The best West Drayton hotels for a variety of events including weddings

The best West Drayton hotels for a variety of events including weddings

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January 20, 2024

West Drayton is a perfect destination for hosting various events, especially weddings, due to its picturesque surroundings and versatile hotels. These hotels not only provide comfortable accommodations but also have spacious venues that are perfect for hosting events of all sizes. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the best hotels in West Drayton for hosting a range of events, but with a particular focus on weddings. So, whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, West Drayton has got you covered.

Top 6 West Drayton hotels

Waterside Hotel: A Picturesque Wedding Venue

Waterside Hotel in West Drayton

Waterside Hotel in West Drayton boasts a picturesque location along the tranquil Grand Union Canal, offering a stunning backdrop for any wedding.

  • Venue Facilities: Whether you prefer an indoor banquet or an outdoor ceremony, Waterside Hotel provides versatile spaces for weddings of any style or size.
  • Accommodation Options: The hotel offers comfortable and stylish accommodation for both the wedding couple and their guests, ensuring a delightful stay.
  • Amenities for Guests: From mouth-watering dining options to leisure facilities, Waterside Hotel ensures guests enjoy a truly memorable experience.
  • Choose Waterside Hotel for your wedding and create memories in the most romantic setting in West Drayton.

Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5: Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5: Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 offers everything you need for a memorable wedding experience.

  • Convenient Location: Situated near Heathrow Airport, the hotel provides easy access for guests travelling from afar.
  • Banquet and Event Spaces: With versatile and elegant venues, Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 can accommodate weddings and receptions of all sizes.
  • Tailored Packages: Choose from a range of wedding packages that include catering options and services to suit your preferences.
  • Accommodation for Guests: The hotel offers comfortable rooms and amenities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay for your wedding guests. Consider Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 for your dream wedding venue.

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel: A Contemporary and Sophisticated Venue

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel: A Contemporary and Sophisticated Venue

Experience elegance at the Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, featuring a contemporary and sophisticated ambience that sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding.

  • Wedding Packages: Choose from a range of packages tailored to your preferences and budget, with customizable event spaces to create your dream wedding.
  • Catering Options: Indulge in exquisite cuisine from our talented culinary team, ensuring a delightful dining experience for you and your guests.
  • Accommodation Features: From stylish rooms to luxurious suites, Sheraton Heathrow Hotel offers comfortable accommodations for wedding guests.
  • Services for Guests: Enjoy the convenience of dedicated wedding services and amenities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Consider Sheraton Heathrow Hotel for an elegant and memorable wedding experience.

Novotel London Heathrow Airport T1, T2 and T3: A Convenient and Accessible Venue

Novotel London Heathrow Airport T1 T2 and T3: A Convenient and Accessible Venue

Novotel London Heathrow Airport T1, T2 and T3 offer a convenient and accessible location for your wedding celebration.

  • Accessibility: Situated near the airport terminals, guests will find it easy to attend your wedding from any location.
  • Event Spaces: From intimate receptions to grand ceremonies, our versatile event spaces are perfect for weddings of any size.
  • Tailored Packages: Choose from a selection of wedding packages tailored to your specific requirements, with customizable menus and catering options.
  • Accommodation Options: Our hotel provides comfortable and stylish accommodations for you and your guests, ensuring a pleasant stay. Consider Novotel London Heathrow Airport T1, T2 and T3 for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Practical Tips for Planning Your Wedding at a West Drayton Hotel

West Drayton Hotel

Planning a wedding in West Drayton? Here are some practical tips to help make the process smoother:

  • Choosing the Right Hotel: Consider location, event spaces, wedding packages, and guest accommodations.
  • Booking Procedures and Timelines: Plan to avoid last-minute surprises. Contact the hotel’s events staff to confirm availability and reservation details.
  • Coordination with Event Staff: Work closely with the hotel’s event staff to ensure a seamless wedding experience, coordinating details such as catering, decor, and audiovisual support.
  • Additional Services: Guests will appreciate transportation and parking assistance and may need accommodation arrangements. Keep these in mind to ensure a hassle-free celebration. With these tips in mind, planning your wedding at West Drayton Hotel can be a wonderful experience.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel: Luxury and Elegance at its Finest

Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel

Experience luxury and sophistication at Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel.

  • Introduction: Situated near Heathrow Airport, our hotel offers unparalleled convenience and a touch of luxury for your wedding celebration.
  • Event Spaces: Our elegant ballrooms and stylish reception areas provide the perfect backdrop for your special day, accommodating weddings of all sizes.
  • Wedding Planning Services: Our dedicated wedding planners will ensure every detail is taken care of, from customized menus to exquisite decorations.
  • Accommodation and Amenities: The bride, groom, and guests can enjoy comfortable and stylish accommodations, as well as access to our world-class amenities.
  • Choose Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel for a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

Transportation Services in West Drayton

When it comes to transportation in West Drayton, there are several options to consider:

  • Taxis: Reliable West Drayton Taxi services are available, providing convenient transportation to and from your destination in West Drayton.
  • Train: West Drayton has excellent rail connections, with frequent trains to London and other nearby towns.
  • Buses: Local bus services offer an affordable and accessible mode of transportation in and around West Drayton.
  • Car Rentals: Renting a car is a flexible option, allowing you to explore the area at your own pace.

Consider these transportation services to ensure smooth travel and convenient navigation during your stay in West Drayton.


In conclusion, West Drayton offers a range of exceptional hotels for hosting weddings and events. Recap the highlights of the top hotels in the area, emphasizing their unique offerings and features.

Encourage couples to explore the diverse options available, highlighting the variety of event spaces, catering menus, and accommodation options.

Inviting readers to share their experiences and recommendations for West Drayton weddings creates an engaging and interactive conclusion. By sharing and learning from each other, couples can create genuinely unforgettable wedding celebrations in West Drayton.

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