Can I Recover Any Data Lost on My USB Flash Drive? Easily

Can I Recover Any Data Lost on My USB Flash Drive? Easily

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January 10, 2024

Can I recover any data lost or deleted on my USB flash drive? Yes, are you also looking for a solution to this problem? Then you don’t need to go anywhere. We are here to answer your exact question, so stay with us till the end of the blog to know the solution.

USB flash drives are a popular way to store and transfer data. They are small, portable, and easy to use. We often use this mobile storage device at work and in life. However, we may lose saved files due to the following reasons:

  1. Sudden deletion of folders or files from a USB drive without backup.
  2. The USB drive was accidentally formatted, and you forgot to save the files.
  3. The connection was lost due to a file transfer error.
  4. A virus attack results in losing all files stored on the USB drive.
  5. Access is denied, formatting is required, or other reasons may result in data loss.

This is a common reason for losing files from a USB drive. Let’s say you lose files because of this. Don’t worry; this article describes several ways to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive without using software.

Manual Technique to Recover Data Lost on My USB Flash Drive

Now that you know the cause of data corruption on a USB drive, you may wonder how to recover deleted data from a flash drive. So check out the methods below.

Method 1: Use the Command Line

CMD (officially known as Command Prompt) is a built-in feature of Windows that allows you to perform many tasks using simple commands. Here’s how to restore deleted data on a flash drive using CMD:

  • Connect your flash drive to your computer.
  • Then press Window + R, type “cmd,” and press Enter.
  • Type chkdsk A:f and press Enter. The flash drive will start scanning.

Note: Here, A is used to indicate the name of the flash drive in the system.

  • After scanning the flash drive, type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /DA A:*.* and press Enter.
  • Once the process is completed, you will find the deleted data on the flash drive.

Method 2: Restore the Previous Version

Another helpful way to recover deleted files from a USB drive is to restore previous versions. This method also allows you to recover deleted files without using third-party software. However, this method is only ideal if the feature is activated before data is lost. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the pen to your computer.
  2. Go to this PC, right-click the pen drive, and select Properties.
  3. On the Menu tab, click Previous Versions to see the available recovery options.
  4. Select the previous version you specified and click Restore.

If a previous version is unavailable, you cannot restore your data using this method. In this case, you need to use third-party tools to recover deleted data from a flash drive quickly.

Method 3: Alternative Solution to Recover Any Permanently Lost Data on My USB Flash Drive

There are many ways to recover deleted files from a flash drive without using software, but they are not always successful and often do not provide satisfactory results. However, you can try this method before using the SoftwarePro Best Flash Drive Data Recovery Tool. This flash drive data recovery tool is an effective and secure solution to recover deleted data from a temporary or temporarily deleted flash drive.

This application is designed to recover data after formatting the flash drive or stick. You can recover data from flash drives formatted in FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formats with a few clicks. It is an entirely secure solution with a simple user interface. So, regardless of the user’s background, he can recover corrupted data from a flash drive, USB drive, or USB stick.

Recover Any Data Lost on My USB Flash Drive; Software Steps

  • Download, run, and install the Pen Drive Recovery Tool.
  • After that, connect the pen or flash drive to your computer.
  • Select a scan option or scan format.
  • Then, view all recovered and deleted data in red.
  • Now, finally, save the recovered data to the desired location.

Still Confused about how to recover lost data from a USB flash drive? Watch the detailed video – 


Recovering any data lost on my USB flash drive can be very frustrating. However, while taking appropriate measures to protect your data and reduce the risk of data loss is essential, finding a reliable method that guarantees 100% data protection is challenging.

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, you may have to recover deleted files from a flash drive with little or no software. Professional flash drive recovery or formatting tools, such as pen drive data recovery, provide world-class services to complete the recovery process. Also, if you have a problem where the pen drive is detected but the data is not visible, you can use this automatic solution without errors.

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