Pear Deck JoinPD: An innovative learning site for a classroom experience

Pear Deck JoinPD: An innovative learning site for a classroom experience

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January 20, 2024

With modern advancements in technology and science, the medium of education is also undergoing rapid advancement. The old classical method of learning through notes and writings on board is getting mundane, and people are more interested in modern note-taking techniques like slideshows and document editors, which make your e-notes with their imbedded features. One such website is the ultimate Join Pear Deck(PD) which is one of the most popular apps by most teachers to give top-notch educational strategies to users. It also allows the students to connect with the material provided by their teachers through a code provided by the teacher, so only interested candidates can get access to the material provided by their teacher which makes it a secure app for learning purposes.

JoinPD is the lifesaver for teachers to tackle the modern knowledge of their young buds. This site not only allows them to create interactive activity-based lessons, additionally, they can also track the students’ involvement along with their feedback. This makes them aware of the situation in which students are being dealt with. Everything about this program is genuine and advanced which makes the life of a teacher a bit easy.

What is JoinPear Deck(PD)?

Pear Deck JoinPD

Join Pear Deck (PD) is an advanced program developed for learning purposes. This allows teachers around the globe to equip themselves with top-notch educational strategies to make the lesson plans a bit more vibrant involvement of technological gadgets also makes the students enthusiastic because they get excited in the name of using gadgets and on top of that, the use of gadgets will be for learning purposes.

Join PD for a wide range of courses along with different tools curated by professionals to inculcate learning with modern technology. Peer reviews and collaborative learning further make it a good site for students. In order to get access to JoinPD you don’t have to be a certified teacher, it means that a person working in administration or any institution related to education can make the program developed for his needs and that will be unique to his viewpoints.

How to sign up for JoinPD?

To make yourself accustomed to advanced learning plans and types of equipment, you need to first create an account on JoinPD and this can be done by following certain steps which are

  • On the Google search engine, type

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Open the first tab which is the official site of Pear Deck.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • On the homepage, click on the “Teacher Login” option.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Log in through your Google or Microsoft account.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Answer a few questions and install the Pear Deck add-ons for your PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Create your slides and add features of JoinPD. Use controls to further run the lessons in your classrooms.

What is the JoinPD code?

It is the codes generated by teachers when they create a lesson and the teachers can share these codes with the students to grant them access to the lessons. The codes can be 6-8 characters and can be a combination of alphabet, letter, or numbers. Students can then view the lessons, slides, activities, and whatsoever is created by the teacher.

One benefit of creating a code is that only authentic and genuine members will join the session and there will be no problem of having any unknown person creating any malice in the lesson.

How to create a code for your JoinPD session?

To create the code, you need to go through the following steps

  • Open the JoinPD website.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Log in to your teacher account and then click on the Create button.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Make a lesson of your choice.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • After completing the task, click the create button again and a code of JoinPD will appear on the screen.

Pear Deck JoinPD

  • Copy that and give it to your students for login.

What are the benefits of using JoinPD?

There are several benefits of using JoinPD.

Advanced technology

One of the benefits of using this website is that you can get easy access to all the advanced technology and features. This will make learning more comprehensible and easy for both the teachers and the learners.

Create engaging content

One of the most important benefits of using this site is that the teacher can generate new engaging content and the old-school classroom whiteboard learning can be reduced considerably. Also, the students will be more excited to use these lessons as they are more interested in learning through gadgets.

Peer activities and collaborative learning

One of the prominent benefits of using JoinPD is the collaborative learning approach where students and teachers can learn side by side. Students can ask any question they want and their peers can review all their assigned tasks. This can make the task easy and accessible for the teachers.

Evaluate student proficiency level

Teachers can evaluate student responses and generate an understanding of how much the students are learning through this program and what changes are needed to make sure that the students are getting prepared for the exams.

How can you join the Pear Deck sessions?

You can join the Pear Deck session using an invite your teacher sent. Just as different online learning platforms work, it allows the teacher to invite all the students to join the session. The invite can be a link directly generated by the teacher or a session code which can be pasted on the login session tap and the students can avail the lesson.

Also after getting invited you need to consider specific steps

  • Check that your device has a secured Wi-Fi connection. An unstable network can cause uninterrupted delays in your lessons and hurdles.
  • Take special care of the audio/video setup after joining the session. Ensure that your microphone and camera are working correctly to avoid any miscommunication.
  • At the end leave the session properly through the end session tap.

