Star Ocean The Divine Force: A combat game for PC

Star Ocean The Divine Force: A combat game for PC

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December 31, 2023

Japanese RPG stands as a place for their sci-fi games and contemporary art world. They are named for delivering the best-outsourced games for their users. Although, the game has a separate fanbase, successful titles and awards are still in the making. The sci-fi games are rough and entertaining for most users, but they are more in an ideal position than some others. It is estimated that you need to spend $59.99 to gain access to the game. Tri-Ace, the developer of this game, provided the gameplay system with a smooth outlook to prevent any roughness.

The clean design and balanced movements of the players give it an overall clear appearance. The characters are further elaborated in an artistic talent, giving it a geisha-like appearance. The arrival shatters when the image undergoes a sharp shift with time. The original was to make a good statement by providing a smooth transition, yet the image appears unnatural which gives it room for improvement all the time. Also, the storyline is a bit bland which doesn’t provide the users with more challenges, and is a somewhat slow yet easy-going Action-RPG game.

Specifications of the Star Ocean: Divine Force

Star Ocean The Divine Force

Specs Details
Developers Tri-Ace
Platform PC
Genre Action-RPG
Rating For teens
Price $59.99
Processor 64-bit

Dual storyline

The all-new dual storyline of The Star Ocean the divine force gives the users more interest. One thing that you must consider is that the plot will unfold on its own irrespective of how you play, like there is no other roundabout way. To make it spicier, you can avail of several options, like opting for some unique scenarios, the inclusion of a protagonist, and some other plot scenes as well. This makes it spice up the details, and you can play it for as long as you want. The expanded dungeon concept and several task modes enable the users to choose their adventure and play to their heart’s content.

Plot of the game

Star Ocean The Divine Force

The storyline of the game revolves around a planet named Aster Star System, which is a bit underdevelopment and has a ship of a merchant named Raymond and is attacked without any interruption by the Panagalactic Federation Warship. He lands on a place called Aster IV, where he finds other crew members. A native of that place will further take the protagonist, Raymond, to the rest of the site and the story unfolds.

The story remains bound when Raymond remains stranded on Aster IV but moves to the hand of the user when Raymond meets the other guy.

The overall outlook of the storyline is a bit mild yet enjoyable because all other games follow the same storyline. The actors have good voices, a well-built design, and exceptional craft to carry on with the time. You can explore the space and unlock the hidden chest. Everything explores a mini-game, and each individual can discover secrets and places.

The Combat Mechanism of Star Ocean: The Divine Force

The Divine Force incorporated the best fundamental combat mechanism since the start. Everything falls apart at the beginning, and the user has to focus on an action-oriented package. The action revolves around the passage of time. From my experience, the efforts seem pretty much like the Star Ocean the divine force 4 version and have a similar weaponry system. A well-timed reward system makes you want to excel and counter enemy strikes. Your knockdowns and commands change with effort, and you can have satisfying combo attacks.

Attacks and Action Points (AP) determine your choice and limit your action criteria. You were five points at the start and then you need to make an effort to increase it, or in the worst case, it will limit your actions.

Disadvantages of having short combat scenarios

Star Ocean The Divine Force

If you are not in your direct control of the game, then allies will participate, and the AI will control them. This may restrict your efforts, and the AI cannot make combat for a long time before closing. They can also play defensively which means that they may attack a single target or attack multiple targets at a single shot. So, making the AI an ally means that you may get yourself killed because it cannot outweigh a human mind.

Sometimes, the combat is so simple that you need not think before attacking, and everything is just not that thrilling. Some other games are there that may provide complexity and multiple attacking combat designs like the other RPG-action replay games.

What should be the PC requirements for the Star Ocean: Divine Force to work?

star ocean the divine force needs to have an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel i7-7700 CPU, GTX 1060 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and 70GB space to have a 64-bit operating system. The game will allow you to have a 720p resolution to have 50 frames per second. The game plays consistently at 1440p resolution, which has a trading card and controller system. The Divine Force runs bad without a Steam Deck and has some repairing defects.

Pros and Cons of playing the Star Ocean: Divine Force

Star Ocean The Divine Force

Pros Cons
Balanced visuals Characters seem like they are dolls
Best audio actors An AI ally will make you get killed
Impressive combat action The target system is just like every other game.
Inclusion of mini-games

Should you buy Star Ocean the divine force?

Yes, you should buy the Divine Force because it has impressive combat skills, a great weaponry system, a doll-like character appearance, and excellent built quality. The colors and appearance are constructed exclusively. The voice quality is good, and the animation makes it mild and you may experience a bit of frustration. Good extensive mini-games are also there to provide exciting memories.

Final thoughts about the Star Ocean: the Divine Force

The Divine Force delivers a substantial combat design and provides a tale of great intuition and science fiction tales. It has an amazing action-focused game design, which gives off a perfect finish. All in all, you can avail of the game for $59.99 at the Steam website.


Q: How is the visual appeal of the Divine Force?

The visual appeal gives off a realistic direction and design, which may seem stilted at times because of characters who appear like they are dolls. Dynamic camera designs further make it a worthwhile play.

Q: What are the cool features?

One cool twist is you can choose your protagonist and pick some pieces where you will have mini-games. Along with that, the characters have an appearance that may seem similar to the party of people present in this world. Some cutscenes can also be there, which will give you some cute moments to rewind and go over.

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