10 Simple On-demand App Ideas to Launch in 2023

10 Simple On-demand App Ideas to Launch in 2023

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In App, Published On
August 17, 2023
Last modified on August 22nd, 2023

At the core of every startup lies an app idea. With one, good development and intrusive ads will save it from failure. To find an appealing mobile app idea that fulfills market needs and can stand the test of time, consult market statistics; let’s review how the mobile app industry has expanded since 2012 and which products may remain relevant by 2023.

As part of today’s digital economy, Custom on-demand app development that transform various industries are increasing exponentially. Entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity to tap into uncharted markets through convenience services that meet immediate gratification demand – becoming even more visible as 2023 progresses.

Focusing on simplicity, these innovative app concepts place user-friendliness at the core. By satisfying immediate consumer needs and desires directly, on-demand apps solutions may have the power to disrupt traditional business models while creating their niche in the market.

Top 10 app ideas for startups to launch in 2023

Let’s dive in! Here we explore ten app ideas for startups to launch this year based on statistics and predictions by large corporations. Find some inspiration in our list!

An App to Share Recipes

With lifestyle apps, delivery services, and messenger apps becoming increasingly popular, creating a recipe app with dietary recommendations may prove fruitful. A feed and chat function could allow users to exchange recipes and post food photos. As cooking can often become part of our daily lives, users would appreciate an app with pre-tested recipes that could simplify their lives. At the same time, home cooks will gain the chance to become experts.

Monetize this mobile app by advertising food companies or offering subscription models.

A language learning app

Statista reports that e-learning app downloads peaked during the first quarter of 2020 – with over 470 million downloads via App Store alone! But even after its peak of demand had subsided, demand remained strong: according to ReportLinker, educational app sales in the US alone are estimated at nearly $90 billion by 2021, while Statista revealed “education” was the third-most requested category with 8.66% search requests on App Store alone – all this evidence points towards their market need and growth prospects – both market needs that need be met as well as growth prospects through monetization strategies that provide growth prospects both now and into future decades ahead.

A reading app

Simple reading apps are quite popular — as of December 2021, Ireader was the largest reading app in China, with 87.5 million active users. If you want to avoid competing with such large players, consider targeting more niche content instead – perhaps children’s books, non-fiction art history articles, XXth-century literature works, or obscure and rare works can make an interesting reading app. Furthermore, create an audiobook library or publish translations in different languages for reading practice and vocabulary development. Alternatively, monetize it by setting monthly book availability limits that increase depending on a user’s level of avid book reading interest – setting monthly book availability limits could also work effectively depending on user interest in books as an easy way of monetarizing it all!

A food delivery aggregator

Due to the pandemic, food delivery app markets have experienced exponential growth. According to Business of Apps, in 2020 alone, their revenue in the US reached $26.5 billion from 111 million active users! By 2025, revenues from these apps are projected to hit $42 billion – making this market niche highly attractive to startups. These apps work with various restaurants and shops with different prices ranging between them, forcing users to download multiple applications to meet all their needs. You could create an efficient aggregator — at least within one city — displaying the largest food vendors with prices and delivery time comparison capabilities for users to easily compare options before selecting their best-fit option. Another useful idea would be adding multiple search filters so users could find their perfect option quickly.

A friendship app

Global News Wire reported that the dating app market has experienced steady expansion and is projected to experience even further expansion by 2020 when total revenues reach $3.08 billion. Tinder and Badoo dominate the US dating app market based on market average users (MAUs), accounting for 48% of total dating app users in America. Thus it will be hard for startups to compete against larger app development companies like Tinder; we advise startups instead of focusing on niche markets for success. OnePulse survey for The Wall Street Journal conducted in 2021 indicated that 35% of individuals aged 16-24 used dating apps to find friends during the past year. Major players like Bumble recognized this need and added BFF mode well before it became an epidemic, yet niche markets may require “friending” apps – an area in which startups could excel.

