Top 4 Tips to Write A Good Assignment

Top 4 Tips to Write A Good Assignment

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January 10, 2022

The students who want to pursue a higher degree must sail through the university challenges. For many students, it is the most challenging task they have ever faced, as in the school, they didn’t have to meet such demands. Hence, many students find themselves in a confusing position balancing study and assignment writing. They also feel clueless about how to write assignments for the university as they have not done it before.

So, in the following blog, we will explain how students can make good assignments even if they don’t have the prior knowledge required.

Top 4 Tips to Write A Good Assignment

Top 4 Tips to Write A Good Assignment1

  • FOLLOW THE PRO (Plan, Research, Organise) METHOD

The beginning is the most crucial part of academic writing. Therefore, before starting writing your academic assignment, you must take your time to ensure a PRO start.

First, you need to PLAN how you’ll proceed with the assignment. Decide how to begin, what to include, and where to look. Once the outline of the plan is prepared, it’s time for the second step. Second, conduct thorough RESEARCH of the topic you’re going to write about. Make sure it’s in-depth and you have looked everywhere and left no stones unturned. Lastly, you must ORGANISE your assignment by identifying the number of sections and subsections you’re planning to put in the assignment.

Following this PRO method will produce high-quality assignments and save your time, as you don’t have to think about what to write next. OneNote from Microsoft office and Outline might be helpful to rearrange the information, which you can redraft later. Check those out.


Beyond deadlines and direction, lecturers also provide various resources to their students to assist them. However, most students ignore this and also do not adequately utilize it.

For instance, to comprehend how many marks the professor will give you in your projects and assignments, you need to follow the rubrics. These rubrics provide every detail and marking criteria that help the student know what to include in their assignments. Students can get a very good idea about which sections need to be focused on to get good marks. Thus, it contains the main objectives of the study that the students need to follow. These are termed “learning outcomes.”

Together with this, the lecturers also provide a briefing of the assignment to the student. This briefing includes class lectures, discussion boards, sample assignments, and also reading lists. The students can access every detail to accomplish the project goals. This digital platform is named “Learning Management System” or LMS. Some examples of LMS are iLearn, Moodle, canvas, etc. According to some researchers, it has been found that the students who access their LMS get higher grades than others. Let’s keep a note of this one.


Plagiarism is one of the most severe offenses in academic writing. It is entirely illegal and unethical for anyone to use anyone else’s words or ideas without attributing them. It would be considered a form of cheating, and your course might be suspended under the academic misconduct rule. Therefore, students have to be aware of referencing styles and patterns.

There are various kinds of referencing such as Harvard, APA, Vancouver, Chicago, etc. Students have to learn the skills of putting the relevant information and put citations of their sources. To learn this skill, you might attend various online seminars and workshops to learn this vital skill. This will surely help you in your academic career well as your assignments. If you have good comprehension skills, then you might paraphrase the text. This will help you to reduce plagiarism and keep your plagiarism below the standard acceptance of 20%.

For reference, you can also take the help of various referencing management software. EndNote and Mendeley are the two most well-known referencing software, where you can store sources and get citations with the help of a few clicks. This has been termed as user-friendly by many students who are already using it. As per students, this kind of referencing software saves time in searching and creating citations. However, you have to be aware of various referencing styles and formats.


As you know, there is a vast language gap between what type of words and sentences you hear in daily life and what type of words is used in academic writing. Therefore, you must be aware of the wordings that you are using in your assignment. The language you use on social media or in your friend circle is more about expression. At the same time, the academic words are more precise and more prolonged. Hence, after writing down your assignment, you must put a considerable amount of time and effort into proofreading and editing the texts.

This process will significantly help you to make a comprehensive assignment. You can use the Grammarly website for spelling and grammar checks. However, you have to look at each sentence because no software can identify every error and might suggest inaccurate suggestions.

The primary purpose of writing is to make the student understand the topic and enhance their writing communication skill. Following the tips mentioned earlier, you can significantly improve your writing skills, which will surely help you further in your career.

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