Sennheiser Accentum Wireless: The Perfect Stylish & Comfort Headphones For You

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless: The Perfect Stylish & Comfort Headphones For You

Written by Mark Williams, In Headset, Published On
December 6, 2023

Experience great sound wherever you go with Sennheiser Accentum Wireless Headphones that can enhance your music anywhere. The Accentum Wired incorporates hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology that helps eliminate ambient noise so you can listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks in peace. With a lightweight, ergonomic design it fits comfortably for hours of listening. The heart of Accentum is based on high-end dual 40 mm drivers which translate into full, clear, and spacious sound. The Accentum ® Wireless reproduces the entire range of sounds whether you are appreciating subtle classics or simply enjoying a favourite tune.

Specifications for Sennheiser Accentum Wireless Headphones

Specifications Details
Earbud Over-ear
Wireless Yes
Connection Bluetooth
Bluetooth version 5.2
Bluetooth range 30 feet
Microphone Dual Microphone
Compatibility iOS, Android
Operating System Windows, macOS
Charging 2 hours
Battery life 50 hours
Latency Low
Transparency Mode Yes

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless

Take a break from your fast-paced routine using the Sennheiser Accentum Wireless headphones with hybrid ANC technology. It uses both feed-forward and feedback ANC to block ambient Dnoise to ensure that you can concentrate on your music, audiobooks, or podcasts without distraction.

Rich, Detailed Audio:

The 40mm drivers, precision engineered on the Accentum Wireless will take your listening to the next level. The powerful drivers produce a big and expansive soundstage that spans from sparkling highs to tight punchy bass. Each component for the drives is carefully made to showcase the complexities of classical works, the emotionality of rock anthems, and the subtlety of spoken word sounds.

Unrivaled Battery Life:

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless

The long-lasting batteries of the Accentum Wireless will keep you close to your music all day long. With a single charge giving up to 50 hours of playing time, you can listen without interruption be it during a long flight, while touring the world, or just through the routine day tasks.

Stable Bluetooth 5.2 Connection:

Make use of the Accentum Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 technology for an easy and solid connection without any disruptions. It spans about 30 feet, which means that you will have enough room for movement.

Enhanced Voice Clarity:

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless

The device’s two built-in microphones make clear and crisp hands-free calls to be understandable. The microphones use beamforming technology that focuses on your words so that you speak clearly and in the best quality.

Pros & Cons of Sennheiser Accentum Wireless Headphones

Pros Cons
The soundstage is very open and articulate. It has very good clarity on the low end and the highs are clean. Sennheiser Accentum Wireless headphones cost around $299 which makes it costly in comparison with other available options in the market of wireless headphones.
ANC efficiently shuts off external noise so that you can concentrate and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or book recordings. The call quality may not be so bad but it’s not even close to what some of the other headphones in the market offer.
Up to 50 hours of playtime per charge with 10 10-minute charge getting you up to 5 hours extra playtime. It’s not an extremely wide soundstage like many other high-end models, however.
Up to 7-meter range with aptX LL sync compatible.
Clear hands-free calls using two built-in microphones with beamforming technology.

Verdict for Sennheiser Accentum Wireless Headphones

Similarly, the Accentum Wireless headphones have a strong Bluetooth 5.2 connection that reaches a distance of 30 ft, thereby eliminating any possible sound delay. They also feature modern, classy looks that would match almost any taste. The design is also very streamlined and offers an easy-to-wear fit for longer periods with minimum discomfort. In conclusion, Sennheiser Accentum Wireless should be the first option for people searching for the best sound-producing, effective active noise cancellation (ANC), and high-battery lifetime headphones.


Does Sennheiser Accentum Wireless have Active Noise Cancellation?

 Yes, Sennheiser Accentum Wireless has Active Noise Cancellation which can help you listen to songs without any interruption.

How many microphones does Sennheiser Accentum Wireless have?

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless has 2 microphones, which will help you with easy communication

How much battery life does Sennheiser Accentum Wireless have?

 The Wireless headsets have 50 hours of battery life

Is Sennheiser Accentum Wireless compatible with iOS?

Yes, Sennheiser Accentum Wireless is compatible with iOS & Android

Can you track Sennheiser Accentum Wireless earbuds?

Yes, you can trace the earbuds with the TILE function.

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