Maegan Hall: Know About The Police Officer Caught in a Scandal

Maegan Hall: Know About The Police Officer Caught in a Scandal

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January 14, 2024

Maegan Hall, a former La Vergne police officer, is a famous Tennessee police officer. She was sacked from her job as a police officer after being caught having an affair with six other police officers at the La Vergne Police Department.

Maegan Hall is a 26-year-old former police officer who recently came into the media spotlight after being fired from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee. Maegan was terminated from her position as a cop after an investigation found that she was engaged in inappropriate physical relationships with 6 other officers at the department. The scandal has ignited controversy and ended Maegan’s career in law enforcement.

Bio of Maegan Hall

Category Details
Full Name Maegan Olivia Hall
Date of Birth 1996
Birth Place Lewisburg, Tennessee
Parents Father: Jeremy Watley

Mother: Rachel Watley

Marital Status Married to Jedidiah Hall (since November 2018)
Children None
Education Middle Tennessee State University
Profession Former Police Officer
Net Worth Approximately $1 million
Current Home Manchester, Tennessee

Maegan Hall Reveals Police Department Scandal

Maegan Hall

In December 2022, a comprehensive La Vergne Police Department investigation discovered Maegan Hall and six other officers having illicit affairs on and off duty. Sergeants Ty McGowan, Lewis Powell, Detective Seneca Shields, Juan Lugo, Gavin Schoeberl, Larry Holladay, and Patrick Magliocco participated. The inquiry found Maegan, Ty, Lewis, Seneca, and Juan conducting inappropriate concealed sexual contact. Obscene photographs and films were shared after sexual encounters in the police station during work hours. Officers had private parties and hotel affairs.

Following the investigation’s findings, Maegan Hall, Ty McGowan, Lewis Powell, Seneca Shields, and Juan Lugo were terminated from their jobs immediately. Gavin Schoeberl, Larry Holladay, and Patrick Magliocco received suspensions for their knowledge of and participation in covering up illicit relationships. The revelations caused tremendous embarrassment and backlash for the La Vergne Police Department. The misconduct and ethical breaches destroyed the organisation’s reputation and violated the public’s trust.

Latest News On Maegan Hall

Maegan Hall

Maegan Hall has kept a low profile in her community since her termination as a police officer. Not long after the incident broke, she was seen out and about with her dog. Perhaps to avoid the constant scrutiny, Maegan has been spotted spending long periods alone in Manchester watering holes. As they navigate the aftermath of the uproar surrounding the police affair, which disrupted their lives and jobs, Maegan and her husband Jedidiah remain in Manchester. After losing her job and reputation due to the controversy, Maegan’s future is still up in the air.

Maegan Hall’s Inspirational Journey

Maegan Olivia Hall was born in 1996 in Lewisburg, Tennessee. She was raised by her parents, Jeremy Watley and Rachel Watley. Maegan graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, where she likely met her future husband. Maegan married state park ranger Jedidiah Hall in November 2018. In Manchester, Tennessee, the couple bought their first home in March 2021.

A Blissful Journey into Marriage Unveiled

Maegan Hall has been married to Jedidiah Hall since November 2018. Reports indicate that they may have an open marriage. However, when Jedidiah learned about Maegan’s affair with another officer, he was upset. So far, he has chosen to stay with Maegan and work on their marriage despite the revelation of her involvement in the scandal. The couple does not have any children yet.

Maegan Hall’s Net Worth

Maegan Hall

While employed as a police officer, Maegan Hall had a good salary and income. According to reports, her current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She owns luxurious cars and other expensive items. After her firing from the police department, her income sources are unclear. Her husband Jedidiah’s finances may support them for the time being.


A startling example of unethical transgression and misuse of authority by public officials has been exposed with the revelation of Maegan Hall’s sexual misconduct with fellow officers at the La Vergne Police Department. There were many others involved, but Maegan’s choices had far-reaching effects, including the end of her marriage.

Maegan’s situation should serve as a reminder to law enforcement of the critical need to maintain integrity and avoid trust breaches as she works to recover from the professional crisis. The department’s and the profession’s credibility has been severely damaged by the misbehaviour displayed by Maegan Hall and the other officers. We can only pray that this scandal leads to much-needed organisational changes and increased police professionalism.


What was Maegan’s position in the La Vergne Police Department?

Maegan Hall worked as a police officer in the La Vergne Police Department before being terminated over her affair scandal.

Who was Maegan married to?

Maegan Hall has been married to Jedidiah Hall since November 2018 after meeting him in college.

How many officers were fired in the scandal?

A total of 7 officers, including Maegan Hall, were fired over the inappropriate affair scandal at the police department.

What is Maegan Hall’s estimated net worth?\

Per reports, Maegan Hall has an estimated net worth of about $1 million from her income as a police officer and other personal assets/finances.

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