Saama Bowman: Continuing Her Father’s Legacy

Saama Bowman: Continuing Her Father’s Legacy

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January 13, 2024

Saama Bowman has become a well-known figure in herbal and natural medicine. As the daughter of the late acclaimed herbalist Dr. Sebi, Saama is carrying on her father’s important work and prized legacy. Read on to learn more about this dedicated healer.

Saama Bowman was born in La Ceiba, a city on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. She completed her education at the La Ceiba Bilingual School. Her father, Dr. Sebi, had 17 children, and Saama is one of his large broods. Now 30 years old, Saama is focused on further developing her father’s natural healing formulas and treatments. She currently heads the Usha Village and has taken over managing her father’s former office in Los Angeles.

While some of Saama’s siblings have started their own companies selling products based on their father’s formulas, Saama insists that only the treatments from Dr Sebi’s LA office and the Usha Village contain the original and authentic products developed by her legendary father.

Saama Bowman’s Bio

Full Name Saama Bowman
Date of Birth 1990s
Place of Birth La Ceiba, Honduras
Parents Dr. Sebi, herbalist (father)
Siblings 16 siblings
Education La Ceiba Bilingual School
Current Occupation Head of Usha Village and Dr Sebi’s LA Office

Saama Bowman’s Profession

Saama Bowman

After Dr. Sebi passed away in 2016, there was confusion over which of his many children was selling his original herbal formulas and products. Several of Sebi’s offspring had taken his medicinal formulas and created their own business ventures and product lines. However, his eldest daughter Saama announced stewardship over her father’s LA office and clinic. In a video statement, Saama reassured Dr. Sebi’s loyal patients and customers that she was committed to maintaining the integrity of his original medicinal offerings. She confirmed that the staff members who had worked closely with her father were still employed in the LA office under her leadership. Saama also decisively dispelled rumours that an outsider with no familial ties had assumed control over the operation.

According to Saama, only the products available through Dr. Sebi’s LA office and the connected Usha Village in Honduras represent the authentic herbal formulas her father perfected during his long career as a natural healer. She has emphasised that she possesses her father’s complete original medicinal offerings. The LA office and Usha Village remain closely aligned in their mission to promote Dr. Sebi’s knowledge and maintain the integrity of his natural treatments.

Know About Dr. Sebi, Saama’s Father

Saama Bowman

Dr. Sebi’s full name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman. He gained fame as a Honduran herbalist and natural healing practitioner who did most of his business in the United States from the late 20th century to the early 21st century. Based on his study of herbal medicine traditions, Dr. Sebi developed a line of products and supplements that he claimed could cure many serious diseases, including AIDS. His unorthodox theories, including his position that HIV does not cause AIDS, attracted both devotion and controversy.

In his early career, Dr Sebi ran a healing centre in Honduras, focusing on his natural herbal formulas. He later set up his base of operations in New York City and Los Angeles, where many celebrities and high-profile individuals sought his treatments. His famous clients were Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, and Lisa Left Eye Lopes. Although Dr. Sebi often claimed to be a medical doctor, he was never licensed, which led many medical experts and legal authorities to accuse him of being a fraudster and quack. Despite these continuous allegations, Dr. Sebi built his alternative medicine practice and company over several decades.

Saama Bowman’s Net Worth

Saama Bowman

Having assumed leadership of her father’s former LA clinic and the Usha Village in Honduras, Saama likely generates significant revenues from selling Dr. Sebi’s highly sought-after natural supplements and herbal compounds. Many loyal adherents and new customers visit the LA office to procure Dr. Sebi’s alkaline products and medicinals just as they did during his lifetime. The Usha Village also offers exclusive paid residency programs where guests live onsite and receive personalised natural treatments based on Dr. Sebi’s approach. As interest and demand for natural medicine continue growing worldwide, Saama can earn substantial income by faithfully promoting her father’s formulas and knowledge. Her net worth likely runs into the millions based on the estimation of the clinics’ and villages’ ongoing product sales and programs.


Saama Bowman has dedicated herself to preserving and extending the meaningful work of her late father, acclaimed herbalist Dr. Sebi. Saama remains committed to providing authentic access to her father’s powerful natural treatments by running Dr. Sebi’s Los Angeles clinic and the Usha Village in Honduras. She has become a significant voice, keeping Dr. Sebi’s unique healing legacy alive. With herbal medicine rising in popularity, Saama Bowman has become an essential supplier of plant-based and alternative treatments sought by thousands of patients worldwide.


How many children did Dr. Sebi have?

Dr. Sebi had 17 children in total. Saama is one of his daughters.

What happened to Dr. Sebi?

Dr. Sebi died in 2016 while imprisoned in Honduras, allegedly due to complications from pneumonia. The circumstances of his death have sparked some controversy and conspiracy theories.

What does Saama Bowman do now?

Saama Bowman runs the Los Angeles office her father once ran and the Usha Village in Honduras. She provides his original herbal formulas and natural medicine offerings.

Are Saama Bowman’s products the authentic creations of Dr. Sebi?

Saama Bowman insists that only the products from her father’s LA office and Usha Village contain his complete original formulas and treatments.

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