Doublelist: Everything To Know About

Doublelist: Everything To Know About

Written by Sophie Robertson, In How To, Published On
August 28, 2023

Doublelist is an updated version of the popular online listing service Craigslist that enables local buyers and sellers to connect online. Users must authenticate their identity before using the site, making it a secure place to publish ads without worrying about getting duped. You may be unfamiliar with Doublelist or unwilling to give it a shot because of its relative youth. Read on for my thoughts on this innovative service. Find out if it suits you and, if not, what other options are available.

What Is DoubleList?

Many people have different interpretations of what “Doublelist Review” implies when you Google it. It has been called both a good Craigslist and Backpage alternative. Each question has no simple solution. Since hundreds, if not thousands, of new posts, appear daily in many large U.S. cities, Doublelist can be considered as populous as Craigslist. On the other hand, the posts’ subject matter sounds like something you would find on the back page.

In contrast to the transparency of the Backpage community, the Doublelist community appears to cloak its actions in jargon out of fear of legal ramifications. If your post or profile is found to include sexual references, it will be removed immediately, and you will lose access to the site permanently. It is a different story if you try to engage in sexual exchange for financial gain. Potential legal trouble awaits you. On DoubleList, many users spoke in secret.

DoubleList Benefits and Drawbacks

DoubleList Benefits and Drawbacks

It would help if you considered the benefits and drawbacks of using Doublelist now that you know more about it. Is Doublelist reliable to use? Let us examine the advantages I have mentioned after using the site.


  • To begin with, it is simple to get around the Doublelist website. People who prefer basic websites without many bells and whistles may appreciate this. Making your ad and browsing through those of other users is simple.
  • It welcomes people of all orientations and gender identities. You can find what you are searching for, whether you are a man seeking a woman, a woman seeking another woman, a couple looking for another pair, or anyone else.
  • In order to prevent spam from flooding the site, users are required to provide their phone numbers. To both read and contribute to discussions, you will need an account.
  • A strict no-tolerance policy is in place because the site’s administrators value user safety above everything else.
  • The site is restricted to users above the age of 18. We remove and permanently prohibit users who upload illegal or harmful content to minors.


  • Spam and scammers are inevitable with every personal online site.
  • The platform allows users to report questionable or unlawful content to counteract these issues.
  • In addition to preventing spam, they ask users to sign up with an account and a phone number.
  • Due to the site’s recent launch, less populous cities may not be represented. In order to meet new individuals, you might have to travel further. More localities will likely be added to the site in the future.
  • Doublelist does its best to ensure its users are secure, but the service does not actively monitor its membership. This means you should take precautions and look out for yourself.

Should I Use Doublelist?

DoubleList Benefits and Drawbacks

I spent several weeks utilizing, researching, and comparing Doublelist and other sites to assess it and its alternatives accurately. It is straightforward and provides several possibilities for casual daters. DoULike, Locanto, BedPage, and other alternatives are secure, do not publicly disclose users’ private information, and have many more features to protect users’ anonymity and safety online. They facilitate efficient and trustworthy communication with the locals in your area.


What exactly is a Doublelist?

After that feature was eliminated, emerged as an alternative to Craigslist’s ‘personals’ section. It offered a place for people to go on dates, making meeting potential partners easier. The website has top-notch security and support to match.

Where did the Doublelist go?

There have been rumors that the site could go down for a while, but it is currently operational.

What locations does Doublelist serve?

You may find “Doublelist” in 248 different American cities. It is effective across the board and can be used in most major cities across the United States and Canada. Matches can be found quickly and easily based on criteria such as geography and city of choice.


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