Fernando Del Solar: What Is The Cause Of Death and More?

Fernando Del Solar: What Is The Cause Of Death and More?

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January 13, 2024

Fernando del Solar, TV host, model, and actor, died. The devastating news was revealed on the Venga la Alegría broadcast. The 49-year-old’s death was confirmed by Mexico and Azteca Noticias’ National Association of Interpreters. His cause of death is unclear. However, del Solar was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2012, a lymphatic node cancer.

Fernando del Solar, a Mexican TV anchor, model, and actor, died, startling the entertainment industry. Many followers are devastated by the 49-year-old’s passing. He was best known for Venga la Alegra. Del Solar is suspected of having died from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a lymphatic system tumour; however, the cause of death has not been confirmed. Del Solar was diagnosed in 2012 and went into remission, but the disease may have returned.

About Fernando Del Solar

Real Name Fernando Martín Cacciamani Servidio
Known As Fernando del Solar
DOB April 5, 1973
Death Date 30th June 2022
Popular For Working as an actor in Mexican TV Shows
School Local School in his Hometown
Profession Actor
Nationality Mexican
Place Of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina
Net Worth USD 2.5 million (approx.)

Personal Info On Fernando del Solar

Fernando del Solar

Born in 1973, Fernando del Solar is an Argentine actor. The family migrated to Mexico when he was little. He began modelling and then shifted to acting. His TV appearances include Pela, Un Nuevo Amor, and Háblame de Amor. He also wrote Sexos en Guerra, Venga la Alegra, and Insomnia. Beyond TV, Solar has acted in films. He was in Don de Dios and La Familia de mi ex. Fernando del Solar died of pancreatic cancer on June 30. He has over 433k Instagram followers and is active on social media. Fans worldwide will miss him.

What is The Cause of Death?

Fernando del Solar, 49, died. Del Solar died of unexplained causes, but he was understood to have been fighting cancer. Everyone who knew Del Solar will miss him, and soap lovers worldwide are grieving his death. Del Solar died, but his outstanding work will inspire and thrill audiences for years. Fernando del Solar, rest easy. Lymphomas are lymphatic malignancies. The disease causes uncontrolled cell growth that can become cancer and spread throughout the body, according to the American Cancer Society website. White blood cell lymphomas are the illness’s hallmark.

Hodgkin’s and non-lymphomas can arise at any age. Lymphoma treatment often includes chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, and the prognosis depends on the kind and timing of diagnosis. Although lymphoma is hazardous, there are several treatments, and survival rates are growing. Medical research helps more people conquer this ailment every day.

How Fernando del Solar Battled with Illness?

Fernando battled lymphatic disease, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in 2012. Rumours claim it contributed to his early departure, although the cause is unknown. Fernando began performing with “Brigada Cola” during difficult times in Argentina. However, limited possibilities sent him to Mexico at 22. Initially, he worked as a waiter and computer salesman. After being recognized in advertisements, fate brought him fame. With TV Azteca, he launched a successful career with his 1998 soap opera debut in “Perla.” This launched his career, with many TV series casting him in critical parts.

Fernando returned to the spotlight as the host of “La Academia 10 Anos” after his cancer diagnosis at the end of 2012. He then presented additional TV shows, gave motivational speeches, and wrote a book about his career and health struggles.

Fernando Solar’s Family

Fernando del Solar

Del Solar is recognized for anchoring TV Azteca programs, including “Insomnia,” “Sexos en Guerra,” and “Life is a Song,” but “Venga la Alegra,” where he was a primary driver from 2006 to 2012, began his career.

Four telenovelas, including “Perla” and “Háblame de Amor,” let him improve his acting. He appeared in the 2005 films “Don de Dios” and “La Family de mi Ex.” After three years of romance, Fernando marries Anna Ferro in a private Cancun ceremony in April 2022. Luciano and Paolo, his kids with Ingrid Coronado, are also his. A group of reporters told the “Hoy” host of his friend’s death.

The famous Ajusco television station uploaded a photo of Fernando Del Solar with an emotional caption: “We lament the passing of His legacy will live on in the @azteca family for all time.” His official Instagram account announced the news. His loved ones thanked him for his support throughout this difficult time.

Del Solar Marriage, Personal Life

Fernando del Solar married Anna Ferro again on March 22, 2022. His first wife, Mexico City singer and actress Ingrid Coronado, left him before this union. Fernando and Ingrid Coronado had two children, Luciano and Paolo, after their May 5, 2012 marriage. His second wife, Anna Ferro, has a large Instagram following and creates exciting material.

Net Worth of Fernando

Fernando del Solar’s net worth is unknown; however, estimates range from $1 million to $5 million. His successful career, supported by JSW Sports and the Sports Authority of India (SAI), was his primary source of income.


Del Solar’s cancer progressed how?

Cancer surgery and chemotherapy were performed on Fernando del Solar. He had remission in 2013, but cancer returned in 2014. His remission returned after radiotherapy.

Del Solar’s cancer diagnosis: when?

Cancer struck Fernando del Solar in 2012. In a video, he warned fans he had brain-invasive lung cancer.

Did Fernando del Solar’s illness affect his personal and professional life?

Fernando del Solar has spoken openly about his physical and emotional cancer battle. He emphasized therapeutic issues and family effects. He’s also talked about depression and anxiety.

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