What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger?

What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger?

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August 13, 2023

Over the past decade, more and more people have been using “temporary” social networking applications like Snapchat and Instagram. Users like the sense of exclusivity and privacy provided by vanishing communications, whether they are photos that disappear after a few seconds or Stories that erase after a day. That’s why we created a “Vanish Mode” for Messenger. A temporary social networking app, like the ones you use every day, Vanish Mode is similar to others.

What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger?


Wondering What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger? Using the Messenger app’s Vanish Mode, you may send disappearing messages to any of your current conversation partners. These communications are temporary and will expire after the receiver has read them. It’s a convenient alternative to conventional chat for sending short messages. Both of you will be notified if a screenshot is taken of the Vanish Mode conversation. Even if you turn off Vanish Mode, all messages sent or received during the hour before your report will be included in the report.

How Does Vanish Mode Work?

  • You need to make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Messenger software. You and the person you are texting must already have a connection established for this option to appear.
  • It is not possible to have your emails automatically deleted if the recipient does not have access to disappear mode. For the functionality to function correctly, it is necessary for both parties to have it turned on.
  • Messenger also offers an incognito mode that users may activate at their own leisure. Since it is not the default choice for texting, you are under no obligation to use it.
  • Before you leave the chat, your communications are encrypted and stored momentarily until you depart. Such communications will remain secure even if your Facebook account is compromised.
  • The encryption will alert you each time a screenshot is taken of the communications. Don’t worry; you can still report or block anyone who abuses the function.

How to use Vanish Mode in Messenger

You’ll need the Messenger app (formerly Facebook Messenger) on your iOS or Android device in order to activate Vanish Mode.

  1. Launch Messenger and initiate a conversation with a friend or acquaintance. You’ll need to have a one-on-one discussion, as Vanish Mode is currently ineffective in group conversations.
  2. To do so, tap the bottom of the screen and drag it up. A prompt to swipe for Vanish Mode ought to appear. The circular icon will fill up as you slide your finger around it.
  3. A blank screen will appear in place of your current conversation once you activate Vanish Mode. When you first activate Vanish Mode, a window will appear with further details regarding the function.
  4. Four, you may carry on a regular conversation by exchanging text and images on the Vanish Mode interface. These will remain in effect until the receiver reads your message and ends the conversation.

Difference Between the Messenger’s Secret and Vanish Modes

Messenger’s Secret and Vanish Modes

Since Messenger already has a discrete chat option, it’s unclear what purpose Vanish Mode serves. Some things are the same, and some are different. When using the end-to-end encrypted Secret Conversation mode, users’ conversations are stored locally on their devices, whereas in the end-to-end encrypted Vanish Mode, messages are deleted from all parties’ devices after they have been viewed by their intended recipients and the chat has been terminated. In addition, the message can be deleted from the recipient’s chat history after a certain amount of time, while remaining in the sender’s chat history for safekeeping.

Enable and Disable Vanish Mode in a Chat


Vanish Mode in a conversation can be enabled or disabled in several ways, depending on the user’s platform.

  • Put your iPhone or iPad into “Incognito” mode.
  • Initiate a conversation in Messenger on your iOS device.
  • Now enter the Chat Settings by tapping on your profile picture, and find the Privacy & Support area at the bottom of the page.
  • The next step is to launch Vanish Mode and flip its switch to the “on” position.
  • If this is the first time you’ve used Vanish Mode, you’ll be prompted to read some information before you can enable it for a discussion.
  • Then, double-click the back button to return to the conversation window.
  • Get to it and fire off a note.
  • The conversation can then continue (if the other person agrees to use Vanish Mode) after a brief pause.
  • When you’re done chatting, just exit the chat window or click the Turn Off Vanish Mode button. Messenger’s standard chat interface will load now.

The Vanish Mode shortcut is also available. Simply navigate to a conversation within Messenger, slide up until the circle is full, and then release to enter Vanish Mode. You may turn off Vanish Mode by simply swiping up on the conversation screen.


Now you know about What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger? You can’t make your profile completely secret, but above mentioned  steps will bring you very close. After making these adjustments, you can continue to use Facebook without worrying about strangers discovering your profile.

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