Why Should You Never Fall For Shein Gift Card?

Why Should You Never Fall For Shein Gift Card?

Written by Mark Williams, In How To, Published On
October 3, 2023

The Shien gift card scam is a phishing email scam in which hackers send a fake message saying the victim has won a gift card from an online store. The email tells the victim to click on a link to fill out a form so that Shein can give them their gift. When victims are interested, they click on the link, which takes them to an online form that looks like a poll. Most of the time, the structure seems official and takes a while to fill out. Some people who got this phishing email said that filling out this poll form could take more than an hour. Con artists do this to make it look real, but it’s not.


During the poll, victims are asked many questions about how they shop and about Shein as a business. After a few pages of general questions, they are asked for their name, location, and bank account details.  Most people are okay with this extra shipping cost because the supposed gift card usually costs hundreds of dollars. Scammers make much money from shipping fees because they get a few dollars from hundreds of people who fall for their schemes. After filling out the form and paying the shipping fee, the recipient is told that their gift card will arrive in five to seven working days. But I never get the gift card.

How to Spot a Fake Email About a Shein Gift Card

Email About a Shein Gift Card

Not all emails offering gift cards are scams. Shein sells gift cards, just like most online stores, and sometimes gives them away for free as a prize. Aside from that, websites like InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Swagbucks offer gift cards to users in exchange for using their services. You should ensure that the email you got is a scam and not a real offer from Shein or one of its partners to give you something for free. People who use prize apps or shop at Shein often should pay more attention to texts about gift cards.

Always remember: 

  1. Check the email address from which you got the message to see if it is real or a scam. If the email address has a brand name, like Swagbucks, look up the brand’s official email address and match it to the address you got the email from.
  2. CScammers can fool you easily by making the email address look almost exactly like the real one. If you need more clarification, call the company’s customer service to find out if it’s a real email from that brand. This should help you figure out whether or not it’s real.
  3. If you want to avoid calling the company’s customer service or having other questions, look for other clues that it’s a gift card scam.

How do you respond to gift card emails?

How do you respond to gift card emails

If you’re sure the email is authentic, follow the instructions to earn your reward. We advise against clicking on links without consulting the company. Block the sender’s email address if the email address is bogus and the organization maintains it didn’t send it. This will make future scammers hard to reach. The email may ask you to download an e-gift card. Do not. It could be dangerous and infect your device. Don’t click on email links either. This prevents hackers from accessing your computer. Finally, notify the email recipient so your email service can block hackers’ addresses. This tiny but effective action will stop hacker scams.

Have you got ripped off? What should you do next?

What should you do next

If you’ve already been tricked by a fake email, there are a few things you can do to keep things from getting worse.

  1. If you paid the scammers for shipping, your bank or credit card company should refund you. Scammers will use every dollar you give them accidentally to deceive more people like you, so do everything you can to get your money back. Before anything else, request your return.
  2. Fill up the poll form with personal or family information and tell the correct people instantly. If scammers exploit your information to commit crimes, you shouldn’t be prosecuted.

Scammers may try to use your important information against you if they have it, like your bank account and credit card numbers. To stop scams like this, you should ask your bank or credit card company to freeze your account and cards temporarily. After that, they should be able to tell you what to do next.

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