AllMoviesHub: Seamless Streaming and High-Quality Downloads

AllMoviesHub: Seamless Streaming and High-Quality Downloads

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December 23, 2023
Last modified on December 25th, 2023

AllMoviesHub has become immensely popular among movie buffs as a free online destination for streaming and downloading an exhaustive collection of movies. This guide will elaborate on effectively using AllMoviesHub to download movies of the highest quality possible. We will also explore alternative websites that enable hassle-free movie downloads.

What’s AllMovies hub?


Bollywood and South Indian films may be downloaded for free on AllMoviesHub. This website offers movies in many genres, languages, and formats. AllMoviesHub has action, comedy, romance, thriller, horror, and drama. For Hindi-speaking viewers, AllMoviesHub offers Hollywood films dubbed. Depending on your internet connection and taste, you can download movies in 300 MB, 480p, 720p HD, or 1080p HD. Easy online movie streaming is also possible.

How to Download Movies from AllMoviesHub?

Step 1: Create an account

Creating a free account on AllMoviesHub provides certain advantages that guest users miss. You can request specific movie downloads, create playlists of favorites, resume interrupted downloads, and more. To begin, go to the site and look for the “Sign Up” option. Provide details like your name, email ID, and password to register.

Step 2: Use the search filters


AllMoviesHub houses thousands of movie titles across languages, genres, and release years. Use the search bar at the top to look for movies by name.

You can also browse movies by filtering these parameters in the navigation menu:

  • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi etc.
  • Release Year
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
  • Country of production: USA, India, Japan, etc.
  • A-Z list of all movie names

Step 3: Identify the best server

Once you select a movie to download, you will see multiple server links below the video player section.

These servers offer different download speeds:

  • Servers 1 and 2 are best for streaming movies online.
  • Servers 3 and 4 provide the fastest speeds for downloading.
  • Server 5 gives 1080p resolution downloads.
  • Experiment with different servers to see which provides the most immediate downloads.

Step 4: Click the correct download link


When you open a server link, an intermediary ad redirect page appears. Be careful not to click on any tempting download buttons here. Look for the redirect link in the bold red text that says ‘Click Here To Start to Download’. This opens the actual movie file download via your browser’s default downloader.

Step 5: Leverage download managers (IDM)

You can significantly improve download speeds using paid software like Internet Download Manager (IDM) or EagleGet. Copy the movie download link from AllMoviesHub and paste it into your download manager. This allows you to pause, resume, and schedule downloads.

Step 6: Handle pop-up ads

While downloading movies, annoying pop-up ads can bombard your screen. Install an excellent ad-block extension like uBlock Origin on your browser. This removes unnecessary distractions during the download process. You can then stream or download movies seamlessly.

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Top 5 Alternative Websites

AllMoviesHub is a premier destination for free Hollywood and Indian movie buffs. However, it always helps to have alternatives in case a movie is unavailable or the servers are slow on a particular day. Here are the top 5 alternative websites for downloading movies legally.

  • Movieverse


If Indian cinema, especially Bollywood, is your jam – Moviesverse is a treasure trove with movies spanning five decades! You can send download requests through comments, too. The interface is clean, with no annoying ads.

  • UHD movies

UHD movies

As the name suggests, UHD movies specialize in movies available in premium resolutions like 4K BluRay, 1080p BluRay, and 720p prints. It’s the most extensive collection if you want the best visual quality.

  • MyDownloadTube


MyDownloadTube has a tiny but well-curated library of mostly English movies and TV series. We love it for the ability to batch download multiple files with a single click. Perfect for unmetered WiFi or torrent users.

  • DownloadHub


DownloadHub neatly arranges and labels movies by language, such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc. Further filtering by genre and year makes finding titles very convenient. Multiple backup links are provided for each movie.

  • Filmyzilla


Filmyzilla aggregates movie download links from various file-sharing sites in one place. So you can choose to download from Google Drive, Dropbox, Openload, and dozens of other hosts. Extremely handy.


AllMoviesHub ticks all the boxes that a free movie download site should. Regular updates ensure you get the latest cinema on time. For alternatives, Moviesverse, UHDmovies, and DownloadHub are great for Indian, HD Hollywood, and multi-language movies, respectively. Just be cautious of shady marketing links before clicking anything. And remember to install an adblocker!


  • Why are there so many ads on AllMoviesHub?

The ads help pay for servers and domain expenses to keep the site running. We recommend using good adblockers like uBlock Origin to prevent malicious ads and pop-ups.

  • Which is the fastest server for downloads on AllMoviesHub?

Servers 3 and 4 consistently provide the highest download speeds on AllMoviesHub. Server 5 gives large 1080p files. Test different servers to see which works best for your internet connection.

  • What are the best AllMoviesHub alternatives for Indian regional movies?

Moviesverse and DownloadHub have significant collections of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali movie downloads catering to Indian audiences.

  • Can I download 4K and 1080p movies from any free sites?

UHDmovies has the most extensive catalogue of high-quality 4K and 1080p Hollywood movie downloads. But the file sizes tend to be large – sometimes over 10GB each! So, make sure you have sufficient bandwidth.

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