A Comprehensive List of Advanced Features of your Uber Clone App

A Comprehensive List of Advanced Features of your Uber Clone App

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December 15, 2023

Having advanced features in your Uber Clone App offers a wide range of opportunities for your ride-hailing business. If you are planning to enter a competitive market, try to cover advanced features as well as add unique ones. In this blog, find out what advanced features are appealing to the customers of the ride-hailing brand itself.

Uber’s mission was to make ride-hailing affordable to all, like a regular taxi company, without owning a vehicle fleet. Moreover, it also doesn’t need call centers, as the entire process of hailing a ride takes place on the app. This strategy proved to be a huge draw for investors, and it is what makes Uber so incredibly scalable.

Since Uber’s launch in 2010, many other entrepreneurs have tried to follow in its footsteps and have succeeded in their countries. Gojek in Indonesia, BlaBlaCar in the UK, Via and Lyft in the US, and Didi in China are some of the popular names. As it turns out, it is easy to start an Uber-like business with the help of an Uber Clone App.

Let’s understand the Uber Clone in detail and see what advanced features it provides to its users.

What is an Uber Clone App?

To understand Uber Clone, you should be familiar with the concept of clone apps. Essentially, there are standard original apps like Uber, which are built by in-house developers. As the features and services of Uber become increasingly popular, other businesses try to replicate them by building clones.

Like the original Uber app, which connects users with drivers, its clone can do the same thing. In other words, the entire business model is replicated in a clone, but with more features than usual.

The need for an Uber Clone among entrepreneurs was high in demand when Uber rose to fame globally. It started taking requests from a platform that didn’t exist before in the traditional landscape. Seeing this shift, the taxi market was forced to move to the online world or join hands with Uber. Some approved, whereas others didn’t and made their online booking website and app.

However, things got out of hand when most business owners didn’t account for the different interfaces needed for the entire platform. For a successful Uber-like business, you must have a separate app for your customers and drivers. After that, you need a website for a better online presence, along with an admin panel for your business end.

Advanced Features of the Uber Clone App

Uber allows its users to order a ride with a tap of a button. The GPS identified the locations of both parties, and the app’s algorithm automatically estimated the price between the two areas before booking. This simple workflow, on a global scale, fueled its popularity among users. It turned this concept into a billion-dollar venture.

Let’s comprehensively see both users’ and drivers’ app features from basic to advanced.

User App

If you are planning to start the development of an Uber-like App for your customers, start with the following features.

  • Social media/ Phone/ Email Sign up
  • Biometric/ Face ID Sign-in
  • Set Pickup and Drop-Off location
  • Estimated Fare Calculation
  • Book Early Ride Later Option
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • View the Distance and Time to reach
  • Option to Pay by Cash, Credit Card, or Wallet
  • Option to enter Promo Code
  • Live Geo Tracking
  • Push notification
  • In-app Chat Feature
  • Option to Cancel Ride
  • View Driver’s Name, Car Model, Registration Number, and Rating
  • Option to Tip Driver
  • View Ride/Trip History
  • Add Money To Wallet
  • Set the Emergency Contacts/ SOS button

Driver App

If you are planning to start the development of an Uber-like App for your drivers, start with the following features.

  • Social media/ Phone/ Email Sign up
  • Online/ Offline Availability To Accept Rides
  • View Pickup and Destination Address
  • Accept or Decline Request
  • In-built GPS/ Navigation System
  • Option To Use Google/ Waze Maps
  • In-App VoIP Calling
  • In-built Text Chat feature
  • Push Notification For Ride Completion/ Money Collection
  • Heat View
  • Manage Profile
  • Upload Vehicle Documents
  • View Trip History
  • Set bank details to receive payments
  • View Reviews and Ratings

Admin Panel

Lastly, for business owners or application administrators, the admin panel foresees everything related to the business. It generates reports based on the data from the driver and the user app. If you are planning to start an Uber-like app for your business, get a comprehensive admin panel with the following features.

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Advanced Back-end System
  • Resource tracking
  • Revenue and payroll
  • God’s Eye View
  • Surge Pricing
  • Manual Taxi Dispatch
  • Ride Cancellation fees
  • Advanced Analytics/ Reports
  • Billing Administrator
  • Commission Tracking
  • Export Reports
  • Admin User Rights Management
  • In-App Notification Management
  • Fare/ Radius/ Promo Code Management

It takes around 6-12 months and more to complete the development of the three primary Uber-like interfaces. Moreover, add testing rounds and time taken to fix bugs, as well as other irregularities in the development cycle, to increase it to 2-3 years. The final product will be an Uber-like app under a different name but with the same set of features and functionalities.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who opted to invest in the Uber Clone solution expanded their businesses to other multi-services in the meantime. Let’s understand how to choose the best Uber Clone solution.

Starting a Taxi Business with the Help of the Uber Clone App

In today’s on-demand market, it is essential to provide everything as per the standards set by your customers. This includes quick deliveries, fast communication, and upfront pricing, among others. However, only adding such value propositions on paper won’t make much change in physical settings. To establish your business from the first day of its launch, find an experienced white-label firm that deals with clone app development.

Instead of hiring experienced designers and developers with no background in clone app development, seek professionals who have been in this business for over a decade. Furthermore, check their portfolio and find video testimonials of their clients to understand the process of their timeframes and deadlines. Remember that launching your business on an app platform requires a huge marketing budget as well. So, find an expert online marketing and advertising individual who can build a significant online presence for your taxi app.

Likewise, test multiple add demos that are sent to you professionally by the white-label firm and choose the best one. Then, you can ask for quotes and the time taken for customization of the clone. Generally, it takes a fraction of the budget compared to custom app development and around 1-2 weeks for the white-labeling process to end.


By choosing the Uber Clone app package, you get the complete requirements an entrepreneur should have before launching an online business to the public. The initial investment is far less than what you will spend over multiple months during app development from scratch. As time progresses, more advanced features are likely to be seen in the Uber app. Therefore, you must also be ready to add them to your business.

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