HP Z8 Fury G5 Review: The Ultimate Workstation for Intensive Workloads

HP Z8 Fury G5 Review: The Ultimate Workstation for Intensive Workloads

Written by Mark Williams, In Gadgets, Published On
December 24, 2023

The HP Z8 Fury G5 is a high-performance workstation aimed at professionals who require top-tier hardware to handle intensive workloads. This advanced machine provides ample customization to optimize for specialized use cases.

Computers that can keep up with heavy professional workloads are a need in today’s business. Workflows in many industries can be improved with high-performance workstations’ processing power and personalization. These industries include engineering, scientific research, animation, product design, and many more. The Z8 Fury G5, HP’s newest product, is both stylish and powerful.

Here are some of the standout features of the HP Z8 Fury G5

Feature Description
Operating Systems Choice of Windows 11 Pro, WSL2, or Linux
Security HP Wolf Security with threat containment and hardware locking
Ports 10+ ports, including USB, media card reader, Ethernet, audio
Power Supply Dual power supply and smart fan cooling system
Graphics Support for up to 4 GPUs and compatibility with 4K/curved displays
Storage Up to 120TB capacity
Testing Undergoes extensive military-standard testing
Processors Multiple Intel Xeon options to choose from



The Z8 Fury G5 features an elegant yet functional design ethos valuing substance over flash. Housed in an all-black aluminum chassis with integrated handles and abundant interior expansion room, this workstation gets the job done without distractions. Tool-less removable side panels provide quick access to components, while a lock on the front and HP Wolf Pro Security monitoring protect sensitive projects. Weighing a sturdy 92 pounds, built to last across years of intensive daily use, the Z8 Fury G5 makes its presence known on any desk.

Display Quality

Paired with NVIDIA’s latest professional RTX graphics cards, the Z8 Fury G5 powers photorealistic visuals on par with high-end gaming PCs. However, while gaming focuses on entertainment, this workstation optimizes, enabling professionals to visualize and interact with complex 3D data and scenes critical for tasks like CAD engineering, animation, videography, and research applications. By combining top-tier GPU horsepower with high-resolution 4K or 8K displays (up to 4 at once), the Z8 Fury G5 delivers incredible fidelity down to the finest details across multiple monitors without lag, tearing, or compression artifacts. Workflows dependent on visually reviewing intricate 3D models or crystal-clear imagery will reap immense benefits.


HP Z8 Fury G5 Review

An absolute processing powerhouse, the Z8 Fury G5 packs next-generation Intel Xeon scalable processors with up to 56 CPU cores humming along at extreme clock speeds. This wealth of computing muscle makes light work of intensive tasks like running complex simulations and computations key to scientific research. CPU-based number crunching also accelerates in-depth analysis vital for making data-driven business decisions. Loading immense datasets for everything from training cutting-edge AI to compiling code completes faster than ever. Even current-generation applications take advantage of the abundant headroom while future-proofing for more demanding programs inevitably comes down the pipeline.

Connectivity and Features

HP Z8 Fury G5 Review

Outfitted with 10+ ports, the Z8 Fury G5 delivers abundant connectivity for all the peripherals power users require. Fast Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, and 10GbE cables handle quick data transfers and high bandwidth accessories. Convenient USB 2.0 and 3.2 Gen 1 ports link with classic compatible devices, while a UHS-II SD card reader makes accessing media simple. Audiophile-grade 3.5mm in/out connections hook up premium headsets and speakers to immerse in soundscapes. Rounding out the package, integrated Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5 provide cable-free wireless connectivity at cutting-edge speeds.

Here is an overview of some of the biggest pros and cons of this workstation:

Pros Cons
Powerful performance Expensive price point
Highly customizable Complex management, if fully optimized
Advanced security features Components can go obsolete quickly
Toolless entry for upgrades Significant power consumption
Supports the latest hardware Requires specialized cooling/power needs


HP Z8 Fury G5 is a top-tier choice for professionals who demand high-performance hardware that can be heavily customized for specialized use cases. The potent processing capabilities combined with extensive tuning options unlock immense potential. Just be prepared to budget not only for itself but also for the supporting infrastructure required to tap into its full power. For those with compute-intensive needs across areas like engineering, scientific computing, and creative media production, the Z8 Fury G5 represents the pinnacle of specialty workstations.


  • What kind of processor options does the Z8 Fury G5 offer?

You can equip a Z8 Fury G5 with up to a 56-core, 4.5GHz turbo Intel Xeon Scalable processor, delivering extreme multi-threaded speed.

  • What makes this better than a consumer PC for professional use?

Unlike mainstream desktops focused on affordability, the Z8 Fury G5 prioritizes maximum performance and stability, thanks to components specially engineered for 24/7 100% loads across years of use.

  • Can I equip multiple graphics cards at once?

Yes, leveraging PCIe Gen 4 slots and lanes, you can install up to four high-end GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA and combine them with technologies like SLI and NVLink bridges.

  • Does liquid cooling come preinstalled or configurable?

While high airflow cooling comes standard, options exist to customize liquid cooling systems for maintaining frigid temperatures even when GPU/CPU utilization pegs at 100% for hours on end during intense workloads.

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