When Will Simply Jif Be Back on Shelves?

When Will Simply Jif Be Back on Shelves?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
September 10, 2023

The aftermath of the Jif Peanut Butter recall is still being felt. A confectionery manufacturer in Bluefield, West Virginia, is recalling products containing Jif brand peanut butter as health officials attempt to manage a multi-state salmonella epidemic related to the popular food component. This comes nearly five weeks after the J.M. Smucker Co. withdrew numerous varieties of Jif brand peanut butter. In a notice released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday, Deskins Candies warned consumers not to ingest items sold in 16-ounce containers in three states. The Deskins Candies were recalled because the peanut butter used to make them was recalled on May 20 under the Jif brand.

Merchants Distributor of Hickory, North Carolina; Kroger of Salem, Virginia; and Grants of West Virginia and Virginia all sold the tainted sweets:

  • UPC Code: 7-33980-123117 Best Before Date: June 26, 2022 Peanut Butter Fudge
  • UPC 7 33980 123317 Peanut Butter No-Bake Ends June 21, 2022
  • Date of expiration: June 16, 2022, UPC: 7 33980 123147 Peanut Butter Pinwheel
  • Date of expiration: June 26, 2022 Lot#: 7 33980 123347 Chocolate No-Bake

Why isn’t Simply Jif available, and what’s the deal?

When Will Simply Jif Be Back on Shelves

There are a few reasons why Simply Jif peanut butter might no longer be available to buy. It’s possible that the product was recalled because of an issue during production. Alternatively, the corporation may have decided to cease production because demand had dropped. It’s also possible that after the company’s acquisition, its new owners dropped the Simply Jif moniker. Whatever the case may be, it seems unlikely that Simply Jif will be returning to shelves any time soon.

How will people know when Simply Jif is back in stores?

Consumers will be informed of Simply Jif’s restocking in multiple ways. 

  1. To begin, the product will be reintroduced to the American market via a widespread advertising campaign. Television, radio, print, and digital ads, as well as PR and social media engagement, will all be part of this strategy.
  2. The company will also collaborate with merchants to guarantee that Simply Jif is presented prominently.
  3. Experimenting with increased shelf space and in-store marketing to drum up interest and sales
  4. At the same time, we’ll keep up our robust web presence, with a special emphasis on generating interesting material that can be accessed on the portable digital devices that consumers are increasingly favouring.
  5. Finally, a tailored loyalty programme will be introduced to reward customers who have stuck with the brand despite its disappearance from stores. Members of this programme will have access to unique perks, including discounts and coupons, as well as contests and events.

Simply Jif wants to be a cherished and reliable brand, so it’s making a concerted effort to reward its customers for their dedication.

When, if ever, will Simply Jif’s recipe be updated?

There has been no word that the original Simply Jif recipe will be altered in any way. But it doesn’t imply we can’t make adjustments to the recipe in the future. It’s possible that with some little adjustments to the formula, the corporation may produce the ideal peanut butter spread. Alternatively, the corporation might make adjustments if there was a demand for them (such as a higher or lower sugar content).

While there are no immediate plans to alter the Simply Jif recipe, that could change at any time in response to feedback or other factors. If you like the original Simply Jif recipe, you should savour it while you still can.

When Simply Jif returns to stores, will the pricing remain the same?

It’s possible that the price of Simply Jif will go up once it’s back on store shelves. The going rate for a jar of Simply Jif is around $4.50, although that could change at any time. A price increase could be due to a rise in the cost of raw materials or a shift in consumer preferences. If the price does go up, how much is unknown? The momentary disappearance of Simply Jif from store shelves and subsequent reappearance is unlikely to have a major effect on the retail price of the product.

Is the return of Simply Jif to store shelves a permanent fixture, or is it temporary?

Fans of the iconic peanut butter Jif responded positively to Procter & Gamble’s announcement that it would be relaunching the product after a two-year hiatus. Previously, the product had been phased out in favour of a new, healthier range of spreads called Just Friends, but this decision was reversed. P&G saw a precipitous decline in Just Friends sales and responded by bringing Jif back by popular demand. The most pressing issue at hand is whether or not this comeback is a temporary promotion. So far, the only thing we know about P&G’s plans is that the product will be available again in stores for a “limited time only.”

However, it is quite doubtful that P&G would reintroduce Jif for a limited time. A temporary promotion is more likely to generate buzz and excitement than a permanent re-launch; therefore, the company must have realised that there is still high demand for the product. Therefore, although we can’t be certain, it appears like Jif’s return to supermarket shelves is permanent. And that’s great news for peanut butter lovers around the world.

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