Google Pixel 7 5G: Specs and Review

Google Pixel 7 5G: Specs and Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
July 11, 2023

You notice the lack of features that are only available on the Pixel 7 Pro, but the Pixel 7’s unique design, creative and capable camera, and smart user experience make it a great flagship buy for the money.

Overall Review

After last year’s groundbreaking Pixel 6 series, the Google Pixel 7 5G series seems like a minor update, but it builds on what makes Google’s phones stand out. Even though the Pixel 7’s design is controversial, it feels well-thought-out and high-end. The cameras are housed in a large aluminium band that makes the phone stand out, especially in its price range. The Pixel 7 is easier to hold and fits better in your pocket than the Pixel 6, thanks to its smaller 6.3-inch screen and thinner bezels.

The price and availability of the Google Pixel 7 5G

After its release on October 6, you could pre-order the Google Pixel 7 5G , and it started shipping on October 13. The phone starts at $599 (£599 or AU$999), which is $100 less than the latest iPhone 14 and the same price as its predecessor, the Google Pixel 6, which came out in 2021. Google also gave away the new Pixel Watch as a pre-order bonus in some places.

The prices above are for the base model with 128GB of storage. There is also a 256GB model that costs $699, £699, or AU$1,129. Unlike the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, there is no 512GB storage option. For that, you’ll have to pay more for the Pixel 7 Pro, but the 512GB version of that phone is only available in the US and Australia, not in the UK.

Google Pixel 7 5G  Design

Google Pixel 7 5G

The Pixel 6 line of phones came out in 2021, which was a big change for the series. The design of the phones was the most obvious change. The two-tone colour scheme of the Kinda Coral Pixel 6 hasn’t been carried over to the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Instead, the design of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro is more evolutionary than revolutionary, with a solid colour behind the rounded Gorilla Glass Victus back and metalwork in between.

The most noticeable change is to the camera bar’s black glass “visor,” which used to hide each phone’s different lenses. This year, it has been replaced by one made mostly of metal that shows off the lenses instead of hiding them. It’s controversial and different at the same time, so this Pixels series is just as easy to spot as the last one in a crowded field.

Google Pixel 7 display

Google Pixel 7 5G

Google Pixel 7 5G  is a little bit smaller than the Pixel 6, going from a 6.4-inch screen to a 6.3-inch screen. This makes it easier to tell it apart from the supersized 6.7-inch Pixel 7 Pro, and it also makes it one of a small number of Android phones with a screen this size that are worth considering. The Pixel 7 has the same Full HD+ resolution and 20:9 aspect ratio as the Pixel 6, so the display is only slightly sharper than the Pixel 6. However, Google has increased the brightness so that it runs at up to 1000 nits in normal use and can reach 1400 nits at its brightest, which is 25% brighter than the Pixel 6’s display and makes it easier to see in bright environments.

Google Pixel 7 Performance

Google Pixel 7 5G

Putting the Google Pixel 7 5G  Tensor G2 chip through its paces is harder than with other smartphone chipsets, especially when it comes to AI and machine-learning benchmarks. This isn’t helped by the fact that, at the time this review was written (before the Pixel 7 was released to the public), benchmarking apps were not available on the device we were using to test it.


  • You want to stand out with your phone

The Pixel 6 and now the Google Pixel 7 5G  have a design that’s based around the camera bar. Not everyone will like it, but Google has made something that’s different from everything else on the market, which isn’t easy (without it also looking terrible). The lemongrass finish is also divisive, but if you want a phone that stands out and has real value, the Pixel 7 is a good choice.

  • You take creative pictures with your phone

If you use your phone’s camera for more than just taking pictures of your fancy dinner or your receipts (though it works well for those, too), the Pixel 7 has some creative photo capture modes and editing tools that let you get some amazing results. It also just takes great pictures.

  • You like how helpful Google is

Whether you need accessibility or just like the idea of being able to talk to your phone, have it read content back to you, and so on, the Google Pixel 7 5G  has the features and hardware to make your life easier in lots of little ways, and it’s only going to get better over time.


  • You need a small phone

Even though it’s smaller than the Pixel 6 and Google has made the bezels thinner, the Pixel 7 still feels like a big phone. After all, it’s about the same size as the old XL Pixel phones. If you want a pocket rocket until the Pixel 7a comes out, get a Galaxy S22 or a Zenfone 9.


Does the Google Pixel 7 support 5G?

Both the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 5G  support 5G, but not every unit has the same 5G features.

Does Google have 5G plans for India?

Google has made it abundantly apparent that it is collaborating closely with Indian carriers in order to make it feasible to connect to the next generation of networks and to ensure that it complies with local rules and regulations.

Is it worth it to buy the Google Pixel 7?

The Google Pixel 7 5G is the newest phones in the Pixel line, and if you want the latest and greatest from Google, they are well worth the money.

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