A healthy lifestyle app

According to Sensor Tower’s report, lifestyle apps continue to flourish, as US users spent nearly $300 million and downloaded over 150 million applications from this category in 2018. With super-apps trending in the industry and increased health anxiety due to the pandemic, creating a healthy lifestyle super-app is an attractive startup concept with market demand by 2022. Your app could include features such as tracking calorie intake, chatbot workout advice tailored specifically for each user’s lifestyle, and searching swimming pools, fitness clubs, or jogging parks near them; you could also post articles from experts in sports nutrition or posting expert articles regarding healthy nutrition from experts on sports or nutrition experts as experts can be an added plus.

Video Streaming App

While many still enjoy full screens, many users can only use laptops at some times, whether on public transport or outside their homes. If this is something that would interest users, consider offering a cross-platform video streaming service that works perfectly on all devices – movies, shows, news articles, and lectures can make this stand out – then utilize freemium pricing models for this business model to monetize it successfully.

A music app

Music apps are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. According to Business of Apps, one of the first streaming apps, Spotify, reached 160 million subscribers by the end of 2021 — accounting for almost 33% of the entire music streaming market share and $18.9 billion in revenues since 2014. Spotify is popular not just because of its convenient on-the-go use or huge library; it adds innovative new features every few months, such as Synthesis, which allows users to generate playlists based on two people’s listening data.

A microlearning mobile app

People are eager to pay for mobile e-learning apps due to their convenience; using your phone allows you to learn on the go! Microlearning, an educational trend popularized by smartphones, fits perfectly with this style of learning: bite-size classes with the delivery that simulates real-world problem-solving allow employees to rapidly develop both hard and soft skills on demand without feeling cognitively overburdened – hence why the eLearning Industry listed microlearning among their must-have trends for workplace education.

There are already a variety of digital profession-focused courses online. Still, you could teach people any other topic imaginable such as literature, philosophy, art, or law. Furthermore, your course could help people prepare for exams or improve their general erudition or professional qualifications by keeping it concise: short videos, bite-size articles, or quick quizzes would do. When it comes to monetization options, you have two main ones at your disposal: either full payment for all content produced or subscription service with free trials of some duration.

A networking app

People actively utilize social media, but Facebook or Instagram offers few networking opportunities. Dating apps also don’t provide as many, with 44% of young adults using Tinder not just to meet new people but also to boost their confidence levels, according to LendEDU’s survey conducted this year. There is an increasing market need for networking platforms – not for finding employees per se but long or short-term business partners. People need places to find counselors, experts for articles and lectures, collaborators, etc. You could create a networking mobile app that includes filters by field expertise level location, enabling people to find an attorney to assist their business or a psychology expert with whom they could collaborate on Instagram Live.


On-demand app development company remains an ideal opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs in 2023 who seek to meet constantly-evolving consumer demands and preferences. Here, we explored promising yet simple ideas for on-demand apps which may make an impactful statement about life as technology develops; such applications cover various aspects of daily living making them relevant and appealing across many users.

Initial discussions surrounding on-demand apps focused on offering time and convenience-saving services such as “Home Maintenance Concierge” and “Grocery Shopping Buddy,” two apps offering ways for busy lives like ours to reduce daily stresses so users can concentrate more on what matters to them in life.

Second, this article provided insight into apps focused on health and wellness. With recent global events adding emphasis to this area, entrepreneurs can play an invaluable role in supporting individuals to lead healthier, happier lives by offering services such as “Mental Health Support” or “Personal Fitness Trainers”, helping individuals lead happier, healthier lives.

Overall, on-demand app ideas in 2023 hold immense promise. As technology becomes more accessible and consumers become reliant upon smartphones for daily needs, creating and launching an on-demand service app development with carefully considered marketing strategies and user experiences that engage and ensure consistent quality service can be a transformative venture. But success in such an aggressive marketplace depends on various factors including solid marketing techniques, effective customer support services and consistent quality services offered by app creators.

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