ttu blackboard: How to Login, Signup, Revcover password

ttu blackboard: How to Login, Signup, Revcover password

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November 1, 2023

Texas Tech University (TTU) uses a Learning Management System (LMS) called Blackboard to facilitate online and blended learning for its students. Blackboard is a widely used platform in the education sector that provides tools for course management, content delivery, communication, and assessment. Here, I’ll provide a detailed overview of TTU Blackboard, its features, and how it’s used in the context of Texas Tech University.

Accessing TTU Blackboard: Students and instructors can access TTU Blackboard through the university’s dedicated Blackboard website, which is typically found at a URL like “” To log in, you will need your TTU eRaider username and password, which are provided by the university.

Features and Functions of TTU Blackboard:

Course Management:

  • Instructors can create and manage their course content, including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, and assessments.
  • Courses can be organized into various sections, making it easy to manage multiple courses within a single account.

Content Delivery:

  • Instructors can upload various types of content, such as documents, videos, links, and multimedia files, to share with students.
  • Content can be organized in folders and modules to streamline the learning experience.

Discussion Boards:

  • Blackboard provides discussion boards where students and instructors can engage in online discussions related to course topics.
  • These discussions can be used for class participation, asking questions, and sharing ideas.

Assessment and Quizzes:

  • Instructors can create and manage quizzes, tests, and assignments within Blackboard.
  • It supports various question types, including multiple-choice, short answer, essay questions, and more.
  • Instructors can set up automatic grading for certain question types.


  • The Grade Center in Blackboard allows instructors to track and manage student performance.
  • Instructors can enter grades for assignments and exams, and the system can calculate overall course grades based on weightings.


Instructors can post announcements to the course homepage to communicate important information, such as changes to the course schedule, reminders, or updates.

Collaboration Tools:

Blackboard offers various collaboration tools, including virtual classrooms and web conferencing for real-time interaction with students.

Calendar and To-Do List:

Students and instructors can use the integrated calendar and to-do list to keep track of important dates and deadlines.

File Exchange:

Blackboard includes a file exchange system that allows students to submit assignments, essays, or other coursework directly to their instructors.


Students can contact their instructors and peers through the messaging system within Blackboard.

Mobile Accessibility:

Blackboard offers a mobile app, making it convenient for students and instructors to access course materials on their smartphones and tablets.

Usage at Texas Tech University:

TTU Blackboard is an integral part of the university’s educational infrastructure, supporting both in-person and online courses. Instructors use it to deliver course content, interact with students, manage assessments, and record grades. Students use Blackboard to access course materials, submit assignments, participate in discussions, and track their progress.

The platform plays a crucial role in ensuring that students have access to course materials and can engage with their instructors and peers, whether they are on campus or learning remotely. TTU continually provides support and resources to help students and instructors make the most of Blackboard for their academic needs.

Texas Tech Blackboard Login Steps

ttu blackboard: How to Login, Signup, Revcover password

Setting up and logging into your Texas Tech University (TTU) Blackboard account is a straightforward process. To access TTU Blackboard, follow these steps:

Setting Up Your TTU Blackboard Account:

Admission to TTU: You must be a registered student or faculty member at Texas Tech University to access TTU Blackboard. Admission to the university is your first step.

Obtain eRaider Credentials: You need your eRaider credentials to log in to TTU Blackboard. These credentials typically consist of a username and password. You can obtain your eRaider credentials from the university’s IT services or IT helpdesk.

Email Setup: Your TTU email is associated with your eRaider credentials, and it’s often used for Blackboard notifications. Ensure your TTU email is set up and functional.

Logging into TTU Blackboard:

Once you have your eRaider credentials and email set up, you can log in to TTU Blackboard:

Access the Blackboard Login Page: Open a web browser and navigate to the TTU Blackboard login page, which is typically found at a URL like “”

Enter Your eRaider Username and Password:

  • In the login fields provided, enter your eRaider username.
  • In the password field, enter your eRaider password. Make sure to type it accurately as passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Click “Login”: After entering your username and password, click the “Login” button to access your TTU Blackboard account.

Navigate Your Blackboard Courses:

After a successful login, you’ll be taken to your Blackboard dashboard. Here, you’ll see a list of your enrolled courses and access to various features and tools.

Accessing Specific Courses: Click on the course name or link to access a specific course. Inside each course, you’ll find course materials, assignments, discussions, and more.

Logging Out: It’s essential to log out of your TTU Blackboard account when you’re done. To log out, click the “Logout” or “Sign Out” button, typically found in the top right or top left corner of the Blackboard interface.

Troubleshooting: If you have trouble logging in, ensure you’re using the correct eRaider username and password.

If you forget your password or have trouble with your eRaider account, contact the TTU IT Help Central or your university’s IT support for assistance.

Remember to keep your eRaider credentials confidential and change your password regularly for security.

How to Reset TTU Blackboard  Password and Username?

ttu blackboard: How to Login, Signup, Revcover password

Once you successfully log in to TTU Blackboard, you can access your course materials, communicate with instructors and classmates, submit assignments, take quizzes, and make the most of the platform’s features to support your learning or teaching experience at Texas Tech University.

Resetting TTU Blackboard Sign-in Password and Username:

If you need to reset your eRaider password or recover your eRaider username for TTU Blackboard, follow these steps:

Resetting Password:

  • Visit the TTU eRaider Account Self-Service page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, which may include verifying your identity through security questions or providing your TTU ID number.
  • Create a new password following the specified password requirements.
  • Confirm the password change, and your eRaider password will be reset.

Recovering Username:

ttu blackboard: How to Login, Signup, Revcover password

  • Visit the TTU eRaider Account Self-Service page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Username” or “Recover Username” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, which typically require providing your TTU ID number, date of birth, and email address.
  • Your eRaider username will be displayed or sent to your registered email address.

Blackboard Login TTU Contact Information and Important Links:

If you encounter difficulties with your TTU Blackboard login, have questions, or need assistance, you can contact the following resources:

TTU IT Help Central:

Website: IT Help Central

Phone: 806-742-4357


This is your primary resource for IT support and assistance with eRaider credentials.

TTU Blackboard Support:

For specific Blackboard-related issues or questions, you can contact the TTU Blackboard support team.


TTU Student Services:

If you’re a student and have general questions or need academic support, you can contact TTU Student Services.

Website: Student Services

Phone: 806-742-2201


Texas Tech University’s Blackboard is a critical platform for students and faculty to access and manage course materials, collaborate, and assess student progress. If you encounter login issues, forget your password or username, or have other questions related to Blackboard or eRaider credentials, don’t hesitate to reach out to the respective support services provided by the university. They are there to assist you in resolving any technical or academic concerns and ensuring a smooth online learning experience. Remember to keep your login credentials secure and follow the university’s guidelines for password management to maintain the security of your account.

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