HP Envy 16 (2023) Review

HP Envy 16 (2023) Review

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September 3, 2023

The most created laptop today is the HP Envy 16 some memories can be created by browsing, tweeting, and editing videos, and many more. The HP Envy 16 is the latest technology of the 12th generation of an Intel Core i7-12700-H of CPU and its storage is having 16GB of RAM with the Nvidia RTX 3060 and a graphics card of 1 TB with SSD. It has a 5MP webcam which switches the display ratio of 16:10 and the tiny dots. The battery below average life which system sounds loud and has heavy loads.

HP Envy 16 Specs

Graphics Intel Iris Xe+ Nvidia GeForce RTX of 3060 and memory of 6GB GDDR6
Processor Intel Core i7-12700H
Display 16-inch and resolution is 3840×2400 OLED of 60Hz, WVA which is Edge-to-Edge with Glass of Micro Edge Low Blue light of 400 nits.
Memory 16 GB  of DDR5-4800
Battery 6-Cell Li-ion Polymer of 200 Watt of an AC adapter.
Webcam 5MP HP True Vision Camera
OS Windows 11 Home
Price $1,809
Audio Speakers, HP Audio Boost
Colour Natural Silver


hp envy 16 (2023)

The HP Envy 16 top is aluminium and it is in a natural colour that is silver the designs are like tweakings of generations with cooling and ventilation. A lot of ports have been mentioned. The HP devices are streaming devices of the spectrum of mainstreaming of Pavillion and the laptop is toughly built, and it is made of aluminum. It is not like the flexible and bending movement of dealing with it. The keyboard while pressing and pulling towards a screen.

Display OLED 16:10

HP Envy 16 (2023)

The display is 16 inches with an OLED display which is immersible with a ratio of 16:10 and the display has been improved to a  5MP webcam. The fresh model has been designed that too with a new switch for the ratio is 16:10 which is for the Envy 16. it is not have been more stuffed with more space. Let’s have some benefits of the OLED display more vibrant and it’s like a traditionally designed laptop and panel attached with a LCD panel. HP laptops have been switched from 16:9 to 16:10 The ratio has been updated for this year the bottom with the chin to display which looks the display taller. The laptops feel better for appearance is good. HP has an option like Hello rather than Windows. And with the Microphone, camera with shutter keys. The trackpad has been directed in the middle of the laptop which is large in size, and the softness of the trackpad feels good.

HP Envy 16 Performance

HP Envy 16 (2023) performance

The HP Envy 16 comes with options with a processor of Intel H-Class with j=have been attached to the Intel Acr and Nvidia RTX of 3060 with the graphics. The battery is a bit less capacity 45 watts with the processor of hungry power being Nvidia GPU. The model of the core is i7-1200H which has 14 cores with 6 performance and 8 efficient 20 threads which have an extra refreshing to 4.7GHz. The HP Envy 16 has been launched model of the processor of Intel core of i9-12900H. The Intel Core processor of i7 Core is higher to 5.00GHz with a bosting available. Both processors of operates the 45 watts of double core i9 models. The HP laptops have faster RAM with good storage, the recent model has faster RAM with a PCle of 4 Gen.

HP Envy 16 Graphics

HP Envy 16 (2023) performance

The HP laptop is a gaming laptop which having content-creating tasks devices like video editing, photos editing, and Adobe Premiere Pro. The RTX graphics which is great for playing games. The HP laptop is having good results for gaming laptops. Video editing and photo editing which include a Crossmark, 3D Mark, and many of them. The test for the stress of the CPU and GPU of the laptop.


  • The laptop is best for video editing and content writing
  • The laptop is good with the RTX graphics and the OLED display.
  • The processor with the intel core H-class


  • The battery life needs to improve
  • The mark is just a 6829
  • The price should be still lower due to its battery power


The HP Envy 16 is a very good laptop with a great and good display and the best power. The battery life only is the problem otherwise the HP Envy is a great and awesome laptop with all its great features and functions all the video editing and photo editing and browsing can be done with the great graphics designed. The HP Envy 16 has many features of great graphics for daily work with an OLED display with great powerful RTX graphics with an Intel core processor which makes a great day.


Is HP Envy a Good Product?

The standard tasks with internal usage are good but great work can be done with the graphics like video editing, photo editing and also web browsing.

Who are the competitors of HP Envy 16?

The HP Envy 16 is 8 hrs which the DELLXPS15 and 16 and 17 and even a Apple MacBook Pro 16 is more than 10 hrs.

What is the screen ratio of HP Envy?

The ratio is 16:10 with the sharp screen market than an Envy’s 2560x1600p of its resolution with good specifications and most computing laptops.

What is special about HP Envy?

The HP Envy is fastest and cheaper with well connected it is good for content creation video editing and image editing.

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