Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Things To Know

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Things To Know

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
July 15, 2023

This year, Samsung’s best phone is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It came out simultaneously as the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+. The best thing about the Galaxy S22 Ultra is that it can use an S Pen stylus, which only the Galaxy Note series could do before. Samsung has also chosen the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC for the Indian market. This is a first since all previous flagship Galaxy phones in India have used Samsung’s Exynos SoCs. Even though I liked the phone when I first saw it, it is time to see what it is like to live with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • S Pen integration
  • Lasts a long time
  • Bright display
  • Excellent reception in places with weak signals

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Very large Expensive
  • The back is easy to scratch.

The price in India of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

In India, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s base model with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage costs Rs. 1,09,999. You can get the Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128GB or 1TB of storage in some places, but not in India. Samsung sells the Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy, Phantom Black, and Phantom White. For this review, I used the second one.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is very different from that of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and even its predecessor. The Galaxy Note series inspire its design. For example, the big screen with curved sides and a flat top and bottom reminds me of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Review). The best thing about the Galaxy S22 Ultra has to be the built-in S Pen, which has its place in the phone and continues the Galaxy Note series’ legacy.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen with a hole punched in the middle of the top. The top and bottom edges of this panel are fragile. Its sides follow the aluminum frame’s shape, making this phone look very high-end and hiding how wide it is. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is 228g, and you can feel this weight in your hand. However, Samsung has put the weight in a way that makes it easy to use with one hand. Four cameras are on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but they are not raised like on the Galaxy S22 or even the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Specifications and software for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung has long used Exynos SoCs, made in India, in its Galaxy S series in India, but things are different this time. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC runs the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is the most powerful SoC you can get in an Android phone right now. There is no way to add more storage, but the base storage should be enough for most users.

The big 6.8-inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of quad-HD+ and a peak refresh rate of 120Hz. This panel is HDR10+ certified and can get as bright as 1750 nits at its brightest. The bottom part has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built in. The front and back of this phone are made of scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ by Samsung.

A better camera for low light

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Most of the time, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra does a good job taking photos in low light. But this is the only real difference between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra when it comes to how well the camera works. I could tell that the photos from the S22 Ultra had a little more detail and contrast overall, but I had to look closely to see the difference. Since the camera specs look very similar on paper, you might be wondering what makes the S22 Ultra better at taking photos in low light. Samsung says it’s because all three of the new Galaxy S22 phones have a new feature called “Adaptive Pixel.”

It lets the camera combine the resolution from its main sensor with a technique called “pixel binning,” which combines the information from several pixels into one big pixel to make the image brighter. Pixel binning isn’t new to Galaxy phones, but the ability to combine it with the main sensor’s higher resolution is.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the first phone outside of the Galaxy Note series to support a S Pen, and looking back, the signs couldn’t have been clearer. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have finally come together, making it the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. It has the best camera features of the Galaxy S series and the best features of the Note series when it comes to productivity.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


How big is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen?

The screen size of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is 17.31cm (6.8″) when it is a full rectangle and 17.25cm (6.8″) when the rounded corners are taken into account. The actual area that can be seen is less because of the rounded corners and camera hole.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 extremely water resistant?

Both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S Pen have an IP68 rating. Based on tests where the phone was submerged in fresh water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. Not a good idea for the beach or the pool.

Is there a pen for the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first Galaxy S to come with an S Pen already built in. Each stroke feels like putting pen to paper, thanks to the precise tip and low latency. When you are done writing, you can use Bluetooth-enabled Air Actions to control your phone.

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