Air conditioning failure: causes and solutions?

Air conditioning failure: causes and solutions?

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January 7, 2024

Is your air conditioner no longer working properly? Water leaks, bad smells, lights off, drafts… In this article, discover the eight most common problems you are likely to encounter. In addition, learn to identify the causes and methodically resolve each air conditioning failure. Of course, some cases will require intervention by the professional of aircon servicing.

Focus on the operation of an air conditioning system

The refrigeration cycle

How do air conditioners and heat pumps turn warm air into cold air?

The refrigeration circuit is made up of four main elements: the compressor, the condenser, the expansion valve, and the evaporator. By varying the pressure of the refrigerant flowing inside the circuit, they transfer calories from the inside to the outside.

Here are the main steps in the refrigeration cycle of an air conditioner:

  • The refrigerant captures the calories present in the air inside your home;
  • It then transports them to the compressor located in the outdoor unit. The fan helps to evacuate the heat better;
  • The fluid is then routed through the expansion valve and the evaporator, which diffuses the cold air into your home.

The different types of air conditioners

inverter AC

The operation of your air conditioning system will largely depend on the type of unit you choose. In the trade, you can turn to different models:

  • The packaged air conditioner is made up of a single unit. Fixed or mobile, it is generally more economical;
  • The split air conditioner is composed of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. It is less bulky and less noisy inside;
  • The multi-split air conditioner is composed of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. It allows you to cool several living rooms at the same time;
  • The ducted air conditioner is installed in the attic or a false ceiling. It offers a significant space-saving;
  • The reversible air conditioner and the air-air heat pump (air-air heat pump) serve as an auxiliary heating system in winter.

To benefit from an efficient installation, it is essential to size your air conditioning system correctly. By carrying out a heat balance of your home, a professional can guide you in choosing your device. So you can save energy all year round!

The 8 Most Common Air Conditioning Failures: Causes and Solutions

Air Condition fix

Is your air conditioner showing signs of malfunction? By analyzing the external signs, detect the causes of the breakdown. Nature Cool also gives you the procedure to follow for troubleshooting.

1- The indoor unit no longer cools and heats

Does the indoor unit(s) of your air conditioning system no longer emit heat or cold? The air inlet or outlet is probably clogged. Clean the ducts and restart your device.

If the problem persists, try reprogramming your air conditioner. Always nothing? The problem may then come from your compressor. This type of failure is certainly the most difficult to detect. Its origin can be mechanical as well as electrical, or even concerning the refrigerant. Troubleshooting requires the expertise of professional refrigeration engineers and air conditioners who have a solid knowledge of how air conditioning works.

2- The air conditioner is leaking

Is your air conditioning unit leaking? Do you notice a trickle along the wall under your wall-mounted air conditioner or a small puddle of water under your outdoor unit? It could be a condensation problem. Empty the condensate tray and clean it. Dust and declutter the exhaust duct of your air conditioner. Finally, check the tightness.

Does the problem persist? You may be dealing with a refrigerant leak. It would be best if you acted quickly because it is a dangerous gas for health and the environment.

Warning: any manipulation of the refrigerant liquid must be carried out by a professional refrigeration specialist. He will use a tracer gel or an electronic detector to locate the leak and then do what is necessary to repair it.

3- The air conditioner freezes

Do you notice the formation of frost on the surface of your air conditioner? You must act quickly because broken icing consumes a lot of energy and can seriously damage your aircraft.

Start by turning off your air conditioning and letting it thaw completely. Then, clean or replace the filters.

If the problem persists, the frost formation may be due to a leak or improper temperature setting. You must then call on a professional Mitsubishi aircon servicing in singapore to repair your air conditioning fault as soon as possible.

4- The air conditioner makes a strange noise

Some air conditioners are naturally noisy: ventilation noises, squeaking due to temperature variations, circulation of fluids when starting the device… Only an unusual noise is a sign of an air conditioning failure.

The cause may be simply overheating. Turn off your air conditioner and let the engine cool for about ten minutes.

If the noise persists, your filter may be clogged. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to clean your filters or replace them.

If you don’t see any improvement, the noise may be coming from a loose screw. Check all units of your appliance and screw the outer panels back on.

Still no results? The best solution you can try is an aircon gas top-up in Singapore, or you can call on a refrigeration technician to diagnose your air conditioning system.

5- The air conditioner smells bad

Bad smells emanating from your air conditioner? Air conditioning systems are subject to humidity and large temperature variations, which can promote the growth of bacteria and mold. Regular maintenance generally helps to avoid these inconveniences.

Take a disinfectant and meticulously clean your device: evaporator, coil, ducts, air ducts, condensate pan, electrostatic filters, etc. It would be best if you got into the habit of servicing your air conditioner every 3 to 5 years, as directed by the installer.

Unpleasant odors can also come from the activated carbon filter, which should be changed once or twice a year.

If bad odors remain, contact a professional company of Mitsubishi aircon servicing in Singapore.

6- The air conditioner suddenly stops or jerks

Does your air conditioner stop by itself? Using multiple electrical outlets may cause a power surge. Plug your air conditioner into a grounded circuit to check for this possibility.

Otherwise, it is possible that the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is clogged, or even that the air outlet is clogged. It would be best if you then cleaned your filters and your air outlets. And above all, make sure you don’t put anything on your outdoor units!

7- Lights go out or flash

If the electronic lights on your control panel go out or flash, you most likely have a power supply problem.

You should then check:

  •   that the circuit breaker is not switched off;
  •   that the fuse is not blown;
  •   that the power cord is properly connected.

If everything is in order but the air conditioning failure persists, call a professional to repair or replace your equipment.

8- The remote control no longer works

Can’t get your air conditioner remote to work?

  •   if using an infrared remote control, check the batteries ;
  •   if you are using a wired remote, check the cord and the control panel;
  •   If you are using a Wi-Fi remote, check the battery and the network connection.

If the problem persists, you may need to change your remote.

Air conditioning failure: let Nature Cool guide you

Don’t be left alone with an air conditioning failure! Nature Cool offers support throughout your air conditioning installation project. We help you choose a qualified artisan near you. In just a few clicks, you are put in touch with a professional air conditioning or refrigeration specialist. You receive several free quotes, which allows you to compare the different offers.

Our air conditioning simulator can also help you choose the system best suited to your needs. Depending on different parameters (surface of your home, level of insulation, geographical area, etc.), it defines the best air conditioners. It also puts you in contact with professionals from the Guide of Nature Cool network, qualified to take charge of your project.

But Nature Cool’s support does not stop after the choice and installation of your air conditioner! The Nature Cool’s Pros will give you all the necessary advice on use and maintenance. They will also maintain your device and intervene in the event of air conditioning failure. What benefits from an efficient and durable air conditioning system?

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