Lori Lightfoot: Archives of Women’s Political Communication

Lori Lightfoot: Archives of Women’s Political Communication

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January 10, 2024

In 2019, Lori Lightfoot burst onto Chicago’s political scene, making history as the city’s first openly gay black female mayor. She campaigned as an outsider who would reform Chicago’s notoriously corrupt government and make streets safer. Lightfoot rode a wave of support from voters hungry for change into office in a landslide victory. However, significant challenges emerged once she was in power to implement her sweeping progressive policy vision.

As Lightfoot struggled to work with other political figures, crime rates rose, and scandals mounted surrounding alleged secrecy over police misconduct cases, she lost the public’s goodwill. Four years after winning over 70% of the vote, Lightfoot failed to qualify for Chicago’s 2023 mayoral runoff. Her rocky tenure serves as both an inspiration for shattering barriers and a cautionary tale of lofty ambitions colliding with pragmatic realities.

About Lori Lightfoot

Name Lori Elaine Lightfoot
Born Massillon, Ohio
Date August 4, 1962,
Graduate Washington High School in Massillon
Left Office May 15, 2023.
Married To Amy Eshleman
Campaign Slogan “Bring in the Light”
Website www.lightfootforchicago.com
Current Job Mayor of Chicago

Early Life and Education

Lori Elaine was the youngest of 4 children born to Elijah and Ann Lightfoot, a factory worker/janitor and healthcare aide/school board member, respectively. Lightfoot grew up in a middle-class, predominantly white Ohio neighborhood. She was very involved in high school as a class president, band member, and basketball player. Lightfoot attended the University of Michigan, working multiple jobs to pay her way through school. She graduated with a BA in political science in 1984. Lightfoot went on to earn her JD from the University of Chicago Law School in 1989.

Lori Lightfoot’s Role In Years

Lori Lightfoot

Year Position/Role
1962 Born in Massillon, Ohio
1984 BA Political Science, the University of Michigan
1989 JD, the University of Chicago Law School
1996-2002 Assistant US Attorney, Northern Illinois District
2002-2004 Head of Chicago Office of Professional Standards
2004-2005 Various roles in Chicago city government
2015-2018 President, Chicago Police Board
2018 Launches mayoral campaign
2019 Elected Mayor of Chicago
2023 Loses reelection bid for mayor


Lori Lightfoot

After law school, Lightfoot worked at the Mayer Brown law firm before entering public service as an Assistant US Attorney from 1996-2002. She then held various oversight roles in the Chicago city government related to police accountability from 2002-2018. In 2018, Lightfoot launched her first political campaign for Mayor of Chicago, positioning herself as a reformer and outsider taking on the political establishment.

Mayor of Chicago (2019-2023)

Lori Lightfoot

In 2019, Lightfoot won the Chicago mayoral race in a landslide. As mayor, she prioritized police reform, affordable housing, education, and economic recovery from COVID-19. However, she also dealt with rising crime, clashes with other political figures like the teacher’s union and state governor, and accusations of secrecy regarding police misconduct cases. Lightfoot lost her bid for re-election in 2023, becoming the first incumbent mayor since 1983 to fail to make the runoff.


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Lori Lightfoot’s Net Worth

Lori Lightfoot

According to multiple sites tracking celebrity net worth figures, Lightfoot’s net worth is estimated at around $1.6 million. Most of her wealth has been accumulated in recent years. Before being elected mayor, Lightfoot earned an annual salary of over $200,000 from her legal career at the Mayer Brown law firm and various government oversight appointments. As Mayor of Chicago since 2019, one of America’s largest cities, Lightfoot earned roughly $200,000 yearly. After rising to national prominence, she has also received income from book deals and speaking fees. Though wealthy by most standards, Lightfoot’s net worth pales compared to many politicians and business leaders in Chicago—a difference she played up during her initial underdog mayoral campaign.


Lori Lightfoot made history in 2019 by becoming Chicago’s first openly gay, black female mayor. She ran as an outsider promising reform but struggled to deliver on key campaign platforms like reducing crime. Though a trailblazer in many ways, Lightfoot’s rocky one-term in office shows the difficulties of turning lofty policy goals into on-the-ground results. Her legacy will likely be defined more by the symbolic achievement of her barrier-breaking election than by her concrete accomplishments while in office.


What was Lightfoot’s career before becoming mayor?

She was a lawyer in private practice and held various oversight roles in the Chicago city government related to police accountability.

How long has Lori Lightfoot been the mayor of Chicago?

She was the mayor of Chicago for one term, from 2019-2023.

Why did Lightfoot lose her bid for re-election as mayor?

She failed to gain enough votes to qualify for the 2023 runoff election, becoming the first incumbent Chicago mayor since 1983 to not make the runoff. She struggled with issues like rising crime during her term.

What was notable about Lightfoot’s election as mayor in 2019?

She was Chicago’s first openly gay black female mayor and only the second woman ever elected to the position.

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