The parents must enforce a particular screen time under their guidelines. The growing young age is emotionally sensitive. Being parents, it is your responsibility to provide a safe zone for your kid to secure their mental health. Also, if you are allowing your child to have screen time, it is your responsibility to create a media-free zone at home for some time where they can have fun by participating in physical activities.

Quality time on screen

We have talked about quantity, but quality is also an important aspect of child growth. Quality can be measured in terms of content available on the screen. What kind of content a kid is interacting with, a violent game brings the low-quality screen time. On the other hand, if the game is presented in a fun learning way, that will be measured as a high-quality screen time. High-quality screen time help in the cognitive development of your child. It is important to understand what your kid is fond of. Such a talking session can help you recognize your child’s interest. Also, you can appreciate the quality content of your children.

Effects of high usage screen time

kids smartphone

The screen time under the age of 2 is highly discouraged, while above 2 years can have a screen time with all the parental supervision and for a limited time. Among those age 2 or older, the massive time spent on the screen can cause many mental and health problems. Different kinds of behavioral disorders can be found in kids due to excess usage of screen time.


Spending more than average time watching TV or playing games can hinder the physical health of a child. Sitting in one place enables eating junk food that damages the child’s health; it is important to encourage the child to the physical activities.

Irregular sleep

The children tend to attach to things very fast, and screen time can interfere with the sleeping schedule. Playing games or watching on a screen causes many behavioral changes, and a lack of sleep can be observed.

Affect eyesight

The high rays emitting from screens like laptops, smartphones, and computers can impact a lot of kids’ eyesight. It can damage the retina, which is very sensitive in the eye. Also, it caused blurry vision, damaged eyes, and caused headaches.

Less physical active

Too much screen time can be pushed the kid to be less interactive in the real world. They always find themselves enjoying their phone screens wherever they go. The habit of more screen time can also increase the weight because of not involving in physical activities.


Excessive screen time in your child can be a greater risk to their development process. Also, before giving a smartphone in your child’s hand, make sure to PTA IMEI check online for safe use. To overcome this situation, start planning out your kid’s daily routine, talk to them, and create a list of rules to make them regular to their physical activities.

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