Outlook PST Recovery Tool – Step By Step Guide

Outlook PST Recovery Tool – Step By Step Guide

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August 4, 2023

Many Outlook PST users need help with their Outlook emails. To manage Outlook data, users seek an Outlook PST recovery tool to recover their PST file data easily. In the following blog, we will be discussing everything about the recovery process. Users will also get to know about different methods to proceed with the task and its working.

Some users are searching on the internet for the intention behind repairing the Outlook PST file. However, most of the users running a business are well aware of the features of Outlook and how it works and know the purpose of doing so. On the other hand, most new business owners or bingers who want to proceed with Outlook PST files to save their data are willing to know about it.

One of the prime reasons for the process is that your data will remain safe if you recover the data. Users face data loss that can be dangerous for their organisation. To overcome the situation, it is better to repair Outlook 365 quickly.

What are the methods to proceed with the task?

All the users willing to proceed with the task and want to repair their PST files are well versed that there are two approaches to perform the task. One is the manual method, and the other is a professional third-party Outlook PST recovery tool. Users willing to begin the task can check out both methods and choose their preferred one.

Repair PST file with a manual Approach

The manual method is the oldest way to repair the Outlook PST file; most users depend on this technique only. The manual method is time-consuming, so users have to wait long to finish the task. Mainly one technical expert can repair Outlook 365 without any issues. This is because it involves a lot of technicalities, and for that, users must have vast knowledge about the process. Now go through the task manually.

Method – 1 Recover items from a deleted folder

  • To repair PST file Launch the Outlook application in your system.
  • Now, select the “deleted item list” option from the email folder list.
  • After that, you should check if the deleted items are available in the folder list.
  • If you find a deleted item in the folder, right-click on it and hit the move option. After that, select the other folder option.
  • Select the inbox to restore the lost data in the inbox folder and hit the Ok button.
  • If users want to restore their deleted items to another folder like sent items, calendar, etc., select the folder and click on the ok option.
  • Your emails will be stored in your desired folder from your deleted folder.

Method- 2- Restore the deleted PST files items from the server

  • Firstly, open the Outlook email client and visit the email folder list.
  • Now select the deleted item folder option and hit the home tab.
  • After that, from the server, the option hit the recover deleted items option.
  • Post that, select the item that you want to recover.
  • On the next window, click on the restore, select the items option and hit the Ok button.
  • Users should make sure that they are running the task online mode. If not, then turn to online mode. To repair Outlook PST files, users must use the Exchange server account.

Limitations of manual approach to repair Outlook PST files

Although users are willing to begin the task with the manual method, one should know about the disadvantage of using the method. If users need to know the drawback of running the task manually, you can check out the pointers mentioned below.

  • The manual method does not guarantee data security to the users, as it will repair the data, but there can be a chance of data loss.
  • As already discussed, it is a time-consuming process, and nowadays, users generally require instant results for their tasks. Therefore, now users look for Outlook PST recovery tool because it is the fastest way to recover data.
  • All the new users will find it difficult to run the task manually as it requires considerable technical knowledge.

Features of Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool

As discussed with the professional tool, we suggest users try the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool for the process, as it completes the whole task without glitches. Some users were searching for the perfect recovery tool.

Here we are sharing some astonishing features of the software.

  • The software repairs the data instantly without consuming much time.
  • It can export various file items in different formats like – MSG, EML, HTML and RTF.
  • No size limit exists, so users can add multiple files to repair.
  • The Outlook PST recovery tool repairs the hardly deleted items from the PST files.
  • It has an incremental export option that resumes the interrupted process.
  • Its user’s friendly interface makes the process stress-free.

Repair PST file with a professional tool

All the users who want to repair their Outlook PST files look for a professional Outlook PST recovery tool that can easily repair user data. Even though there are many tools available online, users are still looking for the best tool that offers an authentic experience while proceeding with the task.

Now that everyone knows that professionally, the task becomes very easy-going because it requires no technical knowledge. Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool is one of the popular tools that users can rely on. Users will come across various free tools that offer to repair the data free of cost that are harmful to the user’s data.

These types of tools do not assure data security, and they may damage your whole data.

  • Download the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool and install it in your system to begin the process.
  • Now tap on the Add PST files option and select your desired PST file.
  • After that, to recover the deleted item of the PST file, check the advance scan option, and then click on the Ok option.
  • From the ribbon bar, select the Outlook PST option.
  • On the new window, check/ uncheck the subfolder from the list as necessary and click on the Next tab.
  • To save the recovered file into the existing one or in a new file, choose the option and then hit the Next button.
  • Next, there will be a filter option that users can apply based on date criteria.
  • To map the mailbox folder, users can select the Advance option, select email translation, thread count, hit the Ok tab and then on the Next option.
  • The process will then begin, after that, click on the Ok option, and once the process is completed, hit the Finish option.
  • With this Outlook PST recovery tool, users will be able to repair their PST files easily.

Wrapping up

By wrapping up the content would like to inform the users that in the above content, we have explained everything about the process. With the help of the Outlook PST recovery tool, users can begin the task easily. Apart from that, users can also download the free demo version to learn more about the software.

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