Dell G15 (2023) Review

Dell G15 (2023) Review

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September 3, 2023

Well, have you been searching for a gaming laptop? Here is the right place which is the most perfect selection for a Dll G15 2023. It has been always a strong competitor’s laptop worldwide. It never went down due to its performance, maintenance also its updates with specifications that have most toughest performance. So Dell G15 2023 has more expectations Let’s have deep and more about the Dell G15. 

Dell G15 Specifications

CPU  Intel Core of i5-12500H
Memory  8GB DRR-4800
Display  1920×1080 with 120 refreshing rate
Storage  512GB with NVMe SSD
Camera  720p 
Battery 56Whr 
Dimensions  14.07×10.74×1.06inches
OS  Windows 11 


Dell G15 design

The captivating designs are very impressive which would matter G15 does not disappoint, For gamers it is strong and lumpy and also the latest models and most of the thing is profitable the RGB LED lighting adds extra charm and the majestic presentations.  


Dell G15 display

The display has a 165Hz panel the type of equipment in G15 with 1080p of AUO IPS panels of the 165Hz refreshing rate with a G-Sync. the valuable for the backlight for the corners which is typically for IPS screen. The level the brightness has to be distributed which is at 94% of the contrast ratio which respectable and good experience for gaming.   GPU Performance

The GPU performance is 140W with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 which is for the unexpected lines for the 3D tests. The important thing is it is an MSI Katana 17 with a 105Wand also with an RTX 4060 for performance for the edges and also for the RTX 4060 for powerful laptops.  


Dell G15 performance

The performance for the Dell G15 2023 is amazing with the latest and fastest Intel processor, with SSD, and also with the NVIDIA GPU which delivers a gaming performance which most difficult for competitors.   


Dell G15 performance connectivity

 The nonideal ports have been for distributes for the gammers, the port for the G15 5530 is less ideal. The LAN port and also the audio jack which is represented on the left side and the right side has two USB 3.2 Gen1 and Type-A ports. And all other ports are located in rare places.  


The touchpad dimensions are 6mx10.5cm which feels smooth as compared to other laptops It is like soft gliding which has a Windows support with the precision motion with the respective at the edges.   


Dell G15 keyboard

The keyboard is on the G15 5530 with the tiniest and most flexible with good features and the spaced key is of somewhat superficial travelling which includes the Numpad and also the calculator with comfort. It has also been provided for the arrow keys for page up and page down. It has a 4-Zone RGB backlighting for an orange LED that represents two stages for brightness adjusting and also it has an additional keyboard. 

Battery Life

Dell G15 gaming

The battery life and also the other features are impressive which would need to ask about the battery life, Well it has a good battery life and it has long-lasting battery life. It comes with a pack for the numerous which is the most impressive part and also it has RGB lights in the keyboard as a bonus part of it. 


  • It is having a strong performance 
  • It cools down the temperature 
  • The brightness of the screen is relevant  


  • The keyboard is mushy or sticky 
  • As per the configuration, the storage is less
  • The RAM has very little space. 


In the domain of gaming performance the battery life is good which is unbelievable. It is very strong and impressive for every turning point and power blending for the longevity of the designs and also for the gamers has a bright in Dell G15 (2023). The Kudos are for maintaining Dell for its streak of offering a powerful for the gamers in the world or it also can be behind, The coming up next time for gear up for the gaming marathon which is considered for the G15.  


How much does cost of Dell G15?

Now Dell has updated the G series for gaming laptops which could cost of starting price is $729.99 It has eyes protective like bold or color options and the fans are affordable for the gaming rig Also it is the most stylish model. 

Does a Dell G15 have a RGB keyboard?

Of course, it has RGB lighting in the keyboard with all the USB ports and higher configurations for the Dell G15 with a 4-zone RGB keyboard, and also the default keyboard the orange backlighting has been provided.

Is Dell G15 Good Worth of buying?

Yes because Dell has a solid performance that comes with graphics and RTX 4060 with a storage is 8GB the great thing is GPU NVIDIA with a resolution of 144p and it has been obtained for the most popular gaming laptop. 

Why does the Dell G15 battery drain so fast?

It is due to the settings can pull more power. You can also adjust the settings for more conversation with the more power the battery life can sustain and also you can enjoy all the entertainment in the Dell G15 laptop.    

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