Pixwox: A Tool for Accessing Instagram Content

Pixwox: A Tool for Accessing Instagram Content

Written by Mark Williams, In Software, Published On
December 24, 2023

Pixwox is a third-party website that allows users to view Instagram stories, read post updates, and download photos without an Instagram account. It has features for remixing content and sharing it back to Instagram with captions and hashtags. As an anonymous Instagram viewer, Pixwox can be useful but also has some drawbacks to consider.

Top Features Of Pixwox


Feature Description
Video Hosting Pixwox lets users post and share videos.
Duration Limit Uploading movies with a length restriction gives content providers a framework.
Captioning The platform offers subtitles to make videos more accessible and engaging.
Effects Pixwox adds originality and visual appeal to videos with its effects.
Collections Video collections simplify content management and sharing.
Social Media Sharing Smooth social network integration for quick sharing, expanding video reach.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox users can enter any public Instagram username into the Pixwox platform to access available stories, posts, highlights, photos, and videos from that account. It serves as an Instagram viewer and downloader, gathering public-facing content from Instagram profiles, which users can then save directly to their own devices. The tool enables discreet lurking and remixing of content to be shared back to Instagram if desired. However, Pixwox itself has received limited publicity, and scrutiny around its credibility persists due to a very low website trust rating.

Step-by-step guide for using Pixwox:

  • Open any web browser on your device


When using Pixwox, you can access it from any web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. Some popular browser options include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings for the website to function properly.

  • Navigate to the Pixwox website


Go to the Pixwox website by entering www.pixwox.com in your browser search bar. The home page should display a search function to look up Instagram usernames.

  • Copy the exact username of the Instagram account you wish to view

You will need the exact Instagram username of the account you want to access with Pixwox. Copy this username carefully to ensure it is precise.

Some tips:

  • Check for any underscores, dashes, numbers, or capital letters
  • Do not include the @ symbol, only the username text
  • Ensure there are no extra spaces or characters included
  • Paste the username into the Pixwox search bar


The Pixwox home page features a search bar at the top. Click into this search bar and paste the precise Instagram username you have copied.

  • Click the search icon or hit enter to look for the username


Once you have the exact username pasted into the search bar, you can either click the magnifying glass icon to start the search or hit enter on your keyboard.

  • Pixwox gathers all public stories and posts from the account

After starting the username search, Pixwox will begin gathering any public Instagram stories, photos, videos, or other posts from that user’s account. This includes current stories, highlights, as well as archived posts.

  • Scroll through the content and tap download options


You can scroll through the Instagram stories, highlights, photos, and video posts pulled by Pixwox. As you are viewing, tap the downward arrow or ‘download’ icon under any content you want to save to your device storage.

  • The files download directly to local device storage

Pixwox enables downloading files from Instagram accounts directly to your phone, computer, or tablet storage. No separate account or login is needed. Locate the downloads in your device file manager.

Pros and Cons of Using Pixwox

Pros Cons
Access posts anonymously without an account Has received negative reviews
View someone’s usage history Accounts searched for are often not found
Add histories not saved on your phone Low brand awareness on social platforms
Private Pixwox activities New to the industry, so not well-known
A safe environment to view downloadable Instagram posts Very low website trust rating

Should I Choose Pixwox?

In summary, Pixwox allows anonymous viewing and downloading of Instagram content. However, its low trust rating, negative reviews, and limited awareness make it a risky platform to use. Proceed with caution or explore safer alternatives.

Top Alternatives Of Pixwox

  • izoomYou:

zoom you

izoomYou lets users host and share 60-second films. IzoomYou lets you add captions and effects, create collections, and share on social media.

  • InstaStories:


InstaStories is an Instagram Stories competitor released in August 2018. Its ability to generate 10-minute films without a time limit sets it apart. Unlike Instagram Stories, InstaStories allows live publication, making it a flexible video platform.

  • Instalkr:


Instalkr is a powerful Instagram story creator and manager. Adding images, videos, and text to stories, scheduling posts, and customizing filters and effects make this free software stand out. Instagram Story creation is easier with Instalkr. Instagram Stories control software Instalkr is user-friendly. Its many functions and high-quality filters make it a convenient Instagram Story-enhancing tool.

  • VideoPress:

VideoPress is an excellent social media-integrated picture editor. This tool simplifies video making and sharing with friends and followers. With several editing programs, users may add music, effects, cut film, and voiceovers. VideoPress is a flexible multimedia creation tool that enables social media sharing.

  • Dumpor:


The web-based picture management program Dumpor simplifies photo sharing and organization among friends and family. Photo uploads, chronological organization, and sharing are easy with their social networking capabilities. Dumpor’s built-in backup mechanism protects photo memories.


  • Is Pixwox completely anonymous and private to use?

While Pixwox does not require an Instagram login, it has received some negative reviews concerning privacy. Users should understand the potential risks before accessing Instagram accounts anonymously.

  • Why does Pixwox have a low website trust rating?

Factors like lax domain registration policies or coincidences can lead to low trust ratings. This suggests limited credibility for Pixwox in the online community.

  • What are some alternative online tools for viewing Instagram stories?

There are likely safer, more reputable apps and websites to use instead of Pixwox. Do thorough research before selecting another Instagram viewer.

  • Can I get in trouble legally for using Pixwox?

There are uncertainties around legal repercussions. Tread carefully when using tools meant to access social media accounts anonymously.

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