Why is my IP address being restricted

Why is my IP address being restricted

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September 9, 2023

A temporary block of your IP address prevents you from accessing the site. This issue might have been caused by your repeated attempts to log in or the presence of content that is forbidden by the site’s administration.

The system has temporarily disabled your IP address

A device’s IP address is what allows it to join a network and exchange data with other gadgets. If a server on a network has blacklisted your IP address, you may be unable to access a certain website from your device. This is a temporary blockage that might last for up to a day. Learn the signs that your IP address has been blocked from accessing a website. Accessing the site from a different device will confirm that you are temporarily restricted. Your IP has been banned, however, the other device may still be able to access the site.

Why is my IP address being restricted?

Is that what caused the “Blocked IP” warning to appear? Reasons for this include, but are not limited to:

  1. When you sign up for an account on a website, you usually only have access for a limited time. If you go above the limit, the website will automatically ban your IP address. This is a security measure taken by websites to prevent intrusion.
  2. If your country is on a blacklist, you will not be able to access the website from where you are now located.
  3. Codes for routinely occurring errors If you keep getting error response codes like 403, your IP address will be blacklisted.
  4. A website’s firewall or system may block your IP address if you violate the rules by doing things like publishing unlawful content
  5. The website has temporarily disabled your IP address due to your suspicious behaviour.
  6. When a browser is unable to detect a user’s existence on the servers, cookie issues arise.
  7. Since scanning for open ports is a common method used by hackers to obtain unauthorised access to systems and data, it should raise warning flags.

If your IP address has been temporarily banned, how can you get unblocked?

To Stay Put

If you make too many unsuccessful login attempts in a 24-hour period, you will be banned. You may try logging in again after waiting 24 hours. You may also read the website’s terms and conditions if you have any questions.

You Should Probably Change Wireless Networks

You might try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network. Your IP address will be reset whenever you join a new wireless network. This is a simple method to regain access to the protected section of the website.

Find out what’s causing the problem

To unblock your IP, you must first learn why it was restricted. Keep in mind that the blockage might have been caused by a number of different things, calling for a variety of solutions. A barrier set by a country’s regulations, for example, will call for a different strategy than one brought about by a breach of the rules. You should also make sure you haven’t breached any of the site’s regulations. Check the site’s footer for a link to its policies if you need confirmation of this.

Find Out If Your IP Address Is Blocked

Public IP blacklists are frequently used by websites to prevent abuse by hackers and spammers. Check your IP address using WhatIsMyIPAddress to see whether it has been banned. Since your IP address is automatically entered, you may use this to see if you already exist in these databases.

Put a proxy server to good use

If you need to save costs somewhere, a proxy server is a great option to consider. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between a user and the destination website or page. By hiding your IP address, the proxy safeguards your privacy and freedom online. Keep in mind that many websites are aware of proxy servers and will immediately terminate any connections made from a public proxy server’s IP address. Should you be caught, you should expect an error message along the lines of “The owner of this website has banned your IP address.” When utilising a proxy server, never submit any personal information.

Scan for Malware

Running antimalware software on your computer is crucial when your IP address is temporarily blocked. A compromised computer will be used in spam or denial-of-service attacks if hackers get access to it. However, even if you wait 24 hours and your ban is lifted, there is a strong risk that you will be banned again. Just hit the “Start” button, type “security,” then click “Windows Security” to begin scanning your computer. At last, go to Options and pick Virus & threat protection.


To sum up, the “Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked” issue has more than one workaround. It is essential to get to the bottom of things before trying to fix them. Some potential solutions include: waiting it out; running a virus check; contacting the site’s administrator; restarting your router; using a virtual private network; turning off proxy servers; and clearing your browser’s cache. If you keep having trouble getting there, it might be time to call in the pros.

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