A Complete Solution to View MBOX Files in Outlook

A Complete Solution to View MBOX Files in Outlook

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December 25, 2023

Many users have MBOX files and they want to view MBOX files in Outlook but they don’t know the proper way to perform that task. Outlook uses a completely different file format than MBOX files so it’s not easy to read MBOX Files in Outlook.

In this blog we are going to provide you with two reliable methods with a simple guide, the first method will be a manual method and the other will be a professional way. In the automated method, you will see the FreeViewer MBOX File Converter application to Convert MBOX to PST.

Why It’s Hard to View MBOX Files in Outlook

In this section of this blog, you are going to learn about the problems that users face while they try to read MBOX files in Outlook.

  • To view MBOX files in Outlook, users need to rely on third-party tools. However, the quality and reliability of these tools can be different, and some do not provide good results.
  • The process of converting MBOX to PST can sometimes result in data loss or corruption. This is particularly true if the conversion tool is not well-developed or if there are complications in the MBOX file structure.
  • MBOX and PST files organize email messages and folders differently. Converting from one format to another may not perfectly maintain the original folder structure, leading to confusion for the user.
  • Outlook and MBOX handle attachments differently. Converting between these formats might not always handle attachments, potentially leading to issues with missing attachments.
  • MBOX and Outlook use different character sets and encoding methods for storing text. Converting between these formats may introduce encoding issues, leading to garbled.

Now you know what problems you can face while you try to read MBOX files in Outlook, in the upcoming section we will show you a proper manual method to view MBOX files in Outlook without many complications.

How to  View MBOX Files in Outlook Manually?

Previously you have learned that Outlook and MBOX files are very different and it’s not easy to read MBOX files in Outlook easily. In this part, we will show you how can you perform that process.

  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird and create a new account.
  • After setting up the account account, right-click Local Folders.
  • In the menu bar that opens, click Settings.
  • Local Folders Settings Thunderbird
  • In the tab that opens, click on the Browse button and locate the MBOX file folder.
  • Restart the Thunderbird application. The folders saved in the MBOX file are displayed under the Local Folders.
  • Create a temporary Gmail account and then set up the account in your Thunderbird application.
  • Drag and drop the MBOX files from the Local Folder to a folder in the Gmail mailbox.
  • After copying all the files from MBOX to Gmail, close the Thunderbird application.
  • Open Outlook on the system and set up the same Gmail account you used earlier. Wait for the application to download all the emails from Google’s server.

This is the only manual way that can help you to view MBOX files in Outlook still it’s not a direct method to read MBOX files in Outlook. This method has many limitations as well as you are going to see below.

Limitations of Manual Method

You are going to face many limitations when you try to view MBOX files in Outlook if you have a large MBOX file it can crash your application or it might take days to finish the whole process.

  • Manually copying and pasting the content from MBOX files into Outlook may lead to data integrity issues. Some metadata and formatting information may be lost in the process, such as attachments, folder structure, and email properties.
  • MBOX files contain metadata that are not supported by Outlook. This can result in the loss of certain functions of data when viewing MBOX content in Outlook.
  • Manual methods involve copying and pasting data, which increases the risk of data corruption. Any mistake during this process could lead to the loss of important emails or attachments.
  • Viewing MBOX files in Outlook does not provide automatic sync between the MBOX file and the Outlook client. Changes made in one application may not be reflected in the other.
  • Handling MBOX files manually raises security concerns, especially if the files contain sensitive information.

If you are still looking for a better and easier option to view MBOX files in Outlook we have the best application for you to use with that application it’s the easiest way to read MBOX files in Outlook.

Automated Way to View MBOX Files

If you just want to read MBOX files you can use the ForensicsWare MBOX File Viewer Software. With this tool, you can view MBOX files in many formats such as HTML, Header view, Property View, and many more.

  • Download the application in your system and install the program
  • Then open the application and locate your MBOX files or use the auto-scan feature
  • The software will let you preview the files with different modes such as HTML, Header, and other view modes
  • Then choose the horizontal and vertical view modes to easily read the MBOX file

Note: by using this application not only you can view your MBOX files you will also be able to save your files in many formats such as HTML, TXT, EML, MSG, PST, and many more with extra functions.

The application we have mentioned above is not just easy to use it also has a large number of beneficial features below you are going to learn about them. with it, you can easily view MBOX in Outlook without depending on Outlook.

Beneficial Features of the Professional Application

  • The tool allows you to read MBOX files from multiple email clients without needing any external application.
  • This application offers multiple preview modes, such as HEX, HTML, RTF, Header, and others.
  • This feature enables automatic retrieval of the MBOX files from the default profile configuration of the email application.
  • The file mode enables you to browse and examine MBOX/MBX/MBS files.
  • For digital forensics, this application is ideal – it takes up less space and quickly analyzes MBOX files.


In this blog, we have shown you the proper way to view MBOX files in Outlook with a step-by-step guide. With it, you can read Mbox files in Outlook, you can use any provided methods according to your needs. But we don’t suggest using the manual method. Because the manual method can damage your MBOX file or change your file structure.

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