These steps should be considered to ensure proper response and communication through this lesson.

What are the features involved in JoinPD?

Pear Deck JoinPD

Seven features make JoinPD one of the best programs for learning purposes. Some of these are

Draw feature

Drop is drawing on the slide at the moment of presentation. This allows the teacher to use several images and emergent ideas displayed on the screen when teaching, so students can learn quickly without any hassle and understand all the material. Also, it will make the teacher write anything he/she wants along with different diagrams and labeling. For example, a teacher needs to teach her students mathematics and there is a solution that is not included in the slide but can provide more accurate answers, so the teacher can click on the draw feature and write all the mathematical equations, so students can learn that as well and understand the scenario in a better manner.

Draggable feature

This feature is like adding an animated cartoon or smart add-ins to your presentation. It means dragging and dropping the element in your lesson. For this, you need to select a text box, shape, or image and then drag it to your specified place, and then drop it in that particular place. This will make the session more interactive and creative. it also increases the student’s engagement in collaborative knowledge and learning experience students can ask questions about the particular add and the teacher can organize short ideas and create mind maps through this feature.

Text feature

along with a drag, a tax feature that makes the teacher include text through interactive things like textbox, labels, and advanced layout options. This will make the text more interactive, creative, and unique for the students to understand. Different font styles with colors also make it unique for the learners. Teachers can also ask questions, provide multiple choice options, and provide different true and false statements, which makes students learn faster and more engaged in the content.

Embedding website feature

There is also a feature of an embedded website where the teacher can include different types of web resources on the same page. This allows the teachers to implement their knowledge directly into a single slide. In this way, the student can get a hands-on experience of all the enhanced learning resources the teachers use in making the slides and can further access the information in later stages. To add this feature, the teacher can copy the URL from the resource and paste it into the slide option. Pear Deck will make a preview of the provided URL. It will make the time less consuming and resources accessible for the student. learners can access the URL later for further research and learning.

Number feature

The number feature allows the teacher to add numerical equations along with data for quantitative research, and students can access all the information more accurately. The comprehension level can also increase by a great amount.

Should you use the JoinPD?

Yes, you should use the JoinPD site to make students learn in an efficient environment along with the latest technological techniques. Students can get a hands-on learning experience through this medium and teachers can also get easy access to student evaluation reports and whether or not they are learning through this program.

Final thoughts

JoinPD is an online learning site made by professionals to provide teachers and students with a good learning environment. Also, the students can avail the content using a code generated by the teacher and get all the lessons along with the plans they need. Thousands of people are using it, and several others are trying to incorporate this program into their learning mechanism. This makes it one of the innovative programs to be used by both teachers and students.


Q: What is Pear Deck?

Is an interactive platform for all educational needs with the inclusion of technology students and teachers can use this platform to learn different lessons activities, lessons and slideshows with the use of technology. It is an online cloud-based site like Zoom and Google Meet that provides an online channel for educational needs. You can join the lesson through your mobile phone, laptop, or computer and gain advanced knowledge of your technological products.

Q: Is the Pear Deck JoinPD free?

Yes, one of the prominent features is that Pear Deck JoinPD is free and available for all users. You don’t have to pay a single dime and you can avail all the modern features that need to be included in learning effectively. If you want students to listen to you attentively and show appraisal towards your teaching style, then Pear Deck JoinPD is one of the most powerful choices you have out there.

Q: What makes JoinPD different from other learning platforms?

One of the distinct features that makes Pear Deck JoinPD different from other learning platforms is that it offers a wide range of features in a free medium which means that you just need to create an account and then log in to that and create your desired lessons with all the features you want and that’s it. It allows you to create and generate code without any hassle of paid content and all that. It means that with every latest feature and simple interface, you can create your desired lesson plans in a relaxed environment. Also, the sharing option of your lessons is huge like sending links, code, and all that which makes it a pretty accessible site for many students.

Q: Does JoinPD allow interactive sessions?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD allows users to have interactive sessions where you all can unmute your microphone and convey your thoughts in the best manner possible. This will be like talking to others face-to-face. This means it is nothing more than a joint session with all the members involved. Different colleagues can join for a meeting or if you are a student and you need to conduct an online interview then you can use this site to get done with your work.

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