Encryption Lock to PST File Will Make it Secure – Described

Encryption Lock to PST File Will Make it Secure – Described

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November 21, 2023

Encryption is a process that is used to encrypt any file or folder. Here the PST file is locked with that type of security. So, the user will see an encryption lock PST files of Outlook to make them secure from unauthorized access.

Here you will see the manual and professional method to protect the PST data file of MS Outlook. Both methods are best at their places, users can use any of them according to their needs.

Why Do We Need to Secure PST with a Password?

At this time most crimes are increasing, in cyber crimes are at their peak. The hackers and terrorists stole your personal data and blackmailed you to pay for them which is used against us as terrorist attacks. Same as the PST file which is generated by Outlook. It is an email client that manages your emails, meetings, contacts, and other important things that you get on your mail account.

Best Method for Encryption Lock to PST Data File of Outlook

This is a manual method that is given by Microsoft Outlook when users are facing these problems. So the experts of Outlook enhanced this facility it by which users can easily secure PST with a password. It is best for the security purpose of your data. There are some steps that can help the user to use this manual method.

Easy Steps of Manual Method to Use it.

Step 1 – Open MS Outlook.

Step 2 – Go to the File option.

Step 3 – Open the Account setting.

Step 4 – Select Data files using the Data File option.

Step 5 – Click on the Settings option.

Note:- Do not enter anything in the Old Password area because you are applying a new password on any PSt file. Also there is no older password for the new PST file.

Step 6 – Enter characters into the New Password area.

Step 7 – Re-enter that password in the Confirm Password area.

Step 8 – Press Enter or Click the OK button.

Step 9 – Confirm the saved password for the future to keep it safe. Now the encryption lock to the PST file is present.

Note:- It is the only manual method that can apply the password, also remove the password if you want. But, there is only one problem it is not able to remove the forgotten password. Also, it is not applicable when you have files in bulk, for these situations you need a trusted automated or third-party tool that can help you.

Professional Method to Secure PST with Password

This method is given by technical experts. This method is best to eliminate the forgotten password from the PST file of Outlook. This SysTools PST Password Remover Software can do this process on thousands of files at the same time. It is very simple to use for both tech and non-tech background users. Multiple languages are provided to use for different area users. So, it is capable of eliminating multilingual or lengthy passwords.

Also, there are many scenarios rather than forgotten passwords to unlock protection from data files. As you are entering the wrong password means you have files in bulk and entering one file password to another. This thing might make you frustrated, and you decide to eliminate that password. As the same, there are more reasons.

Features of this Automated Tool

  • Eliminate password protection from Outlook data files in one go using this automated tool. This feature makes the work easy for the user. There is no limit to adding locked PST files to remove protection from them.
  • Free tool to use in the demo version.
  • It is very easy for non-technical background users because its interface is user-friendly.
  • Remove Multilingual and Long passwords.
  • Users can run it in different provided languages as admin.


As you saw, there is only one manual method that can help users apply an encryption lock to the PST data file of Outlook. You also read about eliminating passwords, if you forgot that. Anyone can lose their password because everyone is not able to remember it. The reason behind the encryption lock to the PST file of Outlook is also described. So, please make your data safe and prevent yourself from blackmailing or cyber-attacks.

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