How To Accelerate Your Timeshare Exit Business With Timeshare Owner Leads

How To Accelerate Your Timeshare Exit Business With Timeshare Owner Leads

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December 30, 2023

Timeshare exit business owners work very hard to help their clients get out of their timeshares. Unfortunately, lead generation for these types of businesses is hard. The CPA for these leads is often very high, costing as much as $120 per lead, depending upon the time of year and the competitiveness of the keywords that are being used. Facebook ads are often a challenge because this is a saturated space on Facebook. If a timeshare owner goes to their Facebook feed, every ad they see is likely for a timeshare exit company. Let’s take a look at how you can generate business with timeshare owner leads. In this post, we’ll show you how to get timeshare leads that you can use for email marketing, paid advertising, direct mail, or just plain cold calling.

Why are Timeshare Owner Leads a Great Resource?

Timeshare Exit Business With Timeshare Owner Leads

Timeshare owner leads are a great resource because if you get the most recent timeshare owners within the last four years, you are likely to find someone who is in over their head financially on their timeshare. These people may have been pressured into their timeshare by the selling company.

Timeshare owner leads are a great resource because you can find these people online for free. Their records are often available through public records, such as through county controllers and clerks of court records. In these records, you will be able to find the deeds in certain counties throughout the United States. You will find the name of the timeshare owner, the company that sold the timeshare, and some other details.

How Do You Find Phone Numbers, Mailing Addresses, and Email Addresses?

This is the part of the research process that is difficult. Many of the deeds will only have the contact’s name and the timeshare company. Often, there are two people listed on the timeshare deed. You will then have you use a resource software to find the phone and mailing address of your timeshare contact.

It isn’t easy to find the email address of a timeshare owner. You will often have to resort to a resource like Experian to find more contact information about the timeshare owner. Resources such as Leads Campus will often have consumer data, and some third-party data brokerages will help you find this information. You can also find timeshare owner lead information in:

  • Timeshare owner directories.
  • Facebook community groups for timeshare owners.
  • Linkedin.
  • Instagram.

What’s the Bare Information You Need for Timeshare Owner Leads?

If you are doing Google Ads or Facebook ads, at the bare minimum, you need a phone number. This lets you create a CSV that you can upload. If you have the email address, this will be helpful.

If you are cold calling people from a call centre, you will need the phone number and the ZIP code where the people live so you can match time zones while calling, and you will also need to format their phone numbers correctly. Most likely, the majority of your phone numbers will be cell phones since people don’t utilize POTS as often anymore. For a direct mailing campaign, you will have to get the mailing address. You will also need to get email addresses if you are going to do an email campaign.

How Long Should the Person Have Owned the Timeshare for Owner Leads to Be Effective?

If you are going to be using the timeshare owner leads method for pursuing new prospects, you need to have leads that are no older than three years. As a person’s ownership of timeshare ages, their need to exit the timeshare will diminish rapidly. At the bare minimum, the timeshare deed should have been issued within the last two years. Also, there is the buyer’s remorse factor. Buyers remorse for large purchases, such as a timeshare, can last for one to two years.

How To Best Utilize Your Timeshare Owner Leads

Let’s say that you have your timeshare leads ready to go. You need at least 10,000 leads to build a viable audience in Google and Facebook. You should split the list (if you have both phone number and email) into two different lists. One for email and one for phone number. That ensures that you will get a good match. If you are going to be doing cold calling, it might not be a bad idea to warm up your cold calling with a Facebook ads or Google Ads campaign. That will help you gauge the viability of that list and nurture some of your leads.

Should you do an email campaign with your timeshare owner leads list?

Generally speaking, you should avoid doing a cold email campaign. That being said, you can segment your list into smaller segments. There are applications out there that let you warm up your domain for cold emailing. Once you establish the trustworthiness of your emails, you can send more emails out each day. You should also validate your emails to protect your emailing reputation.

The cold-calling part

The cold calling part will likely not go as well if you haven’t warmed up the list with other marketing efforts. A batch of 10,000 timeshare leads might have ten deals to be reached with just cold calling alone. When you warm up the list with advertising, you are likely going to find 150 to 200 sales.

Why Buy Timeshare Owner Leads?

There are several reasons why buying timeshare owner leads is advantageous. It makes the number of people you are doing paid marketing smaller. You have an audience of people that own a timeshare. With a regular Google Ads or Facebook campaign, you are targeting a lot of people broadly. The timeshare owner list makes your targeting smaller, letting you reach people more quickly.

Another benefit of timeshare owner leads is that you are starting closer to the bottom of the funnel. You are essentially making it easier to reach your target customer. Certain types of timeshare companies are easier to market to, like Bluegreen, since these are the easiest timeshares to exit or transfer. Whether or not you purchase your leads from a large data company or find them yourself, these timeshare owner leads will make your marketing process easier.

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