Alienware x14 R2 Review

Alienware x14 R2 Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Laptop, Published On
August 25, 2023

Alienware x14 R2 is a brand-new laptop that has a great level of gaming. Some of the time, redesigning the devices of the Alienware laptop is massive. Alienware has two brands that have great features: x14 and x16. The Alienware x14 R2 is the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop which is hands-on and has even better internal specs. Also, a display alone has a justification.

The Alienware x14 R2 Specs

Alienware x14 CPU Core i5-13420 H and Core i7-13620H
Weight of the Alienware 4.6 Pounds
GPU of the Alienware RTX 3050 6GB (50W)

RTX 4050 6GB(85W)

RTX 4060 8GB (85W)

RAM 32GB LP-DDR5 6200

16GB LP-DDR5 6200

Screen 14-inch, 2560x1600x165Hz
Storage 256GB, 512GB, and up to 4TB
Battery 80.5 W
Webcam 1080p
Windows Windows 11

Alienware x14 Design

Alienware x14 R2

The Alienware x14 has a single color option and it is boring silver which is very common in laptops. Alienware is a trend in the new year and it is sharp and clean. The edges have been curved and also a stand button for the laptops it is fully simplified with a clean and classic design. Alienware laptops have neat touches with an embossed “X” logo lid which is a racing stripe inspired by the brands Alienware laptops and others. The section of white for the backports plays a silver lid nicely.

Alienware x14 Display

Alienware x14 R2

The Alienware x14 is having a significant display which its predecessors are too close to. Alienware is of 1080p and 144Hz display which is possible for the performance of the laptop but the resolution of the laptop is now the same as the MacBook Pro which is 2560×1600. This is because Alienware is still offering models of 1200p. These displays have been configured in both Nvidia G-Sync with advanced options like an automatic switch in between the discrete or integrated GPU.

Alienware x14 Keyboard and Touchpad

Alienware x14 R2

The Alienware x14 has a featured and larger touchpad and also has more space for venting the keyboard. The touchpad is with RGB which is customized. The Alienware x14 has a comfortable keyboard of 1.2mm this year they are using the ‘x’ series and also a very thin keyboard with both N-key and anti-ghosting. Their keyboard is of RGB lighting which compares to the single-zone of R1 Alienwarex14.

Alienware x14 Price and Availability

The price of Alienware x14 starting price is $1800 which is the higher end is options and is a higher rate configured.

Alienware Ports and Performance

Alienware x14 R2

Alienware x14 of the port had not changed yet but also it is still powered by the USB-C, the limited 85 watts is of maximum graphics with 85 watts extra power of R1 With Nvidia of RTX 40 series with a GPU and RTX 4050 6GB/8GB. Alienware is also selling the RTX 3050 model. The cooling term of the Alienware is the same as the thermal 31 and thermal compound but in the CPU and GPU also it appears and some of them have selective configurations that had not been specified.


  • It is the thinnest gaming laptop 14-inch with hands-on
  • The display is fantastic with a good building quality
  • It is portable for content creation


  • The price is very high
  • The outed performance is less than half of its price.
  • Other designs could be done at this price.


The Alienware x14 is the thinnest gaming laptop with a good quality display of 1920×1200 with a 14-inch aspect ratio is 16:10 The coating is matte. The battery power is also quite good at 80.5 Wh with a voltage of 11.4V. It can be performed both personally and professionally. Coming to the gaming part it is primarily the Alienware that has the Dolby Atmos but also speakers did not sound properly although it is good for the gaming and workload. Some of them are having a high performance according to the features and pricing is also high according to what you look for in the Alienware x14 laptop.


Is Alienware x14 good for working?

The Alienware is effective for double work on the laptop, the performance lasts and it is also having cutting edges. The 14x has scored astoundingly with a 5.4 benchmark test.

How long does Alienware x14 last?

The Alienware x14 lasts the on its features like dimensions is 0.57×12.66×10.34 and its weight is about 3.96 Ibs, with an Operating system Windows 11 and a battery capacity is 8:43

Is Alienware x14 good for programming?

It is a great option for programming and also for developers with a compact work machine. It is also great for gamers of course the processor is powerful and almost it is the best laptop for coding and programming.

Is the alienware x14 worth it ?

The x14 is a premium product with great performance and a solid laptop 1080p with a gaming performance with falters but in fact, it is more aggressively priced and also the competitors.

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