The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer: Read On

The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer: Read On

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July 28, 2023

You probably know the names of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, even if true crime isn’t your thing. Television productions, documentaries, and even the lyrics of popular songs have all focused on serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer. I don’t understand why his story keeps coming up. It’s not because he’s the “first” serial murderer or has a higher body count than any other serial killer.

The Early Life Of The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer

Early Life Of The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer avoided attention as a young boy, but his fascination with taxidermy and stuffed animals may have foreshadowed his violent adulthood. Serial killers often display characteristics such as violence against animals, arson, and chronic bedwetting. Strange things he did as a teenager, including drinking in school, raised red flags mostly overlooked by his peers and family. His mother abandoned him and his father when he was 17; she took his younger brother with her.

An Early Murder by The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer

Early Murder

Dahmer began to have sexual dominance and control fantasies inside. To satisfy his urges, he turned to violence because he didn’t know any better. Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker on his way to a concert when he was 18. After the hitchhiker had spent some time in Dahmer’s house, Dahmer murdered him as he attempted to leave. Dahmer stuffed the hitchhiker’s body into a trash bag and drove to dispose of it in a dumpster when he had finished dismembering it. A police checkpoint along the route resulted in his release. He dispersed his first victim’s remains in the woods beside his house. 

The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents had already seen certain behavioral changes by this time. They took him to psychologists and counselors and tried to enroll him in college, but ultimately pushed him towards military service. Dahmer didn’t kill anyone during this time, but several of his roommates said he drugged, sexually raped, and tortured them. His drinking got him kicked out of the service, and he now lives with his grandma.

The Victims Of The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer 

Victims Of The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer

During this time, Dahmer attempted several different coping mechanisms to control his disturbing thoughts and impulses. He slept with a mannequin, was naked in front of ladies and kids, and began drugging guys in Chicago and Milwaukee area bathhouses. After accidentally overdosing on one of the guys on his drug of choice, he was kicked out of the locker rooms. 

Soon later, he drugged a man he had taken to a motel. By morning, Dahmer had beaten the victim to death. He said he had no memory of the murder and hadn’t intended to kill the man when he was brought home. After that, he went on a murderous rampage that earned him the nickname “serial killer.”


1998 In 1988, he murdered two people. He left his grandmother’s home about this time as well. His relatives were alarmed by the odors coming from the basement, but they put it down to Jeffrey’s old practice of experimenting with roadkill. Nobody suspected that he was getting rid of more than one body at a time.
1989 In 1989, Dahmer was arrested and convicted of second-degree sexual assault for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. Dahmer spent several months at his grandmother’s house waiting for a sentence. At that time, he abducted another person. Dahmer may have disposed of the body, but he kept the victim’s skull and genitalia. Probation for five years followed shortly after. Due to his regret in court, he was given a work release and required counseling as part of his sentence.
1990 Dahmer rented an apartment and then killed four more men in 1990. These men had come to Dahmer’s house of their own free will and had no idea that fighting would break out among them. He had previously established a routine in which he viewed “The Exorcist” right before murdering his victims. This year, he began altering his post-murder treatment of victims. He took pictures of their corpses and filed away their skeletons while putting the rest of them in the freezer. The corpse pieces were either stored or thrown into vats of acid. Dahmer intended to construct an altar as a “memorial” to his victims. His plans for this altar included painting their corpses and arranging their skulls on the tabletop. This strange “connection” led to even more repulsive practices, such as cooking and eating his victims’ corpses. Dahmer would even study photographs of his victims before devouring their corpses.
1991 In 1991, Dahmer was killed again before he began experimenting with his victims in a new way. His two following victims were both intended to become “zombies,” or beings with characteristics of both life and death. He acted this way to satisfy his desire to have sexual relations with a zombie. He had two disastrous attempts, both ending in tragedy.


A Cause Of Death For The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer?

While serving a shift at Columbia Correctional Institution in 1994, Dahmer was brutally murdered by another inmate. After killing Jeffrey Dahmer and another prisoner, the inmate received two consecutive life terms on top of the one he was already serving for their murders. This was not the first time someone tried to kill Dahmer in prison, but he showed no signs of resistance to the brutality. The ashes of Jeffrey Dahmer were given to his parents after his cremation.

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