Lenovo LOQ 15 Review

Lenovo LOQ 15 Review

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September 2, 2023

Lenovo LOQ 15 is the best gaming laptop with great performance and battery. You would love to have the Lenovo LOQ 15 laptop with a good price and also affordable SSD speed The most budget-friendly price of the laptop is the Lenovo LOQ Laptop. It has a quality design and building and is good with input options and many more.

Lenovo LOQ 15 Specs

CPU i5-13420H Intel Core
Operating System Home-Windows 11
Display 15.6-inch WQHD with 2560×1440 IPS display of 165Hz, and G-Sync
Ports USB-A 3.2 PORT & USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 Port.
Track Pad Smooth and dimension is 75 by 120mm
HD WQHD display with nearly 100% RGB
Sound Good quality
Battery 60Whr
Dimensions 359.6×264.8×22.1×25.2mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Screen-to-body ratio 70.5%
Resolution 1920×1080 pixel
Graphics card GeForce RTX 3050 Mobile 6 GB

Build Design

The most refreshing lineup of gaming laptops, Lenovo LOQ has an inspirational design that is a premium gaming laptop that is LOQ emblazoned to the corner lid. The RGB lights are available but they have a good appearance which is plastic mode and with an attractively greyish color and it is slightly flexy with both the lid is chassis the all of its rigidity. The weight of the laptop is around 2.40kg and its measurement is 22mm thick which is most compactable.

Port Selection and Input

lenovo 22

The space for the ports of Lenovo LOQ 15 has an array of ports for gaming which includes a 3 USB dock, a USB 3.2 type A port, an HDMI port of 2.1 with headphones, and a microphone with a combo jack. Coming to its input things like the keyboard has a satisfying keyboard with RGB  backlights with large arrow keys, which is comfortable to use. The trackpad measurement is 75x120mm which is very smooth and has a soft surface.

Sound quality

lenovo sounds

The Lenovo LOQ 15 has very admirable differentia speakers facing to the bottom side the speakers which deliver loud audio. It can be used in the casual audio mode and the speakers are more capable which are very desired and good for the connectivity with a good experience while using. The covers are the major ports of gaming that are more convenient for gaming which strives for gaming and is adaptable and good for the availability.


lenovo display

The display of Lenovo LOQ 15 is having of 15.6  inches with a fully HD and IPS panel of 144Hz which is The GPU benchmark is the 3D mark which mostly consists of the RTX 4050s recently the RTX 4050 Laptop of GPU and the RTX 3060 laptop GPU from the last year is beats them all.

Heat and Noise


The Lenovo LOQ heat gets uncomfortable and hot which temps to seem the fien while the test is done. The CPU has a peak temp is up to 86 degrees Celsius. The temps of the surface are about 45 degrees.

Gaming performance

gaming lenovo

The gaming performance of Lenovo LOQ 15 price is just $1000 which compels the package with the most impressive battery life is acceptable and best affordable performance and a great gaming notebook. RAM can be upgraded for demandable tasking and a reliable gaming laptop which is for gaming. It is the best laptop that you can pick up for gaming purposes. The display of the Lenovo LOQ is awesome. The Surface which temps to get pretty high.


  • It is having a great gaming performance
  • Its display looks very smooth
  • Its affordable gaming laptop
  • The softy keyboard with comfortable


  • The RGB Lights coverage is only until the 54%
  • The battery is on average
  • The storage is not so good


The gaming performance of the Lenovo LOQ is the best gaming laptop. It has tasted all its features with good quality and all its based on the outlay element. The battery power is lacking and the SSD speeds up on the lower end but for the compromises with the fine for performance an affordable price, and the surface gets temp pretty high which is not just a not good for the thing that goes the Lenovo LOQ is going against down of it.


Is the Lenovo LOQ worth buying?

The Lenovo LOQ stands for the most affordable and first impressive for gaming performance to buy with all of its attractive designs, software, and a lot of features available.

How long does the battery of Lenovo LOQ  can last?

The Lenovo LOQ 15 can last 6 to 5 hours due to it having a 60Whr  of battery with super rapid charging support, almost all laptops of USB-C ports that support 140W of charging adding for most probably.

Is Lenovo Legion good?

The Lenovo Legion 15 Gen 7 is a most comfortable gaming laptop whose performance is very good and whose screen resolution is quite good. It is almost fine with the system and even can get in discounts.

What is the meaning of LOQ in Lenovo?

Lenovo is renewing the entry-level for very good gaming The LOQ means a “lock” in stylish it can be written as but it is pronounced as “lock”.